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Heart of the Sky by GavGav7
Heart of the Skyby Gavin Hetherington
Brando Hallward is stuck on a transatlantic flight with his ex when he meets the suave Daxten Lowe. Maybe his luck is about to change. ...
Silhouette ✓ by HermyneKhaling
Silhouette ✓by Hermyne
Moving back to her old school, Alana befriends the arrogant Xavier. Underneath his scars are feelings for her, feelings neither of them can deny. ...
The Dad・lrh by exactlyaly
The Dad・lrhby exactlyaly
"Be a good girl okay?" He commands. "Oh baby, you're so wet." He licked his lips devilishly. All rights reserved © 2015 - exactlyaly
The Love Of A Werewolf || Jeon Jungkook by Igotbangtan777
The Love Of A Werewolf || Jeon Alex
Winner at @thefictionawards as Best Fan fiction 2018. Cover by @acupoftaewithakook81
Her Vocation by alin958
Her Vocationby Hareem Riaz
"Allah guides whom He wills to the straight path." (Al Baqarah | 213) Aasiya is the girl who has it all. At least that's what everyone tells her. So, why can'...
Psycho by littleballerina_29
Psychoby Sherri Tang
People say I have the face of a greek god and a personality of a gentlemen. But trust me when I say, I also have a heart of steel and a mindset of a psycho. That's why...
After The Storm - A Criminal Minds Fiction by bonniegreyfics
After The Storm - A Criminal Bonnie
Emily is dating Derek Morgan and for the first time things feel right. They're raising her daughter together and there's nothing Isabella wants more than them together...
Tragic Magic [boyxboy] by MaddyRawr10
Tragic Magic [boyxboy]by Maddy
Cody James is a sixteen year old California native who is allergic to the rain. Unfortunately for him, due a mix up at the agency which was in charge of planning his sum...
Black Luna by littleballerina_29
Black Lunaby Sherri Tang
《Previously known as "Broken Luna"》 Pain was all she knew. And if happiness was what she was seeking, she has to uncover her hidden past and her dark secrets t...
Ida Jones                                                             by Paix15
Ida snazzydemon
Ida Jones learns her father has arranged for her to be sold to his drug dealer but she has other plans. After running away and into the hands of the local MC, Phantom Kn...
My Beautiful Fairytale (BoyxBoy) by grant-is-shook
My Beautiful Fairytale (BoyxBoy)by Heck
"I passed the group, hoping to get by quickly and non-incidentally...but a particularly handsome guy caught my eye. He had beautiful platinum blonde hair, shaved a...
ʙɪʟʟɪᴏɴ's ʙʀɪᴅᴇ by royalskribe
ʙɪʟʟɪᴏɴ's ʙʀɪᴅᴇby Xorlali Opel
[ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ] "I want a church wedding." "You want a church wedding?" he seethed. "Are you also willing to perform the duties that comes with bein...
Deviant || Jeon Jungkook ✔  by Igotbangtan777
Deviant || Jeon Jungkook ✔ by Alex
Best Rank #3 fan fiction #1Jungkook Winner at @thefictionawards as Best Overall and Best Diverse 2018. You suddenly felt like crying when your eyes locked again. You fel...
Window Buddies (Seventeen JunHao) by anri212
Window Buddies (Seventeen JunHao)by ♔Anri♔
Jun has been in college for a good two years now, he is an inspiring actor/model and wants to quickly finish schooling so he would be set to do anything it takes to make...
Hunter by MADcreations
Hunterby MAD
“Fuck,” I whisper, shutting my eyes and clunking my head to the door. “Where were you going, Scar?” Ace breathes, smirking like he’s been dying to do this all morning. M...
Meant for Me | ✔️ by tayxwriter
Meant for Me | ✔️by Tay
Addie May knows loss like no one else and when she has nothing left for her in Beverly Hills, she flees to Texas where she meets Zac Ryan, the one man who might change i...
My Heart's Resident by Kishilovesnoodles
My Heart's Residentby Kishi
|\Shaun Murphy X Reader/| It was raining again; of course it was. It rains when something bad happens, right? You saw nothing but blood and shattered glass around you o...
In Love With My Gay Friend || Jeon Jungkook by Igotbangtan777
In Love With My Gay Friend || Alex
Jungkook: If she wants me, then I'll be hers.
Silent Love (BTS Jungkook FF) by Bias-hoe
Silent Love (BTS Jungkook FF)by Savage Queen
Ranking in fanfiction #681 (26/2/18) Ranking in fanfiction #659 (28/2/18) Ranking in fanfiction #618 (1/3/18) Ranking in tragic #18 (11/5/18) In which a boy wants a mute...
Dance Teacher || Ken Suson x Reader || SB19 ✅ by crhlnn
Dance Teacher || Ken Suson x crsb
My Mom said that I should try again to dance and wala na akong ibang choice kaya pumayag ako. Nagulat na lamang ako ng makita ko sya unexpected. Sinong magaakala na mag...