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The Green Tea's Target is Always Wrong【Quick Transmigration】(Completed BL) by dahannaur9172
The Green Tea's Target is Always dapotaturs
Yue Chu was defeated and died in battle, dragged by the system into a parallel world. The system promised that if he could destroy the relationship between the two prota...
After regaining the halo of the heroine, She became popular by MissXXX404
After regaining the halo of the XXX
Author: a thin Category: Rebirth through time travel Release time: 2021-08-17 Latest: Chapter 103 Through rebirth finished 313,000
After The Breakup, I Became Popular In the Entertainment Industry by Qwinesty
After The Breakup, I Became Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Luo Ning is a cannon fodder female supporting character in a favorite article in the entertainment circle. Once again, she is not the cannon fodder! Black fans clamored:...
System 95 (Complete) by Yoon_Nadi_Maung
System 95 (Complete)by Wang Xiao Yún(王肖芸•0805×1005)
လက်ထပ်ရမှာကို ရှောင်ပြေးချင်တဲ့ ကောင်လေးတစ်ယောက်...။ ဖူးစာကြိုးနီပိုင်ရှင်ကြောင့် အမှတ်မထင်တာတွေ ကြုံတွေ့ရတဲ့ အခါ...
Naruto: Strength Through Teaching by ChaosNinjaWriter
Naruto: Strength Through Teachingby ChaosNinjaWriter
Mutsuki traversed into the world of Naruto, becoming an ordinary middle-level ninja teacher at Konoha Ninja School and a member of the Root organization. Fortunately, he...
It still vivid in my mind when i woke up that i'm in the body of a 14 years old kid name kyle. In my previous life i am the most powerful necromancer and alchemist in hi...
The Yandere Cooks for the Villain in Each World by Desert_S
The Yandere Cooks for the Desert
After joining the Villain system, the Villain was forced to do world upon world growing emotionless from the pain and suffering put upon her in each world. That is- unti...
Quick Transmigration: Heroine is not really sweet. by xxKIIRAAxx
Quick Transmigration: Heroine is xxKIIRAAxx
The new host looked soft, sweet, and easy to bully. The system was heartbroken and prays to the sky: It's over! However, at the speed of light, it was face slapped. Hu...
World's Most Wanted: Start a Five-Star Prison Break  by Qwinesty
World's Most Wanted: Start a Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
Top ten consortium investment, hundreds of billions of dollars in rewards, elites from all walks of life to participate! City parkour, skydiving, wingsuit flying. Everyt...
One Piece: Build The Strongest Beast Pirates by 0StolenDream0
One Piece: Build The Strongest Dream Stolen
Barbarossa Kaishu transmigrates to one piece and becomes the older brother of Kaidou of the Beasts while possessing a stronger physique talent! After the Battle of the G...
SYSTEM 286 (On going) by Maeve-iy-00
SYSTEM 286 (On going)by Ji Ji
ကယ်ရီတစ်ယောက် ကလေးငယ်တစ်ဦးအားကယ်တင်ရင်း ကားမတော်တဆဖြစ်ပွားခဲ့ရာမှ System 286 နှင့်ချိတ်ဆက်မိသောအခါ..... ဒီ ficလေးမှာ ကယ်ရီတစ်ယောက် မစ်ရှင်တွေထမ်းဆောင်ရင်း ဘယ်လိုအခက်ခဲတ...
Issei: The Mind of Games by Eraser-Boi-Dat
Issei: The Mind of Gamesby Jiren The Grey
Waking up to reality with the view of a system, the stats that he could see described his powers. Issei died to only be revived once more to see the world in a different...
Revenge Of The Cannon Fodder Villainess by Summmer_Daze
Revenge Of The Cannon Fodder Summer Daze
Original Story - It belongs to me and me alone Release Schedule - 1 Chapter a day M-F Extra chapters for 1 Kofi Valentina Salazar transmigrated into a novel with a we...
System I Want Revenge by GoddessOfBlack89
System I Want Revengeby Chieko Urimeshi
Rank #3 in Conflict- August 7 2019 Rank #2 in Conflict--August 12 2019 Rank #1 in Rebirth- August 19 2019 Rank #3 in System-- September 1 2019 ................. "...
The Dangerously Cute Dungeon [A Dungeon Core LitRPG] by AutumnPlunkett
The Dangerously Cute Dungeon [A AutumnPlunkett
Volume One [Updates Weekly] Violet was happy, in love, and had a successful career. She was even hoping to start her own family with her beloved husband. However, all of...
The Demon King's Beloved Daughter by arandomsecret
The Demon King's Beloved Daughterby ~KITSUNE~
Freya Antinea Laphinia woke up from an assassination attempt with memories of her previous life. She reincarnated into a novel she read! It wasn't a romance novel, it wa...
If the President Collapse It's Not Good [Quick Wear] by Xandria_Xan
If the President Collapse It's Xan Xan
"For Offline Reading Only" Hello I'm not the Author of this Story, I posted this just for Offline Reading Only all the credits still goes to the Author😊😊😊 ...
Villainess System: Destroy the Female leads! by AlexieGrey_27
Villainess System: Destroy the AlexieGrey_27
Agatha Izolis is forced to take the game. She is given the Villainess System in which her goal is to destroy the female lead. To be part of the higher rank agents she mu...
what? i reincarnated as kyogre!  by Kuntianakgg
what? i reincarnated as kyogre! by kunti jenny
when Ron wake up, he found out that he die and reincarnated as kyogre,killing monster on the sea and shock the world sending tsunami hundred meter with just moving fi...
[1-200] MY SWORD INTENT CAN BE thegamer3496
Author:Writing For Ten Years Alternative names:N/A Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy Source:Webnovel Status:Ongoing *** Swing the sword 100 times, [Sword Intent LV1] Swin...