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The Abandoned Bride by AllisonWhitney
The Abandoned Brideby AllisonWhitney
Danni, a newlywed, finds herself abandoned on her wedding day as her husband leaves to join the war. Left alone in a house that's no longer a home, she endures the relen...
Transmigrated as the terminally ill villainess by Money_stealer
Transmigrated as the terminally head_antagonist
I could say this is one cliché story. A college girl died and transmigrated into an otome game she once played. Unfortunately she becomes the villainess, and even worse...
Wyrmrot by stephsaige
Wyrmrotby Stephanie Saige
[Publishing Updates Only] It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a... dragon? When scientists brought everyone's favorite fairytale creature to life, people flocked to see...
Eternally Yours (Severus Snape x Reader) by Sophie_Snape
Eternally Yours (Severus Snape x Sophie
It's your last year at Hogwarts and you couldn't be more exited. Especially because you get to see your favourite professor and crush since fourth year, him being none o...
Fault(BTS V centric)[COMPLETED] by caseylove01
Fault(BTS V centric)[COMPLETED]by caseylove01
Jungkook & Seokjin were blessed with twins 13 years ago, Jimin & Taehyung. But one of the kid got a an illness when he 10 which made both of their parents to concentrate...
The Galaxy is endless by Vw7250
The Galaxy is endlessby Vw7250
Kuroken AU where the last words your soulmate will say to you appear on your skin when you turn 16, and how Kenma and Kuroo learn what this means over the course of thei...
DOCTOR  by abhi6048
DOCTOR by abhi6048
This story is about a hospital called medical and correction center. It is a hospital for teenagers aged 11- 17 whose parents are tired of their disrespectful and bratty...
Madness (Joker Love Story) by Foxy_Trash
Madness (Joker Love Story)by Foxy_Trash
COMPLETE. "When love is not madness, it is not love." Alison Finch has just been given the most difficult patient she has ever encountered; The joker. Now the...
The girl with secrets  by themadallions
The girl with secrets by Amy
Holly Wilson, is a girl of many things, many talents and mysteries. She's a girl that can hold many secrets. A girl who's been through way too much. When Holly and her...
OC SickFic One Shots by fetish_fics
OC SickFic One Shotsby TRASH KING
These are just some sick fic one shots of my OC's. Lennox is a wolf boy and his boyfriend Kailen is a cat boy. *WARNING* These fics will contain mentions of vomiting an...
Shattered Dreams by finelinerz
Shattered Dreamsby K <3
When Nadia Marsh; a cheerful and popular ice skater, is overtaken by a mystery illness, everything changes. When everyone around her is training for sectionals; Nadia is...
A Broken Heart's Last Wish by AKIMISAN8
A Broken Heart's Last Wishby AKIMI SAN
In this heartbreaking tale of forbidden love, a young man is burdened with a secret heart disease, but he dares not reveal this to the one he loves, fearing it may shatt...
The Warlock (BxB) by YunaIesca
The Warlock (BxB)by 🥀 𝓜𝔂𝓼𝓽𝔂 🥀
[Completed in 2017] Logain is dying. He knows that he won't be around for much longer because of his illness and his life has been more than unsatisfactory. He hasn't do...
Sleep Disorders  by cosmic-thoughts
Sleep Disorders by whimsical.
He couldn't sleep. She couldn't stay awake. What do these two completely different teenagers have in common? They both fell victim to the treacherous clutches of a sle...
Jungkook Sickfics [& Hurtfics] (Part 2) by Ggukie_Tokki
Jungkook Sickfics [& Hurtfics] ( 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
"Shh, stop moving, you'll hurt yourself" "It hurts!" "Don't leave..." "I hate you... " "No!" (Part 2 of Jungkook Sickfi...
P'Pha's Glasses Kink by Sakura_KitKat
P'Pha's Glasses Kinkby KitKat
Yo gets sick two days after being in the rain with his precious P'Pha. When he wakes up out of his illness-induced delirium, he finds himself being taken care of by none...
The Pajama Kid by SippingSpiffingTea
The Pajama Kidby SippingSpiffingTea
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may get worse with physical or mental activity. This fatigue significan...
why the hell am i the villain by Ainalovesyaoi
why the hell am i the villainby bl lover
"so i am gonna die like this" "please if there is any god up there please give my brother another chance where he could live happily" "poor chil...
SEVEN DAYS  by ilsanlove
SEVEN DAYS by moved to ao3
jikook. ❝i can't do anything but just sit here while you're hurting.❞
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Save me by Fantasyworld07
Save meby Fantasy world
Jungkook, uni football player and heartthrob, hated Jimin very much... He thought jimin is clumsy and just a regular College nerd... But what happens when Jimin saves Ju...