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The Class Prince #1 (Boyxboy) by letsgohomehidee
The Class Prince #1 (Boyxboy)by Kaeru
His husky voice with a sexual undertone echoed into my ears as I stood there, blinking blankly as I tried to process what he just said. "What?" I asked dumbfo...
  • teenfiction
  • romance
  • highschool
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Myles and Cole by avalonbwriting
Myles and Coleby avalonbwriting
Sixteen year old, quiet and anxious Myles Levine is just starting school again after being homeschooled for years. With his shyness getting to know people is hard, but w...
  • slash
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
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Y.O.L.O (Boyxboy)✔ by letsgohomehidee
Y.O.L.O (Boyxboy)✔by Kaeru
Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian Henderson, the reputated troublemaker, somehow end up getting detention together. "How about we make a bet?" Offere...
  • badboy
  • gayromance
  • fluff
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Social Suicide (BxB) by xxxtempestxxx
Social Suicide (BxB)by xxxtempestxxx
There was no denying that Ashton Spears was handsome. His obsidian dark hair, strong jaw and deep stormy eyes seemed to make every girl melt on the spot. Well, every gir...
  • malexmale
  • highschool
  • jocks
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She Is Billie by billztakiz
She Is Billieby Billie Eilish Fan
Despite her name, 17 year old Serenity was a loud, bubbly teenager who adored the one, and the only Billie Eilish. But when Serenity Eliana gets lost on her way to the b...
  • gxg
  • billieeilish
  • imagine
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Deep Under  {ManxMan} by _A13XA_
Deep Under {ManxMan}by Alexa
Aquarius is a merman. He lives in the ocean, helps his tribe out, and enjoys life as much as he can. Being in his tribe is hard though, especially when he has to see all...
  • mate
  • alpha
  • mpreg
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Lunar Whispers by SianaghGallagher
Lunar Whispersby Sian
COMPLETED (BOOK 5) *Also a stand-alone book!* Jacob has been shy almost his entire life. He is reserved, has an introverted soul and struggles to communicate in this ste...
  • unlimitedpride
  • pack
  • passion
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Waiting Room by spoffyumi
Waiting Roomby Kate Spofford
Everyone at school knows Andrew Jackson Jennings. Lost an arm in a car accident. Openly gay. Future school shooter. Everyone at school knows Ryan Sullivan. Football capt...
  • youngadult
  • comingoutofthecloset
  • grief
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Rising Tide by varzanic
Rising Tideby N.A. Carson
Zale is a cry baby. He can't help it. He just gets so mad that the tears start flowing, which makes him even madder. It also doesn't help that the world is sinking. Unp...
  • wattys2018
  • fighter
  • unlimitedpride
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BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED] by NamedL
BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [ NamedL
"Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know." Trying to avoid the daily b...
  • fiction
  • boy
  • boyslove
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Chemistry by Teddy_writes
Chemistryby Teddy
The school knows Ezra as the mysterious badass who always speaks her mind, but the truth is that she is barely holding on. She is forced to work long hours to support he...
  • lesbianromance
  • sexy
  • lovestory
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Reject (mxm) by isabella_kai
Reject (mxm)by Isabella Kai
Paranormal Romance (Werewolf) You know that movie Jerry Maguire? It’s about this sports agent who got fired for suddenly having a conscience. Anyway, there’s this very r...
  • generalfiction
  • malexmale
  • martialarts
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star // billie eilish fanfiction by unexpectedvictoria
star // billie eilish fanfictionby victoria
~billie eilish fanfiction ~ Astor is just an 18 year old songwriter getting ready to move to LA in two days when her 16 year old sister Cosette drags her to none other...
  • girlxgirl
  • oceaneyes
  • love
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Flights // Billie Eilish  by jamigs18
Flights // Billie Eilish by jamigs18
"What's there to even do during an eight hour long flight delay?" "Wanna fall in love?" girlxgirl achieved #1 under billie eilish achieved #1 under l...
  • bisexual
  • bilsexual
  • texting
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The Girl with no Emotions (GirlxGirl) by Kathy202
The Girl with no Emotions ( Kathy202
I was only 7 when I met her, but we had an instant connection. We were inseperable. She was always happy and joyful around me, but me on the other hand, I was a complete...
  • love
  • comedy
  • teen
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On The Contrary (Lesbian Story) by GladeWright
On The Contrary (Lesbian Story)by GladeWright
Ever since I can remember I've had a crush on the beautiful Claire Saunders, and basically everyone knows. Problem is, she's twenty-two years old and starting up her lif...
  • teenage
  • lgbt
  • highschool
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lesbian And Gay sexy oneshots  by izzlizz124
lesbian And Gay sexy oneshots by izzlizz124
Hey! it's my first time writing this but I'll try to make it as good as possible (mature content) tell me If I should write more?????
  • lesbianporn
  • gayporn
  • lesbian
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Mr. Insecure ✓ by admissable
Mr. Insecure ✓by ◉‿◉
Avery Manning is insecure about a lot of things: his weight, his sexuality, his social ranking, and most of all, the fact that he's in love with his brother's best frien...
  • wattpride
  • boyxboy
  • fallinginlove
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Doctors Orders (Manxman) by ana_on_fire_oww
Doctors Orders (Manxman)by Anasuya
Damien Rogers and Tristan Cooper were the kind of friends you would look at and say 'friendship goals'. From high school best friends to college room mates they had been...
  • lgbtlove
  • doctor
  • generalfiction
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The Mural (GirlXGirl) by LBrooks23
The Mural (GirlXGirl)by Lauryn Brooks
"Have you met the new girl?" Gwen, my best friend, asked. "Uh, yeah, vaguely," I replied, trying a little too hard to seem disinterested. "She...
  • highschool
  • girlxgirl
  • wattys2019
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