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escalate | sons of anarchy. by samcrosfaith
escalate | sons of anarchy.by Dani.
|Jax Teller x OC| After her mother's death, Claire moved to Charming with her father four years ago. She was only seventeen at the time, but life went on. Her father ch...
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|Redemption| Jasper Hale [Completed] by ChiefDirector
|Redemption| Jasper Hale [Complete...by Hannah
"Calm down Firestarter." "What? Gasoline isn't that dangerous." Lucinda Hill is the best and worse thing for Jasper Hale. [COMPLETED] [Jasper Hale...
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The Dark Lord's Daughter- Book One (A Harry Potter Fan Fic) by LiviieMarie
The Dark Lord's Daughter- Book One...by Olivia M. Clark
*COMPLETED* Have you ever imagined what the world would be like if Lord Voldemort had a child? Well now he's got three. Follow his eldest daughter, Leah through her adve...
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Serendipity | Jax Teller by untilmynextstory
Serendipity | Jax Tellerby t.
Delilah returns home with plans to just focus on her career and take care of her uncle, but it seems fate had other ideas especially with Jax Teller involved. [REVISED]
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Ever Met A Mutant? - Charles Xavier [1] by lover_of_historias
Ever Met A Mutant? - Charles Xavie...by lover_of_historias
An X-Men Short Story. Prequel to the Mutations Series. Evelyn Hart was a university student at Oxford studying history. One day she hoped to teach history. She was a nor...
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The Hufflepuff (Draco Malfoy) by atlharryxo
The Hufflepuff (Draco Malfoy)by em
"He's the Dark Lord, for Christ's sake, Sophie! He'll use your weaknesses against you and tear apart every ounce of your being!" "Draco Malfoy, don't you...
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Your Little Stark  by WritingAvengerA113
Your Little Stark by Writing Avenger
BOOK 1 OF THE JESSI STARK SERIES. He has become wrapped around her finger, she's the center of his whole world. And his heart fully belongs to that sweet little beautifu...
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Sharingan by reaganshealey
Sharinganby Reagan Shealey
Itsuna Uchiha is the twin sister of Itachi. The two have always been together, so they share a tight bond, (or at least she feels they do), but after being abandoned by...
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The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 1 > A:TLA [Avatar: TLAB-LoK Watty Awards 2018] by xdistantwords
The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 1 > A:TLA [Av...by ✩
Ruka (ROO-KAH) is the middle sibling between Sokka and Katara. Unlike her younger sister, she didn't believe the avatar would return and save the world. Ruka isn't afrai...
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The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 3 > A:TLA  by xdistantwords
The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 3 > A:TLA by ✩
( third book in The Ruka Wild series ) Heartbroken and alone, Ruka is sent to the Boiling Rock where she faces her biggest fear: alone in the dark. No one is there to gi...
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The Longing ⇝ BOOK 2 > LOK by xdistantwords
The Longing ⇝ BOOK 2 > LOKby ✩
( sequel to The Longing > Book 1 ) Lyra and Mako finally have the epic love story they've been waiting for. Handling a new job she is very passionate for and a new re...
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Grounder Gone Wild|| Bellamy Blake x Grounder Oc Fanfiction  by Pheonixrises
Grounder Gone Wild|| Bellamy Blake...by Pheonixrises
She was born on Earth. She feels the sun on her face, breathes real air, and floats in the water. Everyone in her clan has. For three generations the twelve clans have s...
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Jungkook's babysitter by -bloopbloop-
Jungkook's babysitterby -bloop-
Aedda moves all the way from Seoul to Busan. What will happen when she babysits her neighbour's daughter, meeting a cold boy in return? Started: 04/01/16 Completed: 18...
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Sight ↣ A:TLA by xdistantwords
Sight ↣ A:TLAby ✩
Thalia's (TALL-E-YUH) life begins anew when she meets the Avatar and his friends. Her strong-willed personality will help her win the battles she'd never thought she'd f...
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Life is Crazy by cristina_c06
Life is Crazyby cristina_c06
The story of a girl with a big family. A family that cares not only about each other, but alot about soccer.
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T H I E F  || NCT FANFICTION by mswayne9
T H I E F || NCT FANFICTIONby Neo Gotham
Benders, demigods, vampires, werewolves, witches, ZOMBIES!! ============================= TW : Rated R for: violence and language, deaths Content: Reverse harem, Crossov...
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Blind date (yandere x reader) by microwaveness
Blind date (yandere x reader)by microwaveness
It all started with a blind date, set up by your friend. It slowly spirals down into a disasterous mess. (Cover is a photo from Pinterest) Highest ranking: #1 in yander...
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explosives 🧨  [bakugou katsuki x oc] by Jasokay
explosives 🧨 [bakugou katsuki x...by katsukiwi
what happens when a cold explosive meets a hot explosive? will somethong beautiful bloom? or will her dark past catch up to her?
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Viking RUNAWAY {HICCSTRID} 《✔》 by nicole1857
Viking RUNAWAY {HICCSTRID} 《✔》by No Longer Active
hiccup is bullied and teased everyday. But one day he befriends a night fury. When Hiccup is choosen to kill the Monstrous Nightmare in front of the entire village. He r...
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Tribulation | Jax Teller by untilmynextstory
Tribulation | Jax Tellerby t.
After serving five years, Jax returns home to his family. He soon learns that despite weekly visits, five years was a long time and his family has changed -grown - witho...
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