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She's An Alcantara by Daydreammm_1
She's An Alcantaraby Daydreammm_1
Alcantara Series No.1: How can you live normal if you're moving in a high class background? When everybody will look at you and praise on how lucky you are.How can you h...
I GOT PREGNANT BY UNKNOWN | Duavis Series 1 by Angelz_017018
Karl Shun Duavis... Is a Mafia boss, Rich Man, Detective, Business Man, Architect, and Smart or Perfect at all... When Karl is 7 yrs old he need to sacrifice for he's br...
I'm fucking tired chasing you  by sammyadjari
I'm fucking tired chasing you by nicole
_prologue_ CALLY POV Nandito ako nakaupo sa isang cabin ng ferris wheel nakatulala habang pinamamasdan ang mga bituin at buwan sa kalangitan Inaalala ang mga katangahan...
THE MOON and THE STARS (season 1) by HappyToImagine
THE MOON and THE STARS (season 1)by HAPPY
not all people are the same, so give some people chance to prove herself. Don't look at her/him that she's/he's someone who will hurt you, because all people are not the...
Wanna sleep with me by Has___nahhh
Wanna sleep with meby Hasnahhh
Florence Quinn is the type of women who doesn't have any interest in mans, because of her past break-ups nagkaroon na siya ng galit sa mga lalakeng gustong manligaw saka...
Jonaxx Stories by BlackMimikyut26
Jonaxx Storiesby A L Y ❤
Jonaxx stories para sa mga old and newbie jsls. Para sa mga curious sa mga stories ni kwin J. Support , vote and comment
SIN by Ruthygen143
SINby R*U*T*H(◕ᴗ◕✿)
That truth is that Sin,as defined in the original translation of the bible,means "to miss the mark," the mark in this case,is the standard of PERFECTION Respe...
Pak! One and Only by shatapyurmawt
Pak! One and Onlyby N
Carrie Eid O'Brien is an Ireland Beauty Queen and a national supermodel who have a 1 year contract at Gotchu Clothing Company as thier model. But she doesn't expect that...
 STORIES BEHIND LYRICS by unknownjewell
Compilations of my one shot stories inspired by music. Stories where words fail,music speaks.
After You Series #1 : Chasing You (Henry Delos Reyes) by Hydren123
After You Series #1 : Chasing Mary Shielo P. Maurillo
[on-hold] After You Series #1 Henry Delos Reyes is a rich and popular man in the world. Henry is been inlove to a little girl he met before but that was twenty years ag...
Loving a Nakamura by Clabwu
Loving a Nakamuraby Clabwu
Kyra Akemi Laurier is half Japanese and half Canadian that live in Philippines. Her life is just a normal life until a guy named Zain Nakamura become part of it. Their p...
Our Love Can't Last Forever by BlackTulipsForYou
Our Love Can't Last Foreverby BlackTulipsForYou
The story about a man (Thanus Thane) had XP sun disease. Which is extremely sensitive from ultra violet rays from the sunlight and highly susceptible to Skin Cancer and...
ESCAPE: CITY Zby amalia🪶
Thinking how to escape in the place that is full of unexplained creature that so-called zombies that can kill you by eating you alive before you will be one of them is a...
You fooled by what you see. You fooled by your trusted person. Nevertheless, trusting anyone except yourself because in this world you can only trust yourself. Only y...
Escaping Montejardo  by straightvodkaa
Escaping Montejardo by ً
Percy or Persephone Alvarez is just a simple girl who is living under the Montejardo's roof as their maid together with her grandmother named Anaphe Alvarez. But Anaphe...
When Moon and Stars Collide by peculiar831
When Moon and Stars Collideby heidepression
Why would I lower my standard when my Professor always said this to me, "A woman deserves Universe not a black hole"
One-off by Arayatttiii
One-offby arrietty v.
One-off is a compilation of my one-shots. However, it only focuses on men's perspectives. For its opposite version, you may proceed to my library and read this book, Cyc...
The Universe Behind the Boundaries by imprincessstefh
The Universe Behind the Boundariesby stefunny ⭐️
Zavrina is a half Italian and a half Filipino but was born and raised in the country of Italy. She loves to be in the Philippines, but her parents didn't allow her to vi...
Cyclic by Arayatttiii
Cyclicby arrietty v.
Cyclic is a compilation of my one-shot stories. However, it only focuses on women's perspectives. For its opposite version, you may proceed to my library and read this b...
Rightful Highneses (TagLish Story) by ZinMerzlove
Rightful Highneses (TagLish Story)by Mary Rojannie Sasa
She live in a normal life in a normal world but suddenly step into the world that she doesn't know it exist. She was afraid to enter in the World of Magic. She was terri...