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Fate/Alternative by King_In_The_Storm
Fate/Alternativeby King_In_The_Storm
A world in which masters and servants all exist at the same time, and even go to school together. This story follows a boy named Karma as he and his friends go through...
The Forgotten Hero (OC x Fate) by Argen_Saiyan_UI
The Forgotten Hero (OC x Fate)by Argen_Saiyan_UI
"I want to be a Hero" "I want to save everyone". Words pronounced by two men in the past. What about the men in the future. "I will carry their...
Fate/stay night: eternal oath by CGKarimi
Fate/stay night: eternal oathby CGKarimi
You are Shirou's adoptive brother who also survived the great fire. Note: I do not own this image.
Fate: Sakura Book Of Zero by DArthemina
Fate: Sakura Book Of Zeroby Diana Arthemina
Being put in a team with arrogant emo, racist jinchuriki and lazy pervert, not to forget that they are overprotective cuckoo's, Sakura always felt like she is being burd...
Another Way Out |A Male Reader X Fate/GO| Fanfiction.| by Dwarf-Tastic_RBUS
Another Way Out |A Male Reader X Edgy Springtrap
"Father.... Its me.... (Y/N)... I did it... I found it...It was right where you said it would be...I Found them... They were all there.. I set them free... But some...
Fate Reality Change by NoahDragon
Fate Reality Changeby Noah V. Dragoon
Archer (Shirou) And Saber (Arturia) Just awaking in new world, a new world world that not like in any others, with new life of there own.
Fate/Mgs by v3nomsnak3
Fate/Mgsby I AM NIPS
A story were Artoria Pendragon is brought into the world of metal gear solid. How could have this happen you say? blame it on the nanomaachines! Or was it a mistake? Wel...
Hero of Justice (Fate/Stay Night UBW x Shield Hero) by MikeisMike
Hero of Justice (Fate/Stay Night Mage-O-Karp
A year into the aftermath of the Holy Grail War, Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka were now happily studying together in the Clocktower school for Maguses. This all changes a...
Servant or Human? (Male Reader X FGO) (In The Process Of Yet Another Rework)  by Chronological_Void
Servant or Human? (Male Reader X Mushroom
A mysterious man was seen standing above a skyscraper. His black coat moving with wind as he looked down a broken city. The (E/C) eyes of his shine briefly before he don...
Dragged In a War (Jotaro!Reader X Fate/Stay Night) by ItWasJotaro
Dragged In a War (Jotaro!Reader ItWasJotaro
"It was the usual day for (Y/N) Kujo, the professional marine biologist. Fortunately, today it was the start of his vacation as he could pass a month with his famil...
The Knight of Blood (Fate/Zero x Male Reader) by Section46
The Knight of Blood (Fate/Zero x Section 46
All of it starts when I met that strange man. He called himself... Merlin, an attendant magus to the new King of Britain, he says. I don't like the idea of following a...
Fate/Konosuba by Schadow30
Fate/Konosubaby Shadow30
Let me tell you something. It's definitely not pleasant to suddenly being transported through space and time to some weird fantasy place. And then finding out that you a...
King Arthur and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters by MisakaLovesYou
King Arthur and the Olympians: Misaka Mikoto
Arturia Pendragon, the former King of Camelot is not a king anymore. Now she just attends High School dealing with typical High School Bullies.. looks after her friend T...
FE Awaking x Male Reader by whothehellistim
FE Awaking x Male Readerby Tim
Chrom's army is heading to rescue his and Lissa's older sister, Emmerlyn. However, there is something that stands in his way.
⁎ Fate Grand Order Imagines ⁎ by mysterious-heroine-f
⁎ Fate Grand Order Imagines ⁎by Jee Chan
just an imagine book of Fate Grand Order, it's my first time doing this so any critique would be appreciated. Also, there are some servants i cannot fully grasp yet (lik...
Fate:Chaos Break  by Shipping_lord2000
Fate:Chaos Break by Shipping_lord2000
10 years after the last holy grail war Takumi,ryu,mika are now Officially mages for the organization together with there new allies miya the gun slinger mage a childho...
reicarnated as a god of elements?!( Malé son pendragon reader x crossover harem) by Arthurpendragon285
reicarnated as a god of Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n pendragon Is the adopted son of the king of knights "Arthur pendragon" and adopted "brother" mordred pendragon, it was wierd being part of there...
Battle to Recover (Male Reader x High School DxD x Fate Series) Volume 4 by Nardarion18
Battle to Recover (Male Reader x Nic Bastian
This is volume four of the series I have been writing. This volume begins the story of what happened to (F/N) after he disappeared into his pocket dimension. This volum...
Fate/Bright Light by TheAceOfRoses
Fate/Bright Lightby TheAceOfRoses
Thaumaturgy, or better known as magecraft, is a dangerous and powerful subject. While it may not be able to hold a candle to true magic, which was nothing short of mirac...