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7 minutes in heaven by Teen_girlonline
7 minutes in heavenby Teen_girlonline
Have you ever played 7 minutes in heaven? Here's a story about 'my first time' playing. A typical teenage desire of what would happen. Girls read up ;)
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Sold [Rough Draft] by AprilDestinee
Sold [Rough Draft]by April Destinee ツ
When I was three months my mother sold me to the devil.Three days later she killed herself and left me at a doorstep of two strangers. She thought I would be safe.She w...
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Defying Gravity by NicAthena
Defying Gravityby a t h e n a
"I am a devil. A demon. I do not love. I destroy. And if you don't leave now, I will destroy you for I cannot love an angel." "I am an archangel. An angel...
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Cut To The Bone by druidrose
Cut To The Boneby MB | M.Dalto
|| WATTPAD PICKS - EDITOR'S CHOICE || Ever since her eighteenth birthday, Azima Rousseau knew she would die battling the forces of Hell just as her mother had, and her g...
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The Son Of A God ( Male Reader x Highschool dxd ) by Anime_Progam
The Son Of A God ( Male Reader x H...by Anime_Program
Your father was sent flying into the rocks, blood pouring from the many cuts in his body. Atreus "FATHER NO!!!" Atreus was grabbed by the man with an electric...
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Lucifer's Possession (boyxboy)✔️ by cherryontopz
Lucifer's Possession (boyxboy)✔️by J
COMPLETED Jeremy is the typical good kid who doesn't have a single bad bone in his body. So when he suddenly dies at the hands of another, it's a surprise when he wakes...
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Heaven by avisenaa
Heavenby kalo
Rainbow is the new black.
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Ouran High School Host Club 7 Minutes in Heaven by furubaJB15
Ouran High School Host Club 7 Minu...by It starts with the letter 'K'
As the title says it is Ouran High School Host Club 7 Minutes in Heaven! It will have each host with a few surprises! As it is in second person, you get to choose a clot...
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Awakening by BarbaraPy
Awakeningby Barbara Insfran
This story was previously known as "The Awakening". ~*~ "One... two... three... one... two... three... a million... is that number right?" A figure l...
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Her Brazilian Angel by e4ella
Her Brazilian Angelby Ella💎
"wrap your wings around me daddy" #13 in loveatfirstsight 20/10/2019 #17 in wings 26/10/2019 #28 in heaven 1/11/2019 ➖➖ #10 in wings 1/6/20--10 in power couple...
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Rogue by Force ∞ by IceSky_
Rogue by Force ∞by Ice
∞ Completed ∞ You should probably read Claimed by Force first or else you'll be confused. -------------------- Almost thirteen years have went by since the kidnapping. H...
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Good Omens Oneshots by SydneyTheAwesomeNerd
Good Omens Oneshotsby Sydney
A collection of oneshots based on the book and show, Good Omens. Included canon pairings and reader pairings.
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Heaven's Love by imastupididyut
Heaven's Loveby imastupididyut
All love relationships have their own challengers. None more so than Heavens. It is bad enough that she has problems that she lives with each day. None of which is her f...
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A Wonderful Sin by KeiFushijine
A Wonderful Sinby ᕲᘿᘻᓍᘉ
《(Y/n) (L/n), died of suicide at age 18, leaving all her friends behind. After her death, she awoke in a place that the dominant color was red. Of course, she immidiatel...
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The Wicked & Divine by lunaaperez
The Wicked & Divineby LunaMoon
In the Bible, hell is where the souls of mortals are sent for eternal damnation. And The Devil is the being who mercilessly crushes them over and over for eternity. Exce...
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Little Winchester Sister by silent0wl
Little Winchester Sisterby run4god
Everyone knows the Winchester's. How the two boys followed in their father's footsteps. What nobody knows is the story of Kasey Winchester. Kasey Winchester is a fifteen...
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Fooling Heavens Gates [CrossMare Book] [Discontinued] by OreoSenpaiIi
Fooling Heavens Gates [CrossMare B...by CEO of hOPE
Cross is an angel with small ish wings One day he meets another skeleton named Killer how was a new angel. But one day something happened...
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Die for me by Mubangak
Die for meby Mubangaa
NOTE: this is a sequel to Demetre, please read Demetre before this so you do not get confused. ~*~ Ever get the saying you mess with the bull you get the horns? But inst...
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Reversed by T-Hotland
Reversedby El
King of Hell!Tom x Fallen Angel!Reader Heaven truly was a beautiful sight to behold; he would take pleasure in watching it burn. She'd always been different, everybody...
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Love Me Diabolically || Meliodas by sophiacarr
Love Me Diabolically || Meliodasby 🖤Malicious🖤
Tangled in a web of torment, Caught in the middle of a raging war, Cursed to atone for her sins, She was forgotten, betrayed, and hated For saving the one she loved and...
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