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Another chance  by ThahamsdThaks
Another chance by Thahamsd Thaks
Asta and the others are fighting devil's in the spade kingdom everyone fighting intensely and they are nearly going to win but Lucifero escaped and came to other world w...
Black Clover: Walking On The Wrong Path by scaraderer
Black Clover: Walking On The Yeocchi/Scara's wife
Asta was send for a trial, the nobles and royals thinks that he is the reason of the elfs attacking the kingdom since he is devil possessed. The final decision of the tr...
Black Clover : Multiverse 2.0 by tanjirop
Black Clover : Multiverse 2.0by Dark Traid Asta
Black clover react to their Multiverse...
Cause all of me loves all of you(englisch) by Maddie12022022
Cause all of me loves all of you( Maddie ❤︎
If you dont love yourself you cant be loved...really?! Accepting yourself is hard and knowing you also love your best friend is even harder...just like Liv and May. And...
One Punch Asta by Grey-Light
One Punch Astaby 🅶🆁🅴🆈
What if Asta reached the pinnacle of his physical strength and broke his physical limiter just like Saitama and you are in for a twist regarding asta's grimoire and Lieb...
Asta devil heart (time magic) by Zombage
Asta devil heart (time magic)by Zombage
Asta Regression with magic The sun is brighter than ever it is shine of victory The wind is flowing with hum But Their is no one who can see this sun The light falls...
The Real Magic Knight by BakastaWaifu
The Real Magic Knightby TheWizardKing
What if lichita didn't decided to leave asta at the church? What if asta and liebe had met At the beginning of the series? What if asta has another goal other than being...
Restart. A chance to save the Clover Kingdom  by Thedrifter5106
Restart. A chance to save the The drifter5106
Asta from the final and current arc, time travels to after the dungeon arc. 9/1/2023: I just started this story up again, I do not remember when I started it. I'm taking...
Second Chance by CreepyGrandma27
Second Chanceby CreepyGrandma27
The war against Spade has ended, many lives were lost. For Asta it just happened that he lost more than what he was willing to give. Being given a second chance will he...
threats of destiny 2 || aidan gallagher by gothgirlxpeep
threats of destiny 2 || aidan lee :)
,,Aidan..." sprach ich. ,,Was...was heißt das?" ,,Dass du in Gefahr bist, Alicia" - Alicia und Aidan sind gerade in Aidan's Regierung angekommen. Und nach...
white blood {five hargreeves} by gothgirlxpeep
white blood {five hargreeves}by lee :)
Da ist so viel, was ich sagen möchte...aber ich kann nicht. ,,Komm schon, kleine...du musst mir uns reden" - Schmerz. Alleine sein. Das sind die Dinge, welche Nelly...
Pregnancy || Yoonmin by AlicenHime
Pregnancy || Yoonminby just someone dreaming
"Du bist schwanger, Jimin." Es war nicht schon schwer genug, die Tatsache zu akzeptieren auf ein anderes Geschlecht zu stehen, als alle anderen. Schwerer war n...
Disproving Calculations - Part 1 by Padda95
Disproving Calculations - Part 1by Illayana
About the growing love between a genius and an almost normal person. ...
Always and forever (mikealson mate) by Mathilda899956
Always and forever (mikealson mate)by Nobody-knows-my-name
So before I start I love Elena and co. But they just don't fit as the Good ones in this story. This will be a short book. Elodie rilling went to sleep watching her favor...
ends with us 3 || five hargreeves by gothgirlxpeep
ends with us 3 || five hargreevesby lee :)
,,Ich möchte einfach nur mit dir glücklich werden...und eine Familie grü Lia und noch einem Baby" Wir beide legten unsere Hände auf meinen Bauch. - Zara...
Tom Kaulitz - What if I would love you till the end? by BTKaulitz483
Tom Kaulitz - What if I would BTKaulitz483
Sel ist eher ein zurückhaltendes ehrgeiziges Mädchen was es in ihrer Familie nicht immer leicht hatte. trotzdem ist Tom Ihr bester Freund, bis Bill sich in ein Mädchen v...
Multiverse 3.0 by tanjirop
Multiverse 3.0by Dark Traid Asta
The Black Clover Character watches their alternative Versions and react to infinite possibilities..
the black king by sixpats
the black kingby sixpats
It's Been 3 years since asta was framed for being the one who committed the now known as the 'elf incident' by the nobles and now he is back with a vengeance
A Vengeful Path (Resumed) by Sharkane555
A Vengeful Path (Resumed)by Titus9283
It's been 3 years since the war with the elves. Asta disappeared but now he's back. He returned a changed man, but not all change is for the better. He has a new goal i...
Poetry  by strawberrysunandmoon
Poetry by strawberrysunandmoon
All my thoughts and feelings I cannot express otherwise