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behind every mask  by sunraywriter
behind every mask by sam
When Roxy Fuller finally escapes the hell that has become her daily life, she meets her unknown father and his chaotic but loving family. Her only chance at a fresh star...
My new Stepbrothers by Ternak
My new Stepbrothersby Alessandra Carter
Rachel Collins is a party girl who doesn't follow the rules. She is accustomed to doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants. For the past 7 months she has lived in a...
Their sunshine by rosegarden721
Their sunshineby rose garden
Once upon a time, there was a girl, who lived happily with her mum and dad. Then her dad died in a car accident. Her mum broke down and committed suicide. She moved to...
Don't Forget About Me by RatedBreezy
Don't Forget About Meby Call•Me•Tae 💗
"No- but promise me one thing." I said touching his face. He gave me his full attention. "Don't forget about me." ⚠️ Mature Content
The Bad Boy in School Is My Step Brother by JuliaElainee
The Bad Boy in School Is My Step julia
Grace Green is just a shy nerdy senior in high school. She lives with her single mom. Everything is pretty normal in here life until the hot bad boy in school becomes he...
Bts mafia stepbrothers by KimberlyBon0
Bts mafia stepbrothersby Misty Land
Y/n a very smart girl with a very caring mother. Soon Y/n found out that her mother has a boyfriend and they soon want to get married. Her up coming father and brothers...
Brothers Vs. Step-brothers by _babyqueen18_
Brothers Vs. Step-brothersby BabyQueen
Chase is beautiful, caring, intelligent and has 6 brothers who doesn't give a shit about her but she loves them despite all the things. One day her father announces tha...
I Hate You Step-bro {ᴅᴅʟʙ} by SemeFudanshi_
I Hate You Step-bro {ᴅᴅʟʙ}by 【•𝗙𝘂𝗱𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗵𝗶•】
"What?!" Nick screams at his mom. "I said, you'll be living with your step brother from now on." His mother repeats. Nick shakes his head furiously...
Secrets by ellagraace_
Secretsby 𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙖
Iris Babineau has lived with her mother since she was seven. Now that she's fourteen, her mom is gone and her dad is the only parent she has left. Even though she hasn't...
stepbrother, vinnie hacker  by physicxl
stepbrother, vinnie hacker by <33
in which she falls into a taboo relationship with her stepbrother.
My Stepbrothers by sIeepyy
My Stepbrothersby ♡
Kali has to live with her moms new boyfriend and his five sons. Kali tries her best to fit in but living with five boys is really tough. Definitly when three of them are...
Stepbrother // NBA Youngboy  by Cripbabii
Stepbrother // NBA Youngboy by Cripbabii
This wasn't supposed to happen...not at all😩 An NBA YOUNGBOY BOOK😂💙♿️ sksksksksks
New Home, New Brothers by love_You_For3va
New Home, New Brothersby love_You_For3va
A story in which a girl with a quick temper and a broken past gets 6 new siblings. Amelia Ace is about to be the daughter of the biggest Mafia Boss. Michael Blaze. Mich...
Wronged Pleasure  by Kinnthyn
Wronged Pleasure by Kinn
Is it wrong to feel pleasure and let yourself have what you truly desire? Right. The audacity. I'm asking eventhough I already know the answer. #3 Stepbrothers Oct 29...
Sidelines by classicdisposition
Charlie likes being on the sidelines. She is never the centre of attention at school and has never wanted to be. When Charlie's Mom marries the father of the most popula...
Dangerously In a Heartbeat by Lightless_Mystery
Dangerously In a Heartbeatby Lightless Mystery
~ And like the moon, she had a side of her so dark that even the stars couldn't shine on it; She had a side of her so cold that even the sun couldn't burn on it. ~ "...
~Stepbrother~Colby Brock by youtuber_edits29
~Stepbrother~Colby Brockby youtuber_edits29
"Hey" he smirks at me. I roll my eyes. "Hi" he lets me in. "I'm Colby, you're step brother" "I'm Willow." Damn. Right then and th...
Seven more than I needed by Nadiaper64
Seven more than I neededby Miss-Chu
Olivia, a 16-year-old girl has been living with her father her whole life. They never really had many major ups or downs but her father's decision to remarry will change...
New step-brother-L.R.H-✔️ by kimthorne101
New step-brother-L.R.H-✔️by ❁𝑲𝒊𝒎 𝑴𝒂𝒚 ❁
Where two family's join. Luke hemmings' mother finds a new man but what happens when Luke now has a whole new step-family that includes a new little sister?
A lot of Brothers by SaffronSilvers
A lot of Brothersby Saffron Silvers
"YOU'RE GETTING REMARRIED!" Those words changed mine and my brothers lives. The marriage that would give us five more brothers, giving me a total of nine over...