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Virat Speaks The Truth! by berryy_pie
Virat Speaks The Truth!by mysteriousss
In this story, Virat decides to open his mouth, instead of keeping quiet and standing like a statue. ( Pakhi gets roasted lol 😂)
darmiyaan  by Sar5678
darmiyaan by Sarvani
ghum hai kisikey pyaar Meiin fanfiction . story star from today episode where pakhi says mein Sai ki shakal dekna nahi chahti . how sai deals with them and take her bab...
Deal se Dil Tak ka Safar ~Sairat❤ by sairat_shipper_4ever
Deal se Dil Tak ka Safar ~Sairat❤by Sairat forever ❤
This story starts from SaiRat's marriage Let's see how was their Deal waali shaddi becomes Dil waali shaddi 💞 Let's see how was their ~Deal se Dil Tak ka Safar~ Cover...
SaiRat: 💕 True  Love 💕 by YashviSharma2747
SaiRat: 💕 True Love 💕by Wanderer
How love will blossom between Virat and Sai after marriage. Virat loves someone else and he want to be with her in any circumstances. Sai is an ambitious girl, she think...
💞lifeline 💞 by riddhipatel293
💞lifeline 💞by riddhi patel
It's all about sairat 💕💕💕 love
SAIRAT - JUNOON ! 💔 by jaskirat111
SAIRAT - JUNOON ! 💔by jaskirat111
read the introduction !!!
The Blonde Bachelor's Son (NARUHINA) by gjeon017
The Blonde Bachelor's Son ( Uzumaki Glds
Naruto Uzumaki enjoying his night to the fullest as a bachelor before flying away from the country, after 4 years when he came back from where he belongs, a big surpris...
Going On With Life. by HaripriyaSeethala
Going On With Priya@12
This starts when Sai walked out on Virat along with her son after he bailed out Pakhi.
A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various) by dovepal21
A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various)by leviisbae
(Y/N) Hanninzowa is the daughter of nobility, her father and mother are nobles of Konoha. But when (Y/N) was six years old, her parents are murdered in front her own eye...
SaiYa -Sai Satya FF by Aashnahumbe
SaiYa -Sai Satya FFby Human Being
A small story based on the current track of ghkkpm
Naruto boyfriend scenarios  by naruto-bitch
Naruto boyfriend scenarios by Draken
naruto🍥. Shisui🗡. Izuna⚔️ sasuke ❤️. Madara🖤. Suigetsu 🦈 Shikamaru ☁️. Sasori⌛️. Pain🧡 Gaara 🐼. Deidara💥 Kakashi📖. Hashirama🪵 Neji🤍. Minato⚡️ Itachi🍡...
Sairat - QUICK OS !  by jaskirat111
Sairat - QUICK OS ! by jaskirat111
quick os / ts book of Sairat 💖
SaiYa : Jaan Ban gaye by User5r4
SaiYa : Jaan Ban gayeby Nayraa
Sai mai tumse boht pyar karta hu Tumhare bina nahi reh sakta.... Itni fikr kyun hai tumhe meri ? Pata nahi bs itna pata hai tumhe takleef mein nahi dekh sakta.
Your support means the world to me by rimjhim_stories
Your support means the world to meby Rimjhim Stories
I am done with Sai and Virat separation. So in this story of mine there will be no separation. This story is based on their fight for each other and their togetherness...
new beginnings  by Venomika
new beginnings by Venomika
Sai had enough, seeing her husband accept the criminal as his wife who stole everything from her made her heartbroken than ever seeing their happy family with their adop...
SAIRAT - ABSOLUTE BLISS (  PART 2 ) by jaskirat111
SAIRAT - ABSOLUTE BLISS ( PART 2 )by jaskirat111
This book is the continuation of my Os book "Absolute bliss " ...
SAIRAT SS - "I am always there for you" by ssoujanya57
SAIRAT SS - "I am always there Soujanya
Story of Sai Joshi and Virat Chavan, lead Characters of Hindi serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin. This story addresses Sai's Pain and trauma and how Virat is always the...
Hate to Love 💕Sairat💕 ✔️ by YashviSharma2747
Hate to Love 💕Sairat💕 ✔️by Wanderer
Peep in. Current cover credits- @yoursonly_clichegirl Previous cover credit- @RudraThakur8
Kitsune (naruto fanfic) by n4mikaze03
Kitsune (naruto fanfic)by Namikaze
Uzumaki Naruto is a cheerful, naive boy and a prankster. little that people know that he is a special Anbu and the assassin under the codename Kitsune. naruto x fem sasu...