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F1 Group Chat | ⁴⁴³³ by nuggetstappen
F1 Group Chat | ⁴⁴³³by Satanic Nugget
Nobody knows why Sebastian thought it'd be a great idea to create a new group chat with various drivers. But after Max starts to be active and annoying Lewis over that g...
Beneath The Bitter Masks by YeranJ
Beneath The Bitter Masksby KB Shomu
What happens when Loki is sent to Earth after a security failure in Asgard? Why is Loki so docile and quite? Clint and Tony want to get to the bottom of this. And what t...
Sold to the Mafia Boss' Son - Alpha x Omega by boysloveace
Sold to the Mafia Boss' Son - boysloveace
Pete is an orphaned Omega, the lowest status in this world. He was left in the care of his cruel Uncle after his parents died, who takes pleasure in beating Pete up ever...
The Alpha and his Mate by simply_bee-23
The Alpha and his Mateby Bryony Wakeford
Updated version now available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited with an extra two bonus chapters at the end! Annabelle hasn't had the best of lives, living with an...
My Joy (Bucky Barnes's Daughter) by LexyDunbar
My Joy (Bucky Barnes's Daughter)by Lexy Dunbar
#1 in "BuckyBarnes" #1 in "Hurt-Comfort" #1 In "Hydra" #1 in "Child" #3 in "CaptianAmerica #2 in " Daughter " #6...
HIS LAST LOVE by Readers_Latibule
HIS LAST LOVEby book lover
Its a story about a south indian girl who got married according to their parents wish.. YES ITS A ARRANGE MARRIAGE.. But she like it, because there is no way for a love...
Irondad Ending in Platonic Cuddles by Kevy_Grayce
Irondad Ending in Platonic Cuddlesby 🔥Kevy🔥BLM
A bunch of angsty Irondad Spiderson one shots that end in platonic cuddles because it's what they deserve!
Broken Hero by ___aSaS___
Broken Heroby aSaS
May stepped closer, putting one hand on his chest and pushing him back against the wall. Peter flinched, saying the words he knew she wanted to hear even though it was t...
Just so Hungry by joyfulsoulcollector
Just so Hungryby Marko
Peter doesn't eat all day and Tony is a protective dad. Also there's a cat. This is just better version of another story I've published on here under the same title. I'm...
Chasing cars || Max Verstappen x Charles Leclerc (lestappen) by louistangels91
Chasing cars || Max Verstappen x louistangels91
Max and Charles had been in a committed relationship for years now. They recently went through a rough patch but where enjoying their time together now. But what happens...
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Archangel by Marian3860
Archangelby Myriam Reynolds
Rescued from a mad scientist, 18-year old "Angel" finds herself healing and fighting alongside the Avengers. (ON HIATUS - NOT ABANDONED)
Baby Love by skye_0213
Baby Loveby skye_0213
Averie Alwyn is so use to being left behind, it's second nature. Her mother was out of the picture before Averie could even remember her, but that never stopped her Dad...
FEBUWHUMP 2022 by authoraubs
FEBUWHUMP 2022by •* . ⋆。˚
My take on all 28 (plus the special extra for March 1st) prompts of the annual Febuwhump event. I've never participated in this before and I'm very excited! Please feel...
a ' NoRmAl ' Teenager ..... ( Spiderman/ Peter Parker) by lonestar475
a ' NoRmAl ' Teenager ..... ( lonestar
A Painful Secret (a DIARY OF A WIMPY KID fanfiction) by erziegler00
A Painful Secret (a DIARY OF A Emily Ziegler
Rodrick is sick, but he doesn't show it. Can Greg help him before it's too late? *This story takes place during the time gap between the 2nd and 3rd Wimpy Kid movies. Ho...
UA, and it's Teachers bashing and Bakugou getting what he deserved by DarkFlame594
UA, and it's Teachers bashing Flame~
Basically the title, but here is a more detailed description: One-Shots that I thought of randomly where Class 1-A, Class 1-B, UA faculty, Shinso, Aizawa, Tsukauchi or a...
wade x peter : only you by depressedbagu3tte
wade x peter : only youby finn
Peter Parker tries his best to navigate himself in a loud, overwhelming world, being a trans teenager- who also happens to be spiderman, isn't quite as easy as it sounds...
Stargate Atlantis: Summer Rain by Salchat82
Stargate Atlantis: Summer Rainby Salchat82
John Sheppard loses his team one by one. Lost and alone in the wild forest, how will he find them?
Like You'd Know How It Works by MsHermia
Like You'd Know How It Worksby MsHermia
Straight after the battle is won - or lost, depending on your perspective - Peter tries to convince the Avengers to save Mr. Stark by going back into the Quantum Realm. ...
Brides Of Raghuvanshi  by rish2009
Brides Of Raghuvanshi by $tranger
Raghuvanshi the name is enough for normal people to bow their head with respect Raghuvanshi family is one of the most respected and powerful family ....... They are t...