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My Ex-Stepfather by shyla_stories
My Ex-Stepfatherby Shyla
Harry Styles isn't my father, he's my stepfather. Well ex-stepfather. My mother married him when I was 18, she was 36 and he was 20. Totally gross right? Little did I k...
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Master Of Feær by Rob_bitHop
Master Of Feærby BunnyMayvi12
At the age of five, Elizabeth Albert's life was already bound to a man who's ten years older than her. Oh no! Not only was he older than our girl but he was the king of...
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Irresistible.  by xxBella-sMithxx
Irresistible. by Bella smith
Riley mil was a normal average teenager starting her new life at college. Dylan Anderson already on his 2nd year of college is ready for some fresh flesh, but will Rile...
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OCTAVIUS||#1     ((#WATTYS2019)) by PleaseFancyMe
OCTAVIUS||#1 ((#WATTYS2019))by Fan’Cee
NOMINATED FOR THE WATTYS 2019 BOOK ONE IN THE MOORE BOTHER SERIES Life has always been a cake walk for Octavius. Being adopted into a wealthy family as an infant, he spe...
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Literotica  by Hoeassniggerbitch
Literotica by C.D
Not my stories! There from ""
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secret summer t.h. by gucstyles
secret summer gucstyles
Tom's secret summer with a secret someone..
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The Dolan Twins Sex Slave by heavenlyangela1
The Dolan Twins Sex Slaveby Angela Smith
Ashely a 17 year old girl is sold to no one other than Ethan And Dolan Grayson because of her No Good of a bitch father is in need of the money for his needs. Read to fi...
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Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest (18+) by whosprettynow
Forbidden Fruit Tastes The 🖤
A young girl is obsessed and infatuated with her fathers successful and attractive best friend. [short story] Basically a tale of long awaited confessions and terminated...
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For His Pleasure by littlepumpkinz
For His Pleasureby littlepumpkinz
"How much for an hour?" He dug through his wallet, eyes not meeting mine. I backed away from him, scared, "I'm not a prostitute." "Yes, you ar...
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Kicked Out | My Brother's Best Friend by sarawithnoh321
Kicked Out | My Brother's Best Sara
Vienna Bonavich had the life most people would dream of. Rich parents, huge house, nothing to stress or worry about except finishing her Junior year of High School. But...
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Jockstraps to Bra-straps by pussnboots25
Jockstraps to Bra-strapsby bree
While on a field trip Izuku has an accident that changes him from a boy to a girl. now he has to learn to deal with the changes in both himself and his classmates. how l...
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The Bondage Club ( 18+ by FuhrerBronyfag
The Bondage Club ( Fuhrer Bronyfag
The Kidnapping 18+ ✔ by Erotics92
The Kidnapping 18+ ✔by Freckles.
COMPLETED DEC 2019 TOXIC RELATIONSHIP WARNING! An innocent college girl named Aria is targeted by Toby. A man that takes pleasure in making woman suffer for his own sexu...
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My Sugar Baby Experience by besseypover
My Sugar Baby Experienceby besseypover
Have you wondered what it like in the life of a sugar baby is like? Maybe you don't know what sugaring is. This is my REAL story about my experience in the sugar bowl. T...
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Stuck with him by helpless_cookie
Stuck with himby helpless_cookie
Before Skye was born, her parents had adopted a boy named Justin. After years of trying, all hope for their own kid was lost, until Skye was born. Skye was a miracle bab...
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Masturbation Addict + Gilinsky (DIS-CONTINUED)  by httpluhsprincess
Masturbation Addict + Gilinsky ( destructive💛.
"Fuck babygirl you've had me craving those thighs since I caught you masturbating to me." ____ In which a girl grows sexual attractions for her brothers best...
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The Curse Of An Alpha *MATURE* by nikola-does-art
The Curse Of An Alpha *MATURE*by Nikola
VERY GRAPHICALLY MATURE. "What's your name?" His voice was a delicate murmur in her ear. "Alice," she breathed, gasping as he nipped at her lobe. Th...
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The Cursed Kingdom by scarletmasque
The Cursed Kingdomby ☽ 𝐀𝐦𝐚𝐲𝐚 ☾
"... I would gladly bend you over this very table and show you just how much of a monster I can be." In the northern mountains of Trellomar resides a kingdom t...
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Nixon by KatGee
Nixonby Katy
Nixon is the 3rd book in the Broken Series. (Ryan is the 1st, Brynn is the 2nd) This is not a stand-alone novel, if you don't read Ryan and Brynn it may be a little conf...
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Wattpad's Best Romance Books | ✓ by once-upon-a-star
Wattpad's Best Romance Books | ✓by katie baer
A list of Wattpad's Best Romance Books.
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