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The Eternal General : Highschool DxD x Male Reader by GlenAldoAZE
The Eternal General : Highschool D...by GlenAldoAZE
You remembered it..... The sounds of horns being blown in the horizon.... The cheers of a hundred thousand men as they waited to attack.... The sound of horses running t...
The Hunter; Highschool DxD x Male Reader [Discontinued] by Keita_Kazuka
The Hunter; Highschool DxD x Male...by Keita Kazuka
An organization was built to capture dangerous targets who threaten the balance of the world, and one such target is in Kuoh where (Y/N) ) (L/N) has been sent to take ca...
"Normal Human" DXD by Lolpoli02
"Normal Human" DXDby Asogi
Read it if you're curious. COTE and DXD belong to their respective authors.
Lost Nin by bivek_sh4242
Lost Ninby TWReindeer
Uzumaki Naruto was truly Fate's plaything. He had done it all, became strong, saved the world, got a girl. So why can't they atleast give him a rest. "Fuck you Fat...
Demon of Undeath by SaltyMagistrate
Demon of Undeathby Will Herel
What happens when the newest ruler of undeath appears?
Hateful Vampire | A Highschool DxD Fan Fiction by PuppetClown
Hateful Vampire | A Highschool DxD...by Pierrot
After an unfortunate turn of events, a young boy have to live with his mother, which he didn't mind. He stopped going to school for two years due to incident but just re...
Highschool D×D: Apocalypse by ChaosYeshua
Highschool D×D: Apocalypseby ChaosYeshua
Itsuki Tachibana was rookie Demon Hunter before he met his end at the hand of a Fallen Angel. He's resurrected by a God and now wanders the human world as a puppet.
Highschool DxD Ghost by ToramIruna
Highschool DxD Ghostby IrunaToram
Tenkuuji Takeru, a boy who gets possessed by a sacred gear that is known feared by gods. Due to him got acknowlegde by Sirzech, he offered Takeru to join the gremory pee...
DxD: The Blue Dragon Data Book by _yewin_
DxD: The Blue Dragon Data Bookby _yewin_
If you love details about "The Blue Dragon" Series, you're welcome to take a look at the contents of this book!💙🐉
Twin Rivalry of Red and White (HSD×D x OC) by MomoMizrahi94
Twin Rivalry of Red and White (HSD...by ミズラヒモモ
Kira Hyoudou is the twin brother of Issei Hyoudou. Ever since his brother got back from his trip with Rias and the ORC, he's been a lot more aggressive toward him. One d...
Roar of the Dragon King(HSDXD Fic) by MomoMizrahi94
Roar of the Dragon King(HSDXD Fic)by ミズラヒモモ
Shinn Uzuki is the host of the Dragon King, Diablos. He's also a high school student. You know how these things go. Updated Harem List. See "Basics". OC×Harem.
Kuoh's Hero by TheFoolAngel
Kuoh's Heroby Mᴀκoтo Yuκι
[Hiatus...for a long time] This story was inspired by DekuMidoriyaXT_V2! Check his story out! Izuku yet again is sent to another world but instead of the population havi...
Devils never change (Highschool DxD x Fallout) by Cmonkey512
Devils never change (Highschool Dx...by Shadow
No clue what inspired me to write this, but here we go...
The Roaring Sun (Escanor Reader x Highschool DxD) by ThatSoftServeGuy
The Roaring Sun (Escanor Reader x...by ThatSoftServeGuy
Longinus Sacred Gears. Ancient weapons that harness the strength to kill a God, however, what if there was something else that could rival their prestigious rank? An ent...
Scorpion y Sub Zero en HighSchool DxD by Cesar765
Scorpion y Sub Zero en HighSchool...by Cesar765
Tras una lucha que ha durado demasiados años aquellos quienes se odiaban a muerte, decidieron dejar de lado sus diferencias y colaborar por la protección de la tierra, p...
Highschool DxD Oneshots and Memes by N3verKn0wn
Highschool DxD Oneshots and Memesby N3verKn0wn
A mix of one shots and memes that I found of Highschool DxD. Hope you enjoy!
Issei Reborn (Highschool DxD fanfic) [Currently Rewriting] by LazyHunterZ
Issei Reborn (Highschool DxD fanfi...by Child_of_Oblivion
So basically, a character of my own will wake up as Issei, but he won't be called by his given name in this story. He'll just be your plain old Issei but with a little t...
Descended From A King (Highschool DXD × Fate/Stay Night) by ChaosYeshua
Descended From A King (Highschool...by ChaosYeshua
Athrun Pendragon is a Descendant of King Arthur, the king of knights. He also wields the legendary Blade, Excalibur along with the legendary Spear, Rhongomyniad. After h...