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The gang leaders possession  by lady_of_fries
The gang leaders possession by lady_of_fries
It all started with "is this seat taken?" Xavier King, The scary and mysterious guy. No one dares to talk to him except his two childhood bestfriends; April s...
Jimin and Jisoo 21+ One shots by JANANI_7942
Jimin and Jisoo 21+ One shotsby JANANI
Disclaimer; The content is mature so please be careful.
Anika ❀ h.s by 48ghosts
Anika ❀ h.sby 48ghosts
"You look so pretty when I'm choking and fucking you."
!Real Time¡ by esineneilove
!Real Time¡by EmeraldLife
Real Time SUCKS but sometimes it can be AMAZING. You just gotta decide how you gonna see/put things into perspective for YOU. 🤍💙 This is my first book/story so please...
Taekook oneshots by taekooklifeeee
Taekook oneshotsby Taekookislifee
[ON HOLD] Little Tae and Jungkook oneshots I came up with. I Hope you will enjoy them! Consists : Fluff [ F ] Mature content [ M ] Little Tae Top Kook Other BTS mem...
The Other Side by storiesbyMR
The Other Sideby Myranda Rae (M_R)
Evangeline Brolin is Noah Johansson's booty call, his friend with benefits, his easy hookup. Since freshman year at UCLA she has been quietly pining for more, for his lo...
Toxic by SHO_CKER
Toxicby Barbie Doll
This story tells the lives of three different couples in the bdsm scene, and talks about their different experiences with their partners. 18+ and mature audience only W...
You are my OBSESSION ( Yandere Natsu x reader) by musiclover1561
You are my OBSESSION ( Yandere Musiclover1561
Since you were a 6 you have been in fairytail, you looked up to Natsu, saw him as your big brother considering he was 7 years older then you. He saw you as his little si...
𝓑𝓲𝓷𝓭 S. Aizawa by ObsessionToOblivion
You, a pro hero with a perfect quirk. All you want is to be a teacher, you love kids, but what happens when you get accepted to be a teacher at UA high? ...
~Stepbrother~Colby Brock by vv_babes
~Stepbrother~Colby Brockby vv_babes
"Hey" he smirks at me. I roll my eyes. "Hi" he lets me in. "I'm Colby, your step brother" "I'm Willow." Damn. Right then and ther...
My Abusive Husband by Christineot07
My Abusive Husbandby Minimochi
¥BTS ff ¥Some bad word and adult content are contained ¥If you are not a adult ff reader so just skipped it ¥Abisive part are contained PLOT Y/N is a poor and innocent g...
R U L E S by TheQuirkyQueen08
R U L E Sby Queen
"Jesus Christ." I called out, this was the first time I was finding out my body could be so sensitive, I was so used to the five pumps and done but James was s...
~EddiexReaderxVenom~  18+ smut warning  by BBelle69
~EddiexReaderxVenom~ 18+ smut Kaminari_Extra167
One late night, a mysterious hooded man came in for a drink. You have a nice conversation with him and enjoy every second of it. You run into the stranger multiple tim...
F^ckboy 🔞 || Jungkook ff by Jeon_kookliet_
F^ckboy 🔞 || Jungkook ffby I've got yes jams ;)
In which your whole world changed after a one night stand with the f^ckboy. #1- mature language Update every Friday
{Addicted to Misery} Dimitrescu Daughters x Male Reader by RainsFaller212
{Addicted to Misery} Dimitrescu RainsFaller212
{Addicted to Misery} Dimitrescu Daughters x Male Reader (Polyamorous Relationship) WARNING: Vampirism, Violence, Abuse, Torture Disclaimer: -Any of the characters used...
Mommy's Always Right! p.s Dada Said So ✈ Jenlisa by Danhottie
Mommy's Always Right! p.s Dada DanJuan
Lisa's entire life crisis. Having married a paranoid crazy wife and three kids. ATTENTION🚨 This is NOT a G!P.
The Alpha and Me  by rainycloud138
The Alpha and Me by Rainycloud
"Don't embarrass me tomorrow, Nandini. Please." "No, Luna, rest assured." "You're a born designer which is why I'm giving you the responsibility...
"I don't care. Continue talking and I'll make sure that's going to be the last thing you say .." he hissed as he slowly stepped closer to me again, obviously...
He's My Friend (Loona x Male Human/Hellhound Reader) by FoxBoy2099
He's My Friend (Loona x Male Delaven Foxboy
Despite her years of being with her colleagues, Loona never did have one thing. A friend. Seeking a chance to take a break, she arrives to the mortal realm to get a few...
Chaos ×× Colby Brock by addictingcole
Chaos ×× Colby Brockby Miranda
You and I, together, will always come along with a touch of chaos.