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~*DRIZZLE*~ by Bucket_of_stories
~*DRIZZLE*~by Bucket _Of_Stories
collection of short stories... #1- Masoom (completed) #2- Mr. Goody Two Shoes( ongoing)
Unconditional love  by author_118
Unconditional love by Samiya Khan
Anam Ahmad is a second name of beauty and innocence. As a sister of Turkey's most feared mafia, she is familiar with all kinds of violence, but still has a beautiful hea...
As Long As I Live by CrazyPunter
As Long As I Liveby CrazyPunter
Marriage. A bond made by ties of love, respect, trust and companionship. But not all marriages are blessed. Mayra has suffered at the hands of her husband until she reac...
☆ Rising Phoenix ☆ [ Completed ][#WIA2021] by Mamree
☆ Rising Phoenix ☆ [ Completed ][ Mamree
Winner of 2nd position in Limelight Award 2020. #Standalone .... A journey of a spirited woman who find herself after going through almost death. Journey of a egoistic...
Grieving Hearts [Completed] by rickydonna7
Grieving Hearts [Completed]by Ricky Donna
Agustin DeLuca looked at the photos infront of him, rage burning through his veins, as he watched his wife in someone else's arms. ~~~~ He was one of the most renowned b...
It's Too Late Now ✅ by wangxi1an
It's Too Late Now ✅by lxvelysnøw
~A broken cannot be fixed by just a sorry~
HER SELFLESS LOVE  by bts_rainbow
A family based story manan their kids n their family Manan are married they have kids nandini LOVE manik but manik hate her how she will make him fall for her how much...
LIABILITY by JiyaNasir8
LIABILITYby Jiya Nasir
(Please don't steal the cover) Riansh fan?? Want to read the painting track fillled with more guilt and emotions,then give it a chance......
The highly paid lesson! by The_little_knob
The highly paid lesson!by The_little_knob
A sub rolls her eyes to her master and he teaches what is life to her. She understands her mistake when it was bit late.
love? by magicglow11111
love?by lavanya
a rikara story in this story, rikara are married but om can't accept gauri. why? find out in upcomings. but gauri has gaven her life to om. she does everything perfectly...
YOURS by AyuShoni
YOURSby Ayushri Jalan
This is the story of a simple girl who was content in her life her husband was her life she was happy with little little gestures but one day her life came crashing down...
Guilt, trust, love by mamatagandhe
Guilt, trust, loveby Mamata Gandhe
This story begins from the scene when Raman sings a song to calm Shagun down and Ishita heard it.
Who Is She? by MysteriousAuthor356
Who Is She?by Mysterious Author
Lillian Black was just a child when she lost her innocence. She was just a child when she realized the world is a cruel place. She was just a teenager when she got kick...
Will They Be One Again? by krisha_creates
Will They Be One Again?by Krisha🧡
Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Annika Alwaani Singh Oberoi, a happily married couple, were living a beautiful life together until one day they discover a shocking news. He div...
REGRET - (Completed) by jomessey
REGRET - (Completed)by jo messey
Highest Ranked : 🌟#1 in Cousinlove ( 13 May 2021) 🌟 #2 in guilt ( on 25 September 2020) 🌟 #2 in cousin (12 December 2020) 🌟 #3 in misunderstanding ( 20 October 2020...
Cover Credit: Myself "You bloody bitch..." he shouted while kicking me on my belly with his killer boots. I whimpered with the rushing pain inside me. "...
Khuda Aur Mohabbat  by Roxxsauras
Khuda Aur Mohabbat by Prerna Alphonsa Toppo
ON HOLD #1 in lovehate #1 in regret #1 in justice #2 in justice #3 in reading Zoya, Believed in her god more than herself because she thinks that god only makes our t...
The Lost Life of Laraine by BearGoRawr
The Lost Life of Laraineby Bear
She lead a rather tragic life. The black sheep of her family due to her lack of affinity for fire. Her affinity was quite the opposite. Water in fact. Already in a tim...
His last breath(Completed✔) by FairyLover782
His last breath(Completed✔)by FairyLover782
EDITING!!!! Arjun is a young businessman who probably forgot how to laugh. He is cold to everyone except Anjali, the love of his life. Anjali, is the youngest female ent...
Her Hidden Self |  ✓ by mysteriouslypoetic
Her Hidden Self | ✓by ✎
Some people merely adopt darkness, but she was born into it. Hiding every gloomy secret, covering all the lies, she walks through the life devoid of all emotions. They...