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Rooming With Royals ✔️ by Dark-Shadow
Rooming With Royals ✔️by Sally
Highest Rank #19 in Fantasy. Four guys , hot guys rooming with you and that's not all , they're princes. Supernatural princes. As if that wasn't enough , I might as wel...
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Power and Fire by heryouth
Power and Fireby Joana 💫
Future Alpha King + Mysterious New Girl + High school What can possibly go wrong? Jason is the Future Alpha King, he's waiting to turn 18 so he can step on the throne...
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Three Mates by Myth_Aphrodite
Three Matesby Myth_Aphrodite
Angels- exactly how they sound angelic, light, and beautiful. Werewolves- possessive, tempermental, and passionate. Vampires- cool, intelligent, calm and collected. Sup...
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Highborn (Season One) by EmmaIsaac
Highborn (Season One)by Strange Love Stories
[High School Paranormal Romance] "If you ask me, life sucks ass, and according to my mother, my future is the reason she never gives me the time of day." Dud...
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lucifer's daughter by vlm0924
lucifer's daughterby vicky
In which Eulb Yvi, Lucifer's daughter, travels to Earth in attempts to bring her father back to hell. Is her plan successful? What does she experience along the way? Rea...
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Bad Boys With Wings by Jojo_B
Bad Boys With Wingsby Jojo B
**Watty Awards Winner 2016** Four bad boys, something definitely different about them. Not only have they started creating a lot of trouble in the area since their arriv...
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West of Words (Alec Lightwood) by Kato_Holmes
West of Words (Alec Lightwood)by Kato Holmes
Book one in the Varian Bane Duology Varian Fairchild was raised in the Shadow World by his adopted father Magnus Bane, and he wouldn't have it any other way. From creati...
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You Should See Me In A Crown by ThisShitIsCrazyy
You Should See Me In A Crownby AmIAJokeToYou?
Kalia Johnson was by far the most "nerdiest" girl in school. She hated "The Kings". Now you might be wondering... How did she caught their eyes?
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Loving Lucifer [COMPLETE] by ACatCalledJess
Loving Lucifer [COMPLETE]by ACatCalledJess
He was just another customer when he came in... When Kate meets Lucién she has no idea of the Pandora's Box he will open in her life. He is simply a handsome stranger wi...
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Fire & Feather by arielklontz
Fire & Featherby Ariel Klontz
When Nova Nightingale sets out to find her missing sister in her small town, she isn't expecting to uncover dangerous supernatural secrets that challenge her understandi...
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Boy x Boy Smut oneshots (Requests open) by UltimateLewder
Boy x Boy Smut oneshots ( UltimateLewder
Uhhhhhh so this contains gay n smutty writing lol I take requests so umm yee
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Niklaus' Secret Weapon by societysreject_
Niklaus' Secret Weaponby V R
who does Niklaus call when he notices his siblings are planning something for him? 》Now with POVs, so you won't be confused on what perspective the dialogue is in.《
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•Angelic• {alec Lightwood} by mar_the_unicorn
•Angelic• {alec Lightwood}by mar_the_unicorn
Aurora Darwin is best friends with Simon and her adoptive sister clary. Things are going well, Clary got into the Brooklyn academy for the arts and aurora is planning on...
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DEVILS INC. by LEPalphreyman
"Are you telling me I just exchanged my immortal undying soul for free WIFI?" --- When law student Rachel uses the free WIFI on a night out she accidentally si...
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Wolf Claws and Angel Wings by Angels_Shadow_
Wolf Claws and Angel Wingsby A~A~R
Check out my brand new book, 'Love, Your Alpha' on my profile! ~!~ Skylar. When You think of her you think 'normal'. Yes she is, until werewolves destroy her city, and h...
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❅ a cold angel ❅ twilight  by jaeyy_chi
❅ a cold angel ❅ twilight by ⋆ ᴊᴀᴇ ⋆
(UNDER EDITING) ⋆ previously names 'its getting cold' ⋆ ⋆ twilight AU ⋆ ⋆ OC Stand alone ⋆ ⋆ lowercase intended ⋆ ⋆ short story ⋆ ⋆ Bluejay Cold came from no where...
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Being Alive ( D.W) by Gerlithequeen
Being Alive ( D.W)by Gerli
Book 3 "Because i love you" I don't own Supernatural or the pics i upload. I only own Elena and her story.
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warrior of the devil by simone12345678
warrior of the devilby simone12345678
"let's play a game" he said a smirk plastered across his delicate features. "what kind of game?" I asked backing up into the shadows of my cage. &quo...
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High school DxD: The Void Hydra Emperor (Male Reader x Highschool DxD harem) by Nightmarefredbear666
High school DxD: The Void Hydra Nightmarefredbear666
Dragons: Said to be among the most powerful species of creatures in the world of DxD. However, what if one being was said to be more powerful than them all. Hydras And o...
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HALO CORP | Devils Inc. Book 2 by LEPalphreyman
It's been a month since Rachel exchanged her soul for free WiFi... Now out of her contract with Devils Inc., she's interning at their main competitor, Halo Corp. Soon sh...
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