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Scandalous love || Fitzgerald Grant   by luvmetatiiii
Scandalous love || Fitzgerald luvmetatiiii
Olivia pope and her best friend Elizabeth also known as Liz since childhood works as a secret cover-up agency for the national government and often for the president dir...
Widow in White by Spiszy
Widow in Whiteby Erica Jennings
Scarred and broken from a disastrous marriage, Laura Maidstone vows never to love again. And it's not love, when she seduces Richard Armiger, Lord Albroke, on her librar...
GOSSIP GIRL, nate archibald  by jade_7xx
GOSSIP GIRL, nate archibald by ♡
Gossip Girl sees everything. Secrets and scandals are exposed by a mysterious blogger capturing the filthy rich lives and lovers of teens at a prestigious Manhattan scho...
#4 Arabella Guevara Series: Scandalous Intentions(GxG) by bad_bloodSucker
#4 Arabella Guevara Series: BadBlood
Arabella is the eldest among the four Guevara's Sibling. She has her perfect life and love of her life.... but what happen when a biggest scandal will ruin her career. O...
Mengulit Kenangan Lama by EncikGragas
Mengulit Kenangan Lamaby EncikGragas
Hi! Semua cerita saya hanya rekaan dan fantasi semata mata sahaja ya! Tiada kena mengena dengan hidup ataupun mati. Cuma watak watak berkenaan adalah benar dan diubah n...
To Defy A Duke by vickitickitoria
To Defy A Dukeby Victoria
Lady Eliza Turner has no interest in finding herself a wealthy husband, she has her books, her best friend Charlotte, and plenty of opinions on what society expects from...
They Said I'm Mr. Gu's Scandalous Affair by Khushi_KK_20
They Said I'm Mr. Gu's KK
Title : They Said I'm Mr. Gu's Scandalous Affair Author: Momo Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY All credit goes to the author and the translator FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES
Contract Marriage -  jk ✅ by physcopathforu
Contract Marriage - jk ✅by Luna
Jeon jungkook is the only son of Jeon and hire of their company .yn is the youngest buisness women in Korea . --------------- Yn- we can't marry each other ? And I don...
1,2,3 And.. Love! (GXG) by xSRwritesx
1,2,3 And.. Love! (GXG)by Canyoubuttout
Zoya, a university student with aspirations of becoming an actress, manages to score an audition that offers her the opportunity to co-star alongside Olivia, her longtim...
Where's there's love there's pain  by BriTheWriterr
Where's there's love there's pain by BriTheWriterr
A year has passed and everything it starting to fall into place for everyone , the death of Larissa was an eye opener for everyone and everyone quickly for their minds t...
The Royal Scandal *Book One* by creativereader536
The Royal Scandal *Book One*by creativereader536
As the daughter of King Uther, I have a lot of duties and rules I have to follow. No swearing, no drinking, always smile in public, don't fall in love with your brother'...
To Deceive A Duke by vickitickitoria
To Deceive A Dukeby Victoria
{Shortlisted for the Wattys 2022} It's 1798 and The Lenoir family controls a significant part of London's dreaded and violent underworld. They reap the rewards in high-c...
Best Friend. by Love_Bri94
Best Love_Bri94
She say he's just a friend...
Sparks Fly (An Aleheather Story/AU) by june_avenue99
Sparks Fly (An Aleheather Story/AU)by Lils 🤍
Heather Kasuga is the founder of Illuminate, a new and fast-growing jewellery business. Her life takes a turn when she meets Alejandro Burromuerto, Co-Chief Operating Of...
My Brother's Best Friend (Complete) by TaniaShava
My Brother's Best Friend (Complete)by TaniaShava
Amelia is 20 when she moves in with her brother in woodlands. What she didn't expect was to meet his best friend Mason a serial player. She wants nothing to do with him...
Welcome to the the Low Life : Playing Dirty by BriTheWriterr
Welcome to the the Low Life : BriTheWriterr
Growing up in the hood isn't easy . Murders , shootouts , drugs , prostitutes and dope boys are normal . Imagine being sucked in the gritty at just sixteen years old . C...
👑 It Girl // Gossip Girl by notshawn
👑 It Girl // Gossip Girlby 𝑗
(2) Like every new Louis Vuitton handbag, once another one comes out, the new one simply goes out of style. So did the New Girl, it became boring and irrelevant to Lena'...
Scandal - Justin Bieber by currentlynowinactive
Scandal - Justin Bieberby currentlynowinactive
Aubrey Owens hates Justin Bieber. She decided since there's no drama in his life, she'll add more. She tweets something that caught the media's attention. Days of this r...
After a messy breakup she decides to step back into a ring after almost 6 years. She's met with drama, love and a whole lot of fighting. {roman reigns x oc}
SIERRA'S LEONE by AmariOkito
SIERRA'S LEONEby Amari Okito
Sierra becomes the mom of six months old Leone, her deceased best friend's son. The baby's grandparents want his custody and conspire. Who else has more rights than Leon...