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Fate/God Fallen by Evasive_Writer
Fate/God Fallenby Evasive
One day Gudao had decided to summon a new servant upon returning from a Singularity. During the process the FATE system had begun to malfunction, its systems spasming ou...
A Real Fucking Vampire (FGO x Abridged Alucard) by MenacingR
A Real Fucking Vampire (FGO x Menacing
In Chaldea a new singularity seemingly popped up that being the events of Hellsing ultimate, when Alucard, nazis, and the church were doing their 3 way war. Alucard rele...
A Second Chance by Sherlock145
A Second Chanceby Mycroft Moriarty
It was after the final Lostbelt that Ritsuka Fujimaru had officially retired from being the Last Master of Humanity. Yet as he was starting to readjust to his original l...
A Cliche FGO Story (Master Path) 18+ by ClicheWriter45
A Cliche FGO Story (Master Path) ClicheWriter45
Title says all Best Ranks (so far) #1 Big Harem 7/24/22 #1 Da Vinci 7/24/22 #1 Boudica 7/24/22 #3 fgo 7/24/22 #4 Gudao 7/24/22 #4 gamer system 12/24/22 #7 fate series 7...
Okita Souji Love Story FGO by 2007akmalza
Okita Souji Love Story FGOby AFQ
What will she think when she finds herself in a vortex where she cannot escape death? This work is the result of starting with such a fantasy and heading to another pla...
guardian of gaia (gundam x Fate stay) (hiatus for now) by NheyanDelaMasa
guardian of gaia (gundam x Fate NheyanDelaMasa
this is what if kai jackson the mc of the story guardian of Remnant was transferred to gaia the home of world fate series. and will join he quest of protecting the peopl...
Cómics de Fate - Gilgamesh  x Arthur by Gilgamesh-Elish
Cómics de Fate - Gilgamesh x Gil&Arthur
Se que dice imágenes y cómics 7w7 Pero adoro a ese Rubio Doradito
I Remember  by DJMM15
I Remember by Vortex’s Multiverse
What if Archer Shirou Emiya wasn't one of Gudou's first summons what if he summoned the alter version Shirou Emiya Alter has throughg his time has the servant of the las...
The Servant Summoner (Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu x Fate/Grand Order) (HIATUS) by ReinerBraun456
The Servant Summoner (Baka To Kameraden
Ever wondered, what if our favorite Master of Chaldea from Fate/Grand Order uses the chibi version of the Servants for a war?
The Tale of Lord Yoshinaka's Devil by TheAnimeManofYeet
The Tale of Lord Yoshinaka's Devilby TheAnimeManofYeet
"Master, do you wish to know of THAT man?.. Well, If you really wish to know. Let me tell you the story of the strongest warrior that was never recognized" Lor...
Gudako's Story by LyraWinterwoods
Gudako's Storyby LyraWinterwoods
The all loved female protagonists in FGO or Fate Grand Order is one of the most mysterious characters out there. Join the orange-haired optimist in her journey and learn...
Fate:Chaos Break  by Shipping_lord2000
Fate:Chaos Break by Shipping_lord2000
10 years after the last holy grail war Takumi,ryu,mika are now Officially mages for the organization together with there new allies miya the gun slinger mage a childho...
The New Protector Of Chaldea by Kurolazy080
The New Protector Of Chaldeaby 睡眠 Juzo 怠惰
FGO and any Fate series is not mine is all belong to Nasu This is a Fanfic inspired from another fanfic So the chapters will be the same I just changing some details
Wonderers of Fate by Sherlock145
Wonderers of Fateby Mycroft Moriarty
Bonjour everyone, I, Caster of the Amphitheater, has brought Chaldea into my domain where they shall see the epics and stories of other Holy Grail Wars. Note: I do not o...
Chaldea doesn't exist here!?  by Last_Master
Chaldea doesn't exist here!? by Ritsuka Fujimaru
After beating all the Singularities, Pseudo-singularities, and Lostbelts. Ritsuka Fujimaru is officially retired from being a master, but everything will change. After s...
Fate Grand Order Aether Fracture by VanishingShore
Fate Grand Order Aether Fractureby The Broken World
As Ritsuka Fujimaru was about to ray shift into the first Pseudo Singularity of Epic of Remnant, a malfunction occurs with the ray shift. This causes Chaldea to try thei...
A Masters Nightmare [D7 Connected] (MN-41) by Arenggild
A Masters Nightmare [D7 Connected] Robert Leukippos Arenggild (R...
Fate has guided others to things that are mundane but fate had taken many steps to be higher, and to a young master who has fallen in guilt after destroying 6 Singularit...
They Who Gaze Upon Stars by IJustWantNewUsername
They Who Gaze Upon Starsby Gucci Vicci
He, who is a [Sword] born from [Fire] and [Despair]. The Hero of Justice: Shirou Emiya. She, who has been forsaken to bear [Infinite Power]. Symbol of Hope: Midoriya Iz...
Merlin x Ritsuka/Gudao (Fate/Grand Order) by Loforu
Merlin x Ritsuka/Gudao (Fate/ Loforu
The pict i post here aren't mine! they belong to their wonderful artist that i forgot to wrote whose name are, i'm sorry! Drabble about Merlin x Ritsuka/Gudao from Fate...
FATE : Grand Order KA-CHOW !! by theTorMeNtoR2021
FATE : Grand Order KA-CHOW !!by glory to saddam
i am speed... 1 winner... 1 demon god loser.. i am speed... a disney pixar CARS X FGO crossover |currently on hiatus 17-11-2021|