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विवाह- संधीर की कहानी by littleheart1509
विवाह- संधीर की कहानीby Aarhu (M.P)
An Indian Arranged Love Story. PS: Don't worry only tittle in Hindi written ??
Be my last love. by infiniteflames_99
Be my last infiniteflames_99
Book of Aarna and Dhruv(Arranged Marriage Series #2) She is an extrovert He is an introvert. she is full of words. He is a man of few words. She is childish yet matured...
IN THE NAME OF LOVE (completed) ✅ by loveforbooks333
" let's get married" he said making my eyes go wide. " Wwhhat ?" I shouted grabbing attention. " I want to marry you " he spoke seriously...
Destined To Love❤ by jainriya0
Destined To Love❤by Riya Jain
What happens when destiny plays games of Love and brings 2 strangers together in the form of arranged marriage? Will Cupid help them find Love? Would you believe if i...
The Adversities Of Falling  by imaanwrites_
The Adversities Of Falling by — 𝐈𝐏.🦋
Hailey West is finally a step closer to achieving her dreams of becoming a published author. Determined , to not allow herself to be the one standing in the way of her o...
The way I used to live by infiniteflames_99
The way I used to liveby infiniteflames_99
Book of Daksha and Arjun(Arranged Marriage Series #1) Once she was a happy-go-lucky girl So was he. Now she has become a bold and confident person. He has become a cold...
Playing for the Same Team | Editing by writingcrazed
Playing for the Same Team | Editingby jules
Charlie Whitmen loves sports, junk food, video games, cars and basically anything-if not everything-your average teenaged boy would find interesting. But wait a second...
The Soldier And The Slayer[M!reader x Fem!Goblin Slayer] by Frost_Bunny
The Soldier And The Slayer[M! Liam✓
[ON HIATUS] The death of Msgt. (y/n) (l/n), callsign "Frost" was devastating to say the least. But he wasn't actually dead, he was just transported to another...
Short Poems by a Short Girl  [WATTYS Winner 2015] by MoreThanMeetsTheSky
Short Poems by a Short Girl [ Charlotte
"we sat under the same sky but he couldn't see the stars" -Short Poems by a Short Girl [#1 in poetry 1/22/16] Five foot three, but a big voice. I hope you e...
Coffee Shop by floraloceans
Coffee Shopby Lilly
They meet through simple circumstances, a small joke sparking the love that grows between them. And it all starts in a coffee shop. --- Highest Ranks: #3 in Short Story...
• PINK! • Graphic Tutorials • by naoella_
• PINK! • Graphic Tutorials •by naoella_
In which a random potato (who likes the color pink) teaches you graphic stuff whilst improving her own skills. n o t e : • app = ibisPaint X Things you can learn : - fla...
The Three Struggling Muslimahs by Salmitta97
The Three Struggling Muslimahsby Salma Shaaban Yusuf
This is a story about three Muslim girls who always tried to keep everything they did halaal. Khawla, Rayhanah and Nusaiba strived day in day out to lower their gaze, av...
Love at first sight!!  (on Hold) by angel15647
Love at first sight!! (on Hold)by angel
how desting brings two people together who are totally different from each other but all they need is love!!! #sidnaaz
letters to dom ✔ by walkingecho
letters to dom ✔by alina • on hiatus
❝ let's start with what you already know: i like you. ❞ in which a girl stuck at home writes about her first love in hopes of forgetting him. © 2020 walkingecho highest...
Mine forever( ✔) by Rose9972
Mine forever( ✔)by Rose
simple and Beautiful love story 💓. Cover pic credit : Google
Mr Arogant and Miss Simple  by Books-Icecream
Mr Arogant and Miss Simple by Muggle_born
Samantha Jones is a simple fun loving girl who belongs to a relegious family and believes in marriage not relationships. She moves to New York after completing her studi...
kflix studios. ᶜᵒᵛᵉʳ ˢʰᵒᵖ by joonmaisvu
kflix studios. ᶜᵒᵛᵉʳ ˢʰᵒᵖby 𝑱.
hey, i heard this is good, wanna watch? a graphics shop by jia. OPEN. All rights reserved © 2020 by Jia
Enzymatic Love! (✓) by mythicalrealist
Enzymatic Love! (✓)by Perfect Enigma
Genre: ChickLit/Young adult Dated: 17/6/2020 to 15/8/2020 Word limit: 18,500 Awards: 1) Shining Star awards 2020 - Star list 1 (Short story) ~~~~•••••~~~~•••••~~~~•••••...
Simply, I still love you. [Sequel to It's Simple. I Use You. You Use Me. ] by giveasmilex
Simply, I still love you. [ giveasmilex
Lucille and Ethan started from a hot, lustful deal turned to passionate love, but things have changed since high school. Life got rocky and problems occurred. Can Lucill...
She belongs to the King ✔️ by midnightbreeze21
She belongs to the King ✔️by Kashish S
Monica Jacobs, a simple girl, she isn't the one who socializes. Her parents are lawyers, so they are pretty much out. She lives alone in an apartment. She was never a fa...