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ugh my neighbour. dream x reader by omaigoshhh
ugh my neighbour. dream x readerby ur mom
"u drive me insane" femreader x dream medals!?! #1 in gamer
The Gamer Goddess (An X Fem!Reader Story) by mifwagirl
The Gamer Goddess (An X Fem! Lunar
Artemis is The goddess of the hunt and the moon. Her skill with a bow is undeniable. Now enter Y/N, nicknamed "The Gamer Goddess", a small streamer with an in...
Fantasy System (1-200) by LIGHTDRAGON75
Fantasy System (1-200)by LIGHTDRAGON75
Edward died after trying to act cool and is then transported to a world where he kept his name but everything else changed. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he got a syst...
Issei the Player  by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Issei the Player by Jiren The Grey
Issei was going through his day. Normal, nothing but normal until he was given an opportunity to date someone that he found cute. This caught him by surprise, in the dat...
Opportunity in remnant (RWBY x Gamer MaleReader) Book 1  by Glacier25
Opportunity in remnant (RWBY x Glacier25
Life can be simple at times...can it not Being happy can suddenly change to Feeling Sadness Anger can leave you confused at your sudden actions It's all natural in the...
The Games We Play by tjsteele810
The Games We Playby Travis Steele
This is not my story, I repeat, NOT MINE!! This is a RWBY/The Gamer crossover fanfiction, by a very talented author by the name of Ryuugi. This is the site were I ori...
Omniverse x gamer by lienoMHX
Omniverse x gamerby LRD
I don't own anything in this story
Curse of Immortality (Naruto Fanfiction) by ReadingStories2020
Curse of Immortality (Naruto ReadingStories2020
Hi! This is my first Naruto FanFiction, so I hope you will be kind and not be too harsh on it. I hope you enjoy it, i know i really liked writing this one but anyways...
Gamer y/n x one piece by ClearFruitAnime
Gamer y/n x one pieceby ClearFruitAnime
Is nice Everything goes to respectful owners Inspired by @Dat-Boi-Eraser
Fairy tail's Gamer by JamesHall137
Fairy tail's Gamerby James Hall
ok ok here's another one for you a kid dies by getting hit by a truck and is sent in to one of the best magic anime's of all time other wise known as fairy tail. #1- in...
The sitri's gaming lion by JamesHall137
The sitri's gaming lionby James Hall
What if issei didn't exist what if the boosted gear went to someone else someone who had already a sacred gear what if it went to a lion yokai this yokai was only half h...
RWBY: Gamer of Remnant  by RedEyedDemonPrincess
RWBY: Gamer of Remnant by DemonPrincess
you died but you lived but not in the world your from but in the world of remnant (This is my first Gamer story and I'm just gonna have fun with it and see where it g...
DxD The innocent gamer by JamesHall137
DxD The innocent gamerby James Hall
ok so you know the drill a kid dies but a god takes pity on our cinnamon roll and puts him in to another world but with more abilities. This is a remake of my be DxD x s...
Being The Strongest Is Not Fun... (RWBY x OP! GAMER! Male Reader) by Blynkye
Being The Strongest Is Not Blinkye
A boy is reincarnated by a god in a fantasy world known as RWBY. .... .... .... I really suck at descriptions, so read on if you want to understand something.... btw thi...
Gamer x dxd by Blackdragon6210
Gamer x dxdby Zene Bradway
Kol was a good student, Kol had a good life. Until his sister was murdered and he became consumed by darkness and the obsession too catch those responsible. Kol trained...
Male Gamer Reader X  Multiverse {Re continued} by Prsya_Books
Male Gamer Reader X Multiverse { Prsya Books
You die and god gives you a second chance of life and gives you five wishes, He allows you to get reborn into a world of your choice. The Gamer ability was given to you...
gamer's rage  by Lazycookie202
gamer's rage by Lazycookie202
you a character whose been pressed by the world a character that god forgot was added and so the character was given the other end of the stick. being opressed, rejected...
DxD Gamer by JamesHall137
DxD Gamerby James Hall
A guy dies and gets put in a dxd gamer world. #1- in Gamer November 8th.
[BOOK 1] A Demon in a Ninja World by BlameMyGamingChair
[BOOK 1] A Demon in a Ninja Worldby CHAIR-KUN
《Confirmed. Reconstructing the spirit...『Gamers mind』 has been acquired. Report. 『Gamers mind』 and 『Gamers body』 evolved into one skill category: 『Gamers system』 has be...
Highschool DxD: The Game (The Miscellaneous Adventures of 9) by CanadianNatsu
Highschool DxD: The Game (The Kyu, Professional Procrastina...
Meet Kyu, he's your somewhat average teenager, other than the fact that he possesses the power of The Gamer and is on the track to becoming the universe's strongest comb...