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My Innocent Flower ( Jasper Hale x Maleoc) by Panda-Mon
My Innocent Flower ( Jasper Hale PANDACHAN
Bella has a brother though no one knew about him; only because he had been in the hospital because of his asthma (it's really bad and he needs to have an air tank with h...
Reincarnated As The Dying Villain  by hanlinnoona
Reincarnated As The Dying Villain by hanlinnoona
Mason Davis, a young and poor university student and an orphan was crossing the road after buying the second series of his favourite novel, "Love is a lie" whe...
Fault(BTS V centric)[COMPLETED] by caseylove01
Fault(BTS V centric)[COMPLETED]by caseylove01
Jungkook & Seokjin were blessed with twins 13 years ago, Jimin & Taehyung. But one of the kid got a an illness when he 10 which made both of their parents to concentrate...
Wyrmrot by ssmith314
Wyrmrotby Stephanie Smith
After scientists create real-life Dragons, the Wyrmrot parasite is unleashed. Zelda must survive the zombie apocalypse, because the rest of her family didn't. ...
The Last Dance | TodoDeku by Sweettea_rose
The Last Dance | TodoDekuby Sweettea_rose
[ Completed] Midoriya's illness is getting worse. The doctors haven't been giving him much time to live. Trying to hide it from everyone, he'll have to face Todoroki wh...
Lovely Villainess by sweetpea_03
Lovely Villainessby sweetpea_03
Mia Young, a hard working orphan who finds comfort in her favorite novel "Lovely Heroine." While coming home from a long day of work she gets hit by a truck wh...
Redeeming love by njhahmad_
Redeeming loveby Queen J
Redeeming love. It's the story of one girl name Adrienne Nelson who try to find her happiness. She never know who is her mother is because it's only her dad who's taking...
His EX-HUSBAND (JINKOOK) by caseylove01
His EX-HUSBAND (JINKOOK)by caseylove01
Regrets || SasuNaru by KawaiiAckerman
Regrets || SasuNaruby _yaoibunny_
"He didn't deserved it, yet I inflicted it on him." "I regret everything." "I didn't know why I did it." "I'm sorry." "I'...
Battling the Present (Grey's Anatomy)  by Nadiaisprettycool
Battling the Present (Grey's Nadia
Meredith didn't have the best childhood growing up, but it's not what you think. Her mom, Ellis, was great. She was always there for her, and her Father left right after...
Doctor Dadza by livesinhoodie
Doctor Dadzaby livesinhoodie
After feeling as if he has doing his job wrong, Phil starts working in a Long‑term care hospital so he can better care for his patients. He never expected he would care...
The Youngest Prince Chance in Happiness by Tomoooeee
The Youngest Prince Chance in tomoe
SEO YE JUN got transmigrated to a world of a novel that follows him around everywhere. He tried getting rid of but he has no luck, the book always return to him. The bo...
Love That Is Unconditional ✔️ by JungkooksArmyBag
Love That Is Unconditional ✔️by JungkooksArmyBag
"Bubba?" The small girl looked up at her older. "Yes darling?" He said brushing the hair in her eyes back with his hand. "You'll be with me fore...
Living For You (GxG)  by -HiddenSky-
Living For You (GxG) by Alex
Adelle Belmont is beginning her sophomore year in college to pursue a career in Pharmacy. To her surprise, on the first day of classes after their break, a frail and pe...
A Promise Fulfilled [WattyAwards#2012] by Yukigosa
A Promise Fulfilled [ Yukigo
What do you do when an enigmatic stranger buys you a beer and turns your life upside down? A certain stockbroker is about to find out exactly what it means to cut all lo...
Sugar-Coating it (Diabetic Hinata) by overxxized0kaminari
Sugar-Coating it (Diabetic Hinata)by Touloser
Hinata Shouyou was thrown into the deep end after being diagnosed with type one diabetes. Having to cope with ableism, volleyball and his own mental health, can he keep...
Deranged (Completed) by IDidntseeyou
Deranged (Completed)by IDidn’tSeeYou
I just wanted to go home, but at the time I guess it was right. He was standing on the track of an oncoming train, was it really that wrong to save him? Gage Grant save...
Missing piece by _Ktje_
Missing pieceby _Ktje_
it's been almost nine years since Derek died. Meredith and the kids miss him a lot. Close to the anniversary Meredith has been feeling ill. Is it just because she misses...
Flowers And Love // Wangxian by JUST_A_FaM
Flowers And Love // Wangxianby Shipper
Lan WangJi the second heir to Gusu Lan Company meets Wei WuXian a loud and ongoing florist. /VERY SLOW UPDATES/ MODERN AU <TRIGGER WARNINGS> THIS IS A WORK OF FIC...