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The Fallen Dragon King. by ZBX6779
The Fallen Dragon King.by ZX
Issei has been suffering for 19 years straight until he snaps. From weakest to badass. this is my first fanfic and you guys already know what the characters look like.
Forgotten destroyer by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Forgotten destroyerby Dat-Boi-Eraser
Y/n lucifage Gremory was the son of sirzechs Lucifer and Grayfia Lucifage. He was neglected since he was born weak wiich drove him to become the strongest. Y/n, you will...
DxD Gamer by JamesHall137
DxD Gamerby James Hall
A guy dies and gets put in a dxd gamer world. #1- in Gamer November 8th.
The Dragon Of Chaos by Darel114
The Dragon Of Chaosby Darel114
Y/N, a legendary dragon of chaos has finally awakened from his long slumber. he now see the new world of peace, hundred of years after the great war. how will he face th...
God went to highschool  by Beaner10
God went to highschool by Beaner10
If you've ever seen Saiki k then you know what to expect. I fucked love this anime but they talk way too damn fast and the tone is everywhere. Anyway God died and gave h...
The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Highschool DxD x Reader by PitaNemuritoare
The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Hi...by The Immortal Bread
Strife, Fury, War...Death...4 individuals that were once feared by both, Angels and Devils. Even God and Satan would have problems in taking them out. That's how powerfu...
Supernatural God by SulkyMantis
Supernatural Godby SulkyMantis
For disclaimer sake, I do not own nor created any character from DXD, this includes this the story. This is solely a Fanfiction created for the purpose of entertainment...
Reincarnated as The Sky Comet Dragon in DxD by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Reincarnated as The Sky Comet Drag...by Change is Good
"It is sad, dying like this. Getting blown up in a fighter jet, but at least I did my country well" #1 monsterhunter Oct 14 2019 #1 Ophis Jan 1 2020
Highschool DXD : Light Of Devils by KeysOfVoid
Highschool DXD : Light Of Devilsby Void Ranger
Ieyasu Tokugawa or rather Ieyasu Phenex, the third son Of Phenex Family, has been driven away from Phenex Family because Riser slandering him for crimes he had never com...
My Little Neko by KonekoNii6
My Little Nekoby KonekoNii
Issei having encountered Fallen Angles before meeting the ORC had a strange childhood living with his uncle. He moved out of his uncles to live on his own. But one day o...
Empathy (Mob Psycho 100 X High School DxD) by Nymbyte
Empathy (Mob Psycho 100 X High Sch...by Nymbyte
Shigeo Kageyama helps his master Reigen Arataka to move to another location not far from his home. Since the past of middle school was over, he's now attending Kuoh Acad...
The Betrayed Leader  by SirToeEater
The Betrayed Leader by Masked Writer
Atlas has a pretty good life while he's in the Gremory peerage. That finally changes when a boy came and changed them causing him to forcefully leave the Gremory peerage...
I'll Spare You [Highschool Dxd x Demon Slayer Reader] by Demon_Haruki
I'll Spare You [Highschool Dxd x D...by idontsimpforrealpeople
I love Demon slayer and Highschool DxD, so why not make a crossover between them. P.s: I have no idea how this is going to turn out.
Times only master (dxd) by Ringrad
Times only master (dxd)by robin grima
Time such a wired thing sure some people can accelerate, it so can slow it down, there's people who can temporarily stop it, but I've never seen anyone turn it back so b...
The Saiyan Overlord (Highschool DxD X Male Reader) by LavenderBlitz
The Saiyan Overlord (Highschool Dx...by Saiyan Of Wattpad
Y/N L/N...I name that can have Great Red and Ophis the Infinite Dragon God, Scared for their lives. When this divine being comes to the world of Devils, Angels, and Fall...
𝐸 𝒳 - 𝒟 𝐸 𝒱 𝐼 𝐿  --// by yxuuto
𝐸 𝒳 - 𝒟 𝐸 𝒱 𝐼 𝐿 --//by yxuuto
Y/N was Rias' former and only Pawn in her Peerage, but when Issei joined, almost everybody thought that Issei will be the one.. He didn't showed any emotion or jealousy...
New Ruler by All_Mighty_Loki
New Rulerby All Mighty Loki
Astral Gremory is the neglected brother of Sirzech. As the years went on Astral grew more and more powerful. However this power still didn't get his family to notice him...
Emperor of Domination (Alternative world) by Disnile
Emperor of Domination (Alternative...by DOCTOR YT
The emperor who rose up from being a classed high dragon to being one of the most powerful beings in the world. Single pair as of now ISE x FEMVALI Do check out.