His Little Star
By Davina_K_Cruz
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"He is a scary man, Ivy! You should keep your distance from him." "His sons are equally as cruel as him.." "This whole family is actually heartless." Growing up, Ivy's ears are filled with warnings to stay away from this particular Santiago family. The leader of the family, Mr. Lucifer Santiago is a rumoured cruel mafia leader who doesn't think once before staining his hands with someone's blood. Then comes his three sons- Valentino, Denver and Alessio. Arrogant, cruel and manipulative. 16 year old, an normal looking orphan Ivy is told to keep her distance from these dangerous people and she tries to follow everyone's advice but none of her plans seems to be working as the family suddenly starts to show a different interest in her. Now it has become extremely hard to keep distance from them. Especially when Mr. Lucifer Santiago himself call her 'his little star'.


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His Littl...
by Davina_K_Cruz