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Anti-Matter by NikolaJ_03
Anti-Matterby NikolaJ_03
In this AU of black clover our protagonist Asta will have anti magic and ??? magic. In this AU many things will be different from the original one . Read to find more...
Black Clover: The Magicless Magic Knight [Discontunued] by scaraderer
Black Clover: The Magicless Yeocchi/Scara's wife
Asta is a kid who was born without magic in the world that magic is everything... He went through hard times and finally in the age of 15, the five leaf grimoire chose...
Asta of the six leaf clover (written by: Marvelmyst and Soumy42) by soumy42
Asta of the six leaf clover ( soumy42
Asta has always been treated poorly in Hage only because he couldn't use magic. And it was even worse because the one he was found with at the church had enormous mana c...
Black Clover: The Anti-Magic Knight by AntiMagicKnight
Black Clover: The Anti-Magic Knightby AntiMagicKnight
*warning spoilers for the manga* This is an alternate take on the Black Clover story where Licita decided not to leave Asta at the front door of the church. Asta with he...
Black clover rising knight by iftekerp
Black clover rising knightby Ifteker Pramit
This fanfic was just for fun, it's the storyline of black clover but with a few changes, if asta was never sent to the orphanage, or is Asta and Noelle met much sooner t...
The Real Magic Knight by BakastaWaifu
The Real Magic Knightby TheWizardKing
What if lichita didn't decided to leave asta at the church? What if asta and liebe had met At the beginning of the series? What if asta has another goal other than being...
The Son of Yami by Krticiical
The Son of Yamiby Krticiical
Asta, A boy without any magic who is outcasted by most of the people of his village is found one day by Captain Yami, Captain of the black bulls magic knight squad, he w...
Wahre Liebe? oder doch nur eine bittere Enttäuschung? by Lara03348
Wahre Liebe? oder doch nur eine Lara03348
In dieser Geschichte geht es um Caroline die von ihrem Freund betrogen wurde und dazu auch noch ihren Job verlor weil er ihr Chef war. Bis sie eines Tages jemandem begeg...
Black Clover : Multiverse 2.0 by tanjirop
Black Clover : Multiverse 2.0by Dark Traid Asta
Black clover react to their Multiverse...
Demon's Revenge ブラッククローバー by nekoribe
Demon's Revenge ブラッククローバーby Cafnime
After Asta defeated the word soul devil, he was betrayed by the Clover Kingdom. A few years later he comes back to Clover Kingdom, will he get his revenge? Read it to fi...
Given A New Life by OwakoDojo
Given A New Lifeby OwakoDojo
The story follows as Asta and his stepbrother Liebe face the end of the world as the sole survivors siding the human race in the Great War against demons. After successf...
The Hero In The Demon Realm (The Owl House x Izuku Midoriya) by tab_hay43
The Hero In The Demon Realm (The tab_hay43
What happens when an overpowered anime MC got teleport into the world of demons and witches? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON 'THE HERO IN THE DEMON REALM'
ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ vortex [Daemon Targaryen] by Little7Seven
ᵉⁿᵍˡⁱˢʰ vortex [Daemon Targaryen]by Jess
When I was a little girl, my mother spoke of a prophecy. Of a time when the world would be shrouded in darkness and the fate of mankind would be decided. One night I fou...
supermassive black hole || aidan gallagher by house_ofball00ns
supermassive black hole || aidan lee ♡
,,Woher weiß er das alles?" zischte sie und drehte sich zu mir. ,,Ravelle, woher-" ,,Bist du eine Verräterin?" - Ravelle Reyes und Aidan Gallagher. Was is...
Liebt er mich wirklich... by FeeBLAQ73
Liebt er mich 73FeeBLAQ
Ist meine erste Geschichte Hoffe sie ist nicht zuuu schlimm freue mich über Feedback .🤍
Black Clover: Walking On The Wrong Path by scaraderer
Black Clover: Walking On The Yeocchi/Scara's wife
Asta was send for a trial, the nobles and royals thinks that he is the reason of the elfs attacking the kingdom since he is devil possessed. The final decision of the tr...
Jamal x Flo by ilselottekecksbein
Jamal x Floby Ilselottekecks
Hi! Der Titel sagt eigentlich alles, sind Oneshots über die beiden ☺️ Und nochmal vielen Dank an @MissReyland, ohne dich hätte ich das nicht hinbekommen🫶🏽 -Viel Spaß...
call you mine. | julian brandt by malactitud
call you mine. | julian brandtby 𝒅𝒆𝒏𝒗𝒆𝒓
COMPLETED | ❝Think about what you believe in now, am I someone you cannot live without?❞
Multiverse 3.0 by tanjirop
Multiverse 3.0by Dark Traid Asta
The Black Clover Character watches their alternative Versions and react to infinite possibilities..
Asta Silva - Childhood and travel by HoShiTet
Asta Silva - Childhood and travelby HoShiTet
What if Asta was born a noble? And what's more as the son of Nozel Silva and his beloved? Asta Sliva has never had it easy in life. Despite being born a nobleman, he was...