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The Blood God In Chaldea by TheSilentLord
The Blood God In Chaldeaby S9
A Dsmp x Fgo crossover I wanted to write this a long time ago but I couldn't really do it until I heard about techno's death and I wanted to do something to tribute to h...
Milf hunter (Bnha "AU" x Fate/grand Order)  by NasimaKhatun5
Milf hunter (Bnha "AU" x Fate/gran...by RED Z
I don't really have to explain. The title explains everything. (But not everyone would be milfs on the harem)
Jaune's Grand Order by Darkdecade97
Jaune's Grand Orderby Ross Pabalate
Jaune's transcripts were revealed by Cardin after he saved him from the Ursa. After that it was hell for him. He was beaten, bullied, and humiliated. The only people tha...
Naruto brother of Gilgamesh (Naruto crossover) by Trihexa71
Naruto brother of Gilgamesh (Narut...by Bondy
Re-upload due to old account being deleted Forced to pay for his Father's arrogance. Naruto lost 2/3 of his soul to the Shinigami on the night of the Kyuubi attack due...
Fate Grand Order: Dear Uncle  by Holy-Thunderer
Fate Grand Order: Dear Uncle by Xorin
Pendragon It was a name of Royalty, Respect and Most of Pride In the country of North Wales. Artoria oldest daughter of Urther Pendragon and Mordred Pendragon Granddaug...
The Grand Saber by OkitaSouji_
The Grand Saberby Tia Doragon[Okita]
NOT MY BOOK, This was adopted from @_TheCatAuthor_ A servant has been summoned... A powerful one at that... Welcome.... . Grand Saber
The Strongest Master in Chaldea  by Just_Beru
The Strongest Master in Chaldea by JustBeru
Hello there Stop scrolling and read me you will like it
King of Conquest (Fate Grand Order story)  by gg012108
King of Conquest (Fate Grand Order...by Mr. Bismarck
Read to find out yourself... si audes... Catuli, regem victoriae expectat.
To The Different World (genshin impact x fgo) by otakuandgamergirl
To The Different World (genshin im...by Violet_03
[No romance] A certain master suddenly got transport to another world and meet a traveler who is searching for his sister. When she suddenly get transport she was not on...
Nephilim master(Male reader x Fate Grand Order harem) by DJMM15
Nephilim master(Male reader x Fate...by Masked writer
Haft Angel and Haft Demon and odd combination don't you think but it was possible his parents were able to do it and gave birth to the nephilim but both of there sides w...
Fate/Strange World by PapaBeard
Fate/Strange Worldby PapaBeard
Y/N L/N is a enthusiast of history and mythology, even before his quirk appeared. The stories of great heroes of old that pushed the limits of man, defeating monsters a...
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Wolfknight of the round table Fate grand Order x male reader by Icedemon34
Wolfknight of the round table Fate...by Jordan White
yeah I read two stories with the male reader either being Artorias or abyss watchers for mine I'm going to do both bosses so. you are the second son to Artoria Pentdrago...
Isekai as Taiyang. by InfernoXtreme
Isekai as Taiyang.by Inferno X
A guy gets his conscience transfered to that of a 13 year old Taiyang Xialong with some extra powers. How will he react to accidently building a harem. Just a chill sto...
humanity's devourer or savior? (Male tyranid hybrid X fate grand order) by HalosDestiny117
humanity's devourer or savior? (Ma...by Halos Destiny117
when chaldea's master decides one day to summon on a banner for fun, she accidentally summons a strange boy who is.... different. How will she control the boy who claims...
Flamboyant Berserker(Male Reader x FGO) by ok-bozo
Flamboyant Berserker(Male Reader x...by ok-bozo
Monster in Chaldea by Middernacht1
Monster in Chaldeaby Ga'Hoole
This is the story of a man who lived 3 lives, his normal life, his like as a monster and his life as a servant. He is reborn as the king of the seas he is the Ocean Elde...
Grand Foreigner by RussainReversal
Grand Foreignerby RussainReversal
Ainz in the FGO! Will it be a challenge for him? (Spoiler: No). No roflstomp, no hate, no bashing. Just pure Ainz magnificence in play. Also, I have Patreon: https://www...
Fate/Reverse Side by Ringrad
Fate/Reverse Sideby Ringard
You know dying wasn't so bad what was bad was what came after.....the absolute nothing just.....darkness.....at least I got Elizabeth out of it........she's nice.......I...
Fate Grand Order: The Samurai Pendragon by Holy-Thunderer
Fate Grand Order: The Samurai Pend...by Xorin
Artoria Famously known for having the blade gifted to her by the lady of the lake known as Excaliber the Blade of Victory. Mordred the bastard son who had Clarent a swor...