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Oh, My Heart! ✓ by hkoriginal
Oh, My Heart! ✓by Harleen Kaur
Beautiful Cover by @75shadow ••• Aara was a normal girl trying make things work after her parents' death. Angvir was a not-so-normal rich guy with a messed up mental hea...
Sidelines ✔️ by classicdisposition
Sidelines ✔️by Sophia
A year after losing her older sister in a tragic accident, Charlie's Mom marries the father of the most popular boys in school. Still grieving, Charlie struggles to acce...
The Heart Exchange by Rebecca-Jade
The Heart Exchangeby Rebecca-Jade
Maddie can't remember the last 2 years, but she knows Ethan is the handsome boy who's been haunting her dreams. Do they have an insta-spark, or a past? *** When a skiing...
Brittany's Baby Adventure by graciebigbaby
Brittany's Baby Adventureby graciebigbaby
Brittany is the average teen girl on the edge of adulthood. But after one incident happens on a family outing things start to change for her. She starts to think and fee...
The Mute Mrs. Billionaire by denive26
The Mute Mrs. Billionaireby denive26
Second book in Billionaire Series #TheMuteMrs.Billionaire Emma Campbell the only heir of Campbell &Co. An accident in her childhood made her mute. Being mute never made...
Arshi SS : Ek Din (Completed)✔ by Uzma_Farheen
Arshi SS : Ek Din (Completed)✔by Imaginator
Highest Rank #114 in FANFICTION (06-04-2017) Continuation from Arnav and Khushi's first marriage track.. Here is my imagination on how their life changes in One day.. fo...
Sophie's new problem by diapergirl05
Sophie's new problemby diapergirl05
After Sophie has an accident in her girlfrien'ds bed for the third time, Ellie decided its time to take action.
Zoey's Diaper Diaries  by gamerlittle210
Zoey's Diaper Diaries by gamerlittle210
My first story on here. Going to be updated whenever I get the chance. The parts of the story are going to be based on true stories either I experienced, or have read, a...
Wet Play by GaryDN
Wet Playby Gary
When Anna's boyfriend decides to push her towards a shared kink, the couple discover a vast, complicated world of excitement.
The Beach Accident | ✍🏼 by ikc_writes
The Beach Accident | ✍🏼by IKC
Skylar Miller A girl who has been blamed but never seen as the victim in the story. She lost her best friends then she lost the people that she used to love. It felt li...
Hey, Noah by alexiskeller1
Hey, Noahby lexy
After the accident, Noah Archer built a wall around himself. But Riley Dawson is curious about him, and she's determined to meet the man behind his defenses. ...
Mila's accidents  by ilikesoopyay
Mila's accidents by ilikesoopyay
Mila has been having embarrassing accidents at school and she doesn't want anyone to find out. Luckily her mom has an idea. This is my first story! I'd love to know what...
Diapered at Disney World by GoodBoltBoy
Diapered at Disney Worldby Bolt
Tom is going on his first trip to Disney world with his family, but when he makes fun of his twin sister for bed wetting, she makes sure that he will never do it again.
The Girl Who Wanted to Wear Diapers by MinnesotaABDLWriter
The Girl Who Wanted to Wear Diapersby MinnesotaABDLWriter
The one thing Madelyn desires most in the world is to wear diapers again, and she is prepared to do anything to make that wish come true. As inexplicable as that desire...
Wife Turned Mistress (completed) by 1vinestar
Wife Turned Mistress (completed)by Divine Ota-oghene
He was reported dead, his car was burnt to ashes on the very day his child was born. Two years later Clara discovers her husband was not dead but in fact healthy and al...
[BL]Marry Rich Old Man by Rezioj27
[BL]Marry Rich Old Manby Kakshu
Author: Shiqianfeng Yihe Status: Ongoing Status in COO: 120 Chapters +6 Extras An Wuhao, who went out to play, drank the wine with added ingredients. At that time, he pi...
Mr. Billionaire's Love by _MidnightDreamer01_
Mr. Billionaire's Loveby Anukshya
Meet Aubree Mary Turner our regular fun loving, sarcastic, childish, happy-go-lucky girl. She has been through a lot and Alone. After a life shattering accident she stoo...
Sick Beauty Didn't Run Away After Having Cubs by kimrokso_o
Sick Beauty Didn't Run Away ally
COMPLETED MTL Author: Wh Status: Completed ( 80 Chapters + 18 Extras ) Raw Link: Description Xu Xishuang went through t...
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[BL] The Film King Cooks Live Everyday [Interstellar]  by xxahjussixx
[BL] The Film King Cooks Live Cj
Title : The Film King Cooks Live Everyday [Interstellar] Author: Yan Chu / 醉染輕歌 Chapter: 125 Status : Completed Raws: ...
How to fly with clipped wings (English ver.) HAIKYUU!! FAN FICTION by MissAz97
How to fly with clipped wings ( MissAz97
"You can't play volleyball anymore." To which she replied, "Watch me." The accident that destroyed her dreams is what forces Kageyama's cousin to tra...