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EVERYONE, MEET MY WHORE HUSBAND, AND HIS BASTARD CHILD, WHO I WAS THINKING WAS MINE. REMEMBER THIS SLUT'S FACE. NEVER FALL FOR SOMEONE LIKE HIM" Jungkook said in anger and shoved Jin in front of the reporters and leave the spot immediately. Leaving Jin alone, between that crowds. Which was making harsh comments towards Jin. Taking his pictures. Calling him names. Grabbing his hairs. Torching him and his son everywhere. Jin's world crumble down as those words came out of Jungkook's mouth. It was like the world has stopped for him. He could feel Jungkook pushed him in front of crowd. Jin could hear the harsh comments, but he was still in trance. He went out of his trance when he heard a piercing and heart broking cry of his son. He hugged his newborn son, as people were kicking and beating him. He watched as security hurried and clearing crowd in front of him. He take that as a chance, and run from there, ignoring the pain he was feeling, without looking back. Holding his son to his chest. He run, run, run for hours, until he feel no one was running behind him. He leaned on the nearby wall in the alleyway. His body give out, as soon as he stopped. His son was still crying. Tears rolled down Jin's eyes, as he hugged his son dearly, like his life depend on him. "I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. JUNGKOOK. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU JUNGKOOK, NEVER." Cover by @natzumelove


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