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The Lake (Supernatural fan fiction) by Mishaquila_
The Lake (Supernatural fan fiction)by Eve François
Supernatural fan fiction **AU**
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Their Coming for Me (wincest) by deangirlproblems
Their Coming for Me (wincest)by Carebear Winchester
The Winchester brothers by no means have a normal life. Our wildest fantasy is their daily reality. They cross paths with a variety of supernatural beings on a daily bas...
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Room 302 - A Soulless Sam Short Story (Rated 'M') by SamGirl27
Room 302 - A Soulless Sam Short Katrina (Kat)
This is a short , erotic, fantasy story featuring Soulless Sam, which takes place after he meets back up with Dean. Having no soul, Sam finds it hard to feel anything. H...
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A Short Destiel FanFiction by terriblefanfictions
A Short Destiel FanFictionby Terrible FanFictions
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Kiss It Better. (Dean Winchester x Amalee) by lizzywantspjs
Kiss It Better. (Dean Winchester tiedyeelephant
One shot between Dean Winchester and my OC Amalee (like annalee, but with a M instead) Based on Kiss It Better by He Is We.
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The Diary One by AngelThatCriedDean
The Diary Oneby um
Dean Winchester is a senior at (insert cool school name here). He never really paid attention in school and was always stuck in detention. Until one day he finds somethi...
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This Ain't A Love Song || Destiel || AU by luciferinthecage
This Ain't A Love Song || luciferinthecage
“Most people don't believe something can happen until it already has. That's not stupidity or weakness, that's just human nature.” ― Max Brooks, World War Z: An Oral Hi...
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A Profound Bond by eleutherxmania
A Profound Bondby eleutherxmania
A collection of destiel one shots. There are no scheduled updates, I create these whenever I'm bored and I have spare time. I am open to any suggestions or requests, jus...
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Until we bleed | Supernatural fanfiction | by rosysilk
Until we bleed | Supernatural *
" 'Thalia, it's not about who or what you are, it's the fact that you were lying to us all this time - Dean couldn't hide the pain and disappointment in his tone. I...
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You're Not Alone, Dollface by PakeJittsBVB
You're Not Alone, Dollfaceby not sure yet
Delilah Lee is a monster--but she doesn't consider herself one. She considers herself... human. She's a skilled hunter with many tricks up her sleeves, not caring for an...
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John Winchester by thegraciousgift
John Winchesterby fallingdownz
Authors Note: I doubt that a lot of you will be expecting what happens in this story, and that Dean seems somewhat stronger on the show, but I feel like there is more to...
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A Misguided Passion: A Sam Winchester Love Story by supernatural_sugar08
A Misguided Passion: A Sam Kelsey
Jaclyn always gets into trouble when the Winchester's are around. The 3 hunters have to learn to work together if they are going to find a way to rid the world of Rowena...
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The dirty secrets (Supernatural fanfic - Sam x reader) by Foxie_89
The dirty secrets (Supernatural Foxie_89
This is a reader insert story:) You are a normal girl studying at university, but since you met Sam Winchester everything changed. After a crappy day he made you smile a...
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Supernatural One Shots - Reader Inserts & Requests [REQUESTS ARE CLOSED] by Tadashi-Targaryen
Supernatural One Shots - Reader Tadashi-Targaryen (Jess)
A collection of SPN one shots that I've written, also featured on my DA page. I don't own any of the characters in any of these. If you have any requests, let me know an...
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A New Legacy (Book One of New Legacy SPN Series) by Chaoslillith
A New Legacy (Book One of New Kat Loveland
Dean's 45 now, Sam's closing in on his 41st birthday. When they take out a coven of black witches in Louisiana they discover something that brings their entire world to...
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Destiel by ReddyOrNot
Destielby Hail Satin
Decided to write some Supernatural Fanfiction. Destiel. c; WARNING: Very, very, very smutty. You have been warned...
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Falling In Love with Sam Winchester - A Supernatural Fanfiction by Doctors_Daughter327
Falling In Love with Sam this shit is over. fuck off
Follow along as Carly Granger fights demons, ghosts, and possibly angels whilst figuring her feelings for the younger Winchester boy.
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Too Much Coffee by ishippeditovernight
Too Much Coffeeby ishippeditovernight
Castiel is human, but he doesn't quite understand that it takes a little time for coffee to actually work on you.
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Birthday Cake for Sammy by ishippeditovernight
Birthday Cake for Sammyby ishippeditovernight
Just a little kid trying to make his younger brother a birthday cake. It's so fluffy! My first upload here that's *not* Destiel-oriented :P
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I didn't want you to live this life ((Supernatural fan fiction)) by _CatCarter
I didn't want you to live this Catherine
I dreamed of being a lawyer. A surgeon maybe. Never this. Never would I have pictured myself saving people, hunting things. This was not the plan. Finding out that I ha...
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