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Finally [Johnlock] by JawnnnnnAndSherly
Finally [Johnlock]by JawnnnnnAndSherly
[Completed] [Five years after the end of Series 4] Life has moved on. Everyone has moved on. Except for two of London's most important people. #2 in johnlock :: may 2019
60 Ways to Say Goodbye - A Johnlock Fanfiction by doctorlocked10
60 Ways to Say Goodbye - A Brielle
John is devastated by his best friend and secret love, Sherlock's death. He copes by visiting his grave every day for sixty days. Will this be closure enough, or will Jo...
Prank Call (Johnlock) by Wholockedjohnout
Prank Call (Johnlock)by wholockedphanout
Johnlock/teenlock/messages fanfiction.
A Photo Of John by somevelvetmorning
A Photo Of Johnby Somevelvetmorning
While snooping in Sherlock's room, John finds a horribly embarrassing picture of himself in Sherlock's coat pocket with the words "never forget" on the back. W...
The Kissing Analysis by xNomNomsx
The Kissing Analysisby xNomNomsx
"I need notes," Sherlock explained. "No." - As of January 30th, 2019, this fic has been revised, edited, and cleaned up to its absolute best for you...
Just Within Your Reach by inside-the-salt-ring
Just Within Your Reachby stay-inside-the-salt-ring
-The case was a disaster. The storm had come early, and they were stuck in the hotel. John didn't want to be in the room, not now. Not with Sherlock right there. Just wi...
Johnlock Oneshots (fluff) by johnlockiscanonical
Johnlock Oneshots (fluff)by Wren
Johnlock with a side of occasional Mystrade :) Please point out any mistakes, and I am very open to suggestions! Fluffy oneshots, no smut (I'm asexual so that's definite...
Thirty-Six Questions to Fall in Love by Dat_Sherlock_Boi
Thirty-Six Questions to Fall in Dat Sherlock Boi
John and Sherlock decide to try an experiment published by the New York Times. What they don't know is that disproving the experiment could change the entire course of t...
You Left A Mark - A Johnlock Soulmate AU by I_Am_Trying_My_Best
You Left A Mark - A Johnlock NM
When you write or draw on your skin, it will appear on your soulmate. Sherlock never cared about this concept, as soulmates terrified him, John was excited to meet the p...
JOHNLOCKed in a Closet by turtely
JOHNLOCKed in a Closetby johnlockedturtle
Mrs. Hudson is done. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are just two silly little lovebirds who need to be locked together in a room until they can finally admit their feel...
Johnlock One Shots. by sini333
Johnlock One Sini333
Just a collection of some johnlock oneshots.
Sherlock oneshots by soul_cab_co
Sherlock oneshotsby soul_cab_co
This is a book where I can express my love for various Sherlock ships! There's gunna be a lot of different ones, if u want one specifically feel free to request it! All...
Sweets - BBC Sherlock (Johnlock) by odysays
Sweets - BBC Sherlock (Johnlock)by odysays
Sherlock is out of nicotine patches and his mood is, well you can probably imagine. John refuses to buy him patches because he was just out shopping. Instead he insists...
Tall Buildings and Pill Bottles - A Johnlock Story by johnlock_is_otp
Tall Buildings and Pill johnlock_is_otp
TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️- mention of suicide , domestic abuse, eating disorders and self harm. John and Sherlock are working a case when Sherlock gets shot. He is not majorly...
A Study in Resistance- A Johnlock Fanfic by Obvious_Sherlockian
A Study in Resistance- A Jess
Sherlock and John are best friends, and awkward accident at 221B shouldn't change that. Should it? dun dun dun... my awful description... *Read me read me!* shhh, shhh...
And Together We Fell (prev. "Teenlock") - An AU Sherlock/Johnlock Fanfic by forensicartists
And Together We Fell (prev. " forensicartists
Meet Sherlock Holmes- a 15 year old sociopath; arrogant, tactless, rejected, but enjoys a life of solitude and deducing. Meet John Watson- a 15 year old footballer; qu...
Better Than First Aid by JLocked
Better Than First Aidby Johnlock || FreeBatch
There is a better way to aid a wounded finger. Better than using first aid.
A Study In Sex by MadameSponger
A Study In Sexby MadameSponger
A Johnlock meets Masters of Sex story... go nuts.
Daily Johnlock by Obsessedminddumpster
Daily Johnlockby Leonard
Johnlock one shots! This story is maxed out in chapters and there is another story that continues the one shots. I began writing this in... what, 6th grade? God, I don't...
Blending In  (Johnlock) by PurpleFairy84
Blending In (Johnlock)by PurpleFairy84
Sherlock and John go on an undercover mission which forces them in to a situation where they can't deny their feelings any longer.