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Hollow Heroes: The Espada of Class 1A (Bleach/MHA Crossover) by MrEhero-Ultimate
Hollow Heroes: The Espada of MrEhero
In his last moments, a silver-haired man had tried to kill a man who wished to become a God. Despite his somewhat successful efforts, he was killed.... But after his eye...
To Undo it All by DemonkingofChaos
To Undo it Allby Shinjiro Namikaze
After the Blood War, nothing was left. Yhwach was dead, but Ichigo failed to get strong enough fast enough to protect those he cared about. In desperation, Kisuke create...
Reincarnated into Bleach As Ichigo  by Thehollownight936
Reincarnated into Bleach As Ichigo by HollowKnight
A normal anime fan reincarnates as ichigo with a faithful maid thanks to a summoning ticket This is a FanFiction I don't own anything
A Normal Transfer Student [Bleach Fanfic] by FarinaOc
A Normal Transfer Student [ Ethan
[Previously known as Bleach but I'm in it] {UNDER EDITING: 19/10/2022} "I moved to Karakura Town to get a fresh new start." Neddy just got transferred to a new...
You're My Strawberry (Ichigo X Reader) (COMPLETED) by bbub14
You're My Strawberry (Ichigo X bbub14
From first meeting, to an date, then surprise love! Meet Ichigo Kurosaki, the boy who you only knew with orange hair and strange powers, to being your boyfriend! And als...
Love never really goes away - Toshiro Hitsugaya by forever_birlems_babe
Love never really goes away - Cool guy cal
It has been 50 years since Unmei Urahara has left the soul society to live with her farther in the world of the living. Her father needed her help and she knew she had t...
生きがい [Bleach Various x Fem!Reader] by SleepyMintMocha
生きがい [Bleach Various x Fem!Reader]by SleepyMintMocha
Perhaps it is coincidence. Perhaps it is fate. Or perhaps it is just life playing games with you as usual. You, a descendant of an ancient family whose focus was always...
Sakura Tinted Water by miki-mouse716
Sakura Tinted Waterby miki-mouse716
Byakuya swore to never love again after the death of Hisana. He thought that no one could ever give him the love and joy that she had given him during their marriage. Bu...
The Bonds Between Us (Bleach Fanfic) by Angie_Sixx13
The Bonds Between Us (Bleach Angie_Sixx13
Kurosaki Enka had given up everything to be with her older brother. She lived as a human, became an aunt to his three children. She loved and lost alongside them. But on...
What? Where am I? (Toshiro x Reader) by jbsunshinee
What? Where am I? (Toshiro x jbsunshinee
You are just a normal Girl in your own basic world and you absolutely love the anime Bleach and while watching it the power went out and you decide to go to bed. But whe...
Shinigami with Multiple Powers by MissAquariusGirl
Shinigami with Multiple Powersby Azisah Adhelle Lucman
They thought she was a ordinary human. But she's also a quincy and a shinigami. She was all alone, no family or friends.
◀ Ocean Wide ▶ Byakuya Kuchiki ✔ by birdkeeperhana
◀ Ocean Wide ▶ Byakuya Kuchiki ✔by Hana
What if Hisana wasn't the first person Byakuya fell for? What would he do if she came back? 💐 "I can't let go of the memories we shared together." ⭐ ↪ I only...
lone lotus by undertakers-waifu
lone lotusby undertakers-waifu
Saki is the third seat of the fourth division, known for her beauty and medical abilities. She's surrounded by people but in reality, she's left alone to battle her inne...
A New Life by katsuma6
A New Lifeby katsuma6
‼️MATURE CONTENT‼️ - After the war with the quincies Kisuke Urahara decides to let Grimmjow live with him in the world of the living. How will Grimmjow adapt to his new...
Having Ichigo Kurosaki's Child X Reader by ecianhS
Having Ichigo Kurosaki's Child X ecianhS
'How could this happen to me of all people' -Ichigo Don't own bleach or ichigo, just own the story.
Vampire Reapers  by EdenZero4
Vampire Reapers by Eden Zero
Yui has suffered at the hands of the Sakamaki brothers wishing to be free but can never escape. But when a mysteriously beautiful student appears, Yui's past begins to u...
Rimuru around the Multiverse by ur_personal_choice
Rimuru around the Multiverseby ur_personal_choice
The story is different from others. Pls do give it a chance lol
Bleach l White l Fanfiction  by Gamejet
Bleach l White l Fanfiction by Gamejet
I claim no rights or anything associated with the Bleach series and/or its characters. This story is also not my own idea as it is belongs to Melkor's Mercy. Please don'...
Hybrid in DXD by UniverseHopper0
Hybrid in DXDby Mr.Universe
Ichigo's adventures as he reincarnates into the world of DXD and become a God. Follow his journey in a world which is similar yet very different from his own.
Just a Hollow. by Mattey245
Just a Mat
In the bleach universe it's pretty rare to see any important and relevant Hollows. Perhaps White and the evolution of said Hollow's; the Arrancar's... But, what would ha...