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Gone with the wind - Depressed Todoroki One Shots by _Somteul_
Gone with the wind - Depressed Depresso Expresso
Todoroki Shoto has fallen into a never ending hold of depression. He keeps it a secret, but for how long. I like depressed Todoroki to much. Sue me. This is my first one...
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Under Different Skies by OneBoringWriter
Under Different Skiesby OneBoringWriter
2 lovers, 2 different worlds. Will they ever meet or will it all break apart when a tragedy comes in between them both and an unexpected secret is spilled? Hazel, a girl...
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Unexpected Love - (JenLisa FF Story) by lpstories1985
Unexpected Love - (JenLisa FF LP Stories 1985
The story is about two young girls who'll find love in an unexpected moment. Lisa who knows who she is and accepted by her parents and Jennie who's still finding herself...
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🌛Moon kisses🌜collection of short stories by meileofficial
🌛Moon kisses🌜collection of Meile🍒✨
/cover/ @StellaCzBronies |🥀|A collection of my short stories. |💌|Czech and english versions. |👼|Contains moodboard and song to every chapter. |🕊️|Contains all genres...
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Adopted by the Josephs by QueenBeeSLAAAAAAY
Adopted by the Josephsby TØP
Basically a gay version of one I saw last night. Kinda morbid so don't read if You don't like sucide, self harm and depression don't come after me if your eight and rea...
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BTS Incorrect Quote by lucytaedaisy
BTS Incorrect Quoteby Lucy
[Request open] Ready to laugh out loud about 7 incredibly awesome mens who save my life? "Don't be trapped in somone else's dream" -V Credit go to the owner~...
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The Other Half // The Half of It - Netflix // Ellister / Assie Fanfic // by A0n1sD0v6n
The Other Half // The Half of Leo♌️
"I'll see you in a couple of years", she says as she rode her bike away. A lot of laughters, tears and pain. New challenges and feelings to be felt. What is l...
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pride flag handbook part 2 by disneyfan1413
pride flag handbook part 2by fairy tale freak
Essential pride flag handbook
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Margo. by _kaipdf _kaipdf
Everyone has a story about how they discovered they were gay. Maybe your sexuality was revealed to you while browsing through your Instagram feed. Or perhaps you took o...
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Behind the Scenes (Hype House Multi ship) by AtlantaBravesLover
Behind the Scenes (Hype House TeddyCopter4ever
We all see their Tik Toks. They have people ship them, they come close to a kiss that never happens, they make us believe. But what goes on after the live, after they po...
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An Actual Story by WrenRosaHIWACHEL
An Actual Storyby Wren Rosa
(I have been challenged to write a story so here I go) Charlie Rael is a straight A student. Except for music class though. Though she refuses to admit it, she needs hel...
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Operation : Breaking the Mafia's Heart [Austin Dave Guevara]  by TheGeekNymph
Operation : Breaking the Mafia's Elliot
Austin Dave Guevara. The current CEO of Guevara group of companies. A new face of Guevara clothing brand and the most influential billionaire of all times. He's also the...
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The Darkest of Them by xxNewttherunner
The Darkest of Themby Blair Rosette
Copyright ~ xxNewttherunner ~ None of this work may be manipulated, copied, or used in any way without permission from the owner, co-owner, and/or Wattpad. Thank you. TH...
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Tododeku coffee shop (AU) by Clementinepeach
Tododeku coffee shop (AU)by Clementine
I know like thousands of people have done coffee shop au's but it's to kick up my Wattpad because I've never written fanfic here. So this is an AU of Todoroki and Deku w...
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Skin Deep || Prinxiety by KawauuNova
Skin Deep || Prinxietyby Lex | They/He
Soulmates. Everyone has them. Some talk for years through messages they write on their skin before meeting. Others don't talk at all until they meet in person. Virgil an...
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The RA by JessaGiraffe
The RAby Jessa
Connor Meiselman and his best friend, Esther Coneho, go to college together. As they discover more about themselves; Connor can't help but make the Resident Assistant (a...
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Diary of Despair by Fin_D_espoir
Diary of Despairby despair
because im too tired to write in an actual one
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H.P. oneshots  by _Hufflepuff_Magic_
H.P. oneshots by _Hufflepuff_Magic_
Harry Potter oneshots. there will be fluff and angst. there won't be smut, incest, or adult x child. if you don't like BoyxBoy or GirlxGirl; the door is right here🚪
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HOTE: Home of the Eagles Part 5 (Final Installment) by wpina1997
HOTE: Home of the Eagles Part 5 ( Willy Pina
Freddie is in a coma, and the other members have disappeared. Manolo and Marisol realize they must save their bandmates from their fate. They find out that their bandmat...
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