47 by imacrystals
47by Lulu
* new poems will be added until the 47th poem* The book is called 47 as 47 is known as an angel number _when seen frequently it is believed that an angel is trying to sh...
  • soulmate
  • romance
  • life
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Accidentally Angels : The Perfect Approach by pettorres
Accidentally Angels : The Pet TorreS
All the rights are reserved. Please, don't reproduce this story on another place wihtout the author's permission. Description Book 17-year old, Persephone Montserrat sta...
  • mithology
  • passion
  • fallen
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The Fallen  by Beatbreaks
The Fallen by Beatbreaks
{A Supernatural spinoff/fanfic} Coming soon
  • deanandsam
  • dean
  • winchester
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Angels by Bell5317
Angelsby Bell5317
The hunters, a group of mercenaries who hunt demons. They hunt down any threats that come to them but now it seems that some demons that are coming out are becoming stro...
  • adventure
  • battles
  • action
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Falling from the sky into love  by Mkrose1213
Falling from the sky into love by Mkrose1213
An guardian angel named Mikaela has been in love with his mortal master, a young 16 year old named Marionette Kim. The god promised Mikaela that when Marionette turns 16...
  • angels
  • deadline
  • romance
Devil Angels by estefaniaavellan2001
Devil Angelsby X===DESTRUCTION
Leila has always been scared of her mind, always to shy to talk. When her 17 birthday comes she is more scared than ever for she starts to see things she will like to er...
  • luxuries
  • orphan
  • momories
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Prophetic Angels by SaveFadingLight
Prophetic Angelsby Becca Meldrum
A future has been told Through stories unknown As danger increases And love breaks to pieces A hero's light will be shone While others remain untold One child of man To...
  • fate
  • angels
  • hero
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Destruction in the wake by Vartijaton
Destruction in the wakeby Kristoffer
A kleptomaniac angel and a demon hunter have to pair up to try and stop Orion from bringing destruction into their hometown. This is a short ficlet I wrote a long time...
  • love
  • magic
  • warrior
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ALL THE CHARACTERS FOR (•)D.A.R.K(•) by Nicole1O1_
Characters will Be updated Every time they appear in The book. (PHOTOS NOT MINE)
  • werewolves
  • empire
  • photos
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Agatha by Lupidah
Agathaby Lupidah
A young girl must grow and become the best leader in order for her people to surivive . Sorry for any spelling mistakes I wrote this two years ago , feel free to message...
  • adventure
  • action
  • archangel
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Leo and the Handsome Demon by kittycatninja
Leo and the Handsome Demonby Kade is gay
Leo Siva was like everyone else, except the fact he was the only homosexual student in his grade level and entire school. He knew there were other gay people out in the...
  • demons
  • homosexual
  • sexual
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Angels Photos by AngeIsSquad
Angels Photosby Elx
Sadece Angels'in uyumlu fotoğraflarını paylaşacağım ve yakında Old Gang yayınlanacak ;)
  • sự
  • ada
  • dolunay
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A Grand Mourning by NoNameNoWorld
A Grand Mourningby Edgar King
A poetic short story of one's fall to misery, and the thoughts of their path to leaving life.
  • love
  • hell
  • mourn
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Fallen from Chaos by magenDuzumakis
Fallen from Chaosby peacelinashi jazalla
Daniel fell from the demon world after eating a cookie that made him into a human. Becky an Angel who was on stand-by noticed Daniel falling and thought he was someone w...
  • demons
  • religious
  • shortstory
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Join The Hunt by lovaticx14
Join The Huntby demlovpez x
Mamo! Dean znowu rozwalił mi zamek. - warknęłam ze złością. - Dean, napraw siostrze zamek. Nie można tak - odpowiedziała mama. Nachmurzony Dean naprawił mi zamek i prz...
  • deanwinchester
  • jaredpadalecki
  • hunt
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Angels vs Demons, the tenth inning. by supernatural_0320
Angels vs Demons, the tenth supernatural_0320
It's just another team for the Demons baseball team, but the team is much more challenging and skilled. Dean Winchester, who is a pitcher, sees everyone on the other tea...
  • rivalry
  • love
  • dean
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 Forbidden Love by lovelydani2x
Forbidden Loveby lovelydani2x
A teen named Lola trying to get through life knowing her family tried killing her as a kid and killed her parents. Her god father had to take care of her until she found...
  • angels
  • demons
  • love
The Story of Mors (Supernatural) by gryphon_sordelet
The Story of Mors (Supernatural)by Gryphon Sordelet
  • supernaturalfanfic
  • demons
  • lucifer
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valiant ⇢ supernatural gif series by rewritestars
valiant ⇢ supernatural gif seriesby iris
VALIANT. ﹠ ˎ ˊ ˗ " get the hell off my property before i blast you so full of rock salt, you crap margaritas " supernatural gif series april 2018 - ?
  • teamfreewill
  • angels
  • deanwinchester
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Кулон by mannanova2001
Кулонby Чон Хосок
Война между небесным царством и адским подземельем, длящаяся более тысячи лет, безжалостно поступает со всеми, кто рискнёт войти в неё. А если ты случайно попала в этот...
  • demons
  • bangtanboys
  • bts
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