The feared Crimson...
By MsDarkerdays
  • Historical Fiction
  • bond
  • captive
  • castle
  • cruel
  • darklove
  • death
  • enemy
  • evil
  • fear
  • forced
  • hate
  • hatelove
  • heartless
  • king
  • knight
  • love
  • mate
  • medieval
  • obsession
  • possessive
  • powerful
  • princess
  • royalty
  • texttospeech
  • violent
  • war


I flinch as his hand reaches to my face, and aggressively pulls down the cloak from my head. He surveys my tear stained face and jewelry all the way down to my dress. Then he speaks, "what's your name?" I open my mouth but no words come out. Fear grips me again. "I believe I asked you a question," his eyes grow darker. "Al-Alice" I whisper. His eyes wander outside to the window. "You will address me as 'your highness' and I do not tolerate mistakes. I will punish you and you will never forget to follow my orders. Do I make myself clear?" -------------------- In this world everybody has a soulmate. Two people that are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Finding them isn't as hard as you'd think, since every two people that belong together have the same tattoo somewhere on their body. It is something you're born with, something that's meant to be. There is no doubt that these two people no matter the status or finances, belong together. Some grow up knowing their future soulmate, some find them later in life, but in the end they always belong together. Marrying someone, who isn't you soulmate is punishable here in my family's kingdom Lyria. My father always believed in the bond. But what if the bond isn't meant to be after all. Or could it be true that my soulmate is no other than darkness himself. That he's the heartless king our country is currently at war with. The one that leaves not even woman and children alive.... Ranks✨ #2 forced ~02.07.20 #2 heartless ~07.07.20 #91 fear ~09.07.20 #1 castle ~10.07.20 #1 obsession ~12.07.20 #1 royalty ~ 02.08.20 #1 hatelove ~02.08.20 #1 cruel ~02.08.20 #1 hate ~ 03.08.20 #1 princess ~ 10.08.20 #1 king ~ 26.11.20 #3 midieval ~ 22.12.20 #1 evil ~ 20.02.21 CAUTION This book contains violence and gore along with cursing. Also if you're triggered by domestic violence DONT READ THIS BOOK. Thanks.

1. The evil bond

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The feare...
by MsDarkerdays