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Puns by JaneConquestBackup
Punsby JaneConquestBackup
Prepare to cringe.
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Texts by JaneConquestBackup
Textsby JaneConquestBackup
A collection of my favorite texts. *** Please be advised that this book contains some swearing and mature themes! *** Disclaimer: All credit goes to the rightful creator...
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Wattpad Clichés by JaneConquestBackup
Wattpad Clichésby JaneConquestBackup
Clichés I see around Wattpad! *** (Not directed at any particular account, book, or person.) Please be advised this story contains swearing and mature themes! *** I am l...
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Psychological Facts 101 by RicciaIsMyName
Psychological Facts 101by RicciaIsMyName
"You know too much Psychology when you can't get mad because you understand everyone's reasons for doing everything." ★ RicciaIsMyName ★
  • research
  • phobia
  • depression
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Dumb Celebrity Quotes by JaneConquestBackup
Dumb Celebrity Quotesby JaneConquestBackup
Your fave is problematic. *** All these quotes have been verified. Sorry :^P
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Oppa | Yoongi x Bts by ILLEGAYOONGI
Oppa | Yoongi x Btsby ILLEGAYOONGI
❝ I call them all oppa ❞ One sub. Six dom. Was #10 in random
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  • yoongixbts
Zodiac Signs by JaneConquestBackup
Zodiac Signsby JaneConquestBackup
Comment your sign! *** -- Prompts credit to Tumblr, but I try to be as original as I can --
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  • pisces
  • capricorn
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Tweets by JaneConquestBackup
Tweetsby JaneConquestBackup
All my favorite tweets! *** Please be advised that this story contains swearing and mature themes! All credits to the original Twitters!
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Funny Wattpad Comments by JaneConquestBackup
Funny Wattpad Commentsby JaneConquestBackup
This community is a mess. **Not intended to offend anyone! Just havin fun** Copyright © 2016 Jane Cooper
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втs ωαℓℓραρєяs ? ˎˊ˗ by peachinaami_
втs ωαℓℓραρєяs ? ˎˊ˗by peachinaami_
bts wallpapers ; peachinaami_ 2016
  • vkook
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It cast preferences~ by misshoezier
It cast preferences~by misshoezier
Finn, Sophia, jaeden, and Wyatt
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  • preferences
Arttastic World 15 by Lartspoon
Arttastic World 15by Lartspoon
this has gone on for too long
  • art
  • idontcarefortags
  • thisbookseriesisabsolutetrash
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Idol Producer Member Profiles by sodiumforsaltytimes
Idol Producer Member Profilesby sodiumforsaltytimes
iQiyi has announced China's very first boy group survival program called Idol Producer! The program will contain 100 trainees from Chinese and foreign entertainment lab...
  • memberprofiles
  • cpop
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iMessage -REDDIE- by FinniWolfhard
iMessage -REDDIE-by FinniWolfhard
Richie; so... eds, you wanna go have sex? Eddie; what! no, ew. gross. and don't call me eds, Richie. Richie; you're kidding me, come on smalls. Eddie; yeah. how did ya...
  • benhanscom
  • wyattoleff
  • eddiekaspbrak
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Crookshanks | Misc. by kmbell92
Crookshanks | kmbell92
Random Magic and Cursing Rants, that's all you need to know.
  • random
TomTord images/comics by aestheticrat_
TomTord images/comicsby aestheticrat_
I'm sad,depressed, and TomTord obsessed. ALL OF THESE IMAGES/COMICS ARE NOT MINE CREDIT GOES TO THE CREATORS WARNING: There are going to be some NSFW in this book! ☄Best...
  • nsfw
  • eddsworld
  • tom
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Klance pics by KlanceLover80
Klance picsby KlanceLover80
I've got da goods i got da 😊-fluff 😈-smut 😢-angst Most of the things i get are from pinterest I don't know most of the artists but if I do I'll try to say their nam...
  • voltron
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MANAN IS BACK ❤❤❤ by saminthelostworld
MANAN IS BACK ❤❤❤by saminthelostworld
[Highest Rank : #1 in RANDOM] LOVE IS IN THE AIR❤️❤️
  • manan
  • kyy
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