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Naruto Oneshots by BangtanJune
Naruto Oneshotsby ❣️
This is a book of various oneshots from the anime Naruto. Hope you enjoy datte bayo!💕
Naruto Parent-Daughter Scenarios  by stfubaku
Naruto Parent-Daughter Scenarios by 𝗛𝘂𝗵?
You're the daughter of your favorite Naruto Characters 😊
Should I Go Back?[on Hold]  by xxYukinoxLeonxx
Should I Go Back?[on Hold] by Karma.S.Sin
I do NOT own Naruto Sakura was called weak after everything she did for team 7. Even Sasuke called her weak and Naruto agreed, So she left. And now they want her back...
A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various) by dovepal21
A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various)by leviisbae
(Y/N) Hanninzowa is the daughter of nobility, her father and mother are nobles of Konoha. But when (Y/N) was six years old, her parents are murdered in front her own eye...
How to Love (Sai x Ino) by bunnyboi88
How to Love (Sai x Ino)by bunnyboi88
After Naruto saved Hinata from Toneri they fell madly in love. Shikamaru and Temari has been flirting for years. Sakura even was seeing Sasuke whenever he was able to co...
CRAVINGS || NARUSASU|| by Sn0wzzy0o
Story of Narusasu. Sasuke being pregnant with Naruto's baby First time writing a m-preg. Hope ya enjoy. [Sorry for spelling errors] Book two is here : Twins little crav...
The Sealed Kunai by Kenchi618 by jedgeley16
The Sealed Kunai by Kenchi618by Edge productions
This fic is by Kenchi 618 on, and I'm sure you will love it on Wattpad. What if something made Naruto the dead-last that everyone sees him as? What if he...
Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios by fire_fox13
Naruto Boyfriend Scenariosby 😜PaigeW3lly💞
These scenarios will included!: Naruto Sasuke Sai Kakashi Gaara Kankuro Kiba I will take requests in the future!
Sakura's Instagram by may46117
Sakura's Instagramby May-chan🌺
sakuraharuno_328: Come check out my account, feel free to hit the like button and drop a comment down below! = DISCLAIMER: I, the author of this story, do not own any of...
Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios  by naked_dragon
Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios by naked_dragon
Boyfriend Scenarios with many characters to choose from.
sairat love  by chanchal2035
sairat love by chanchal2035
it start from upcoming episode of ladakh trip cancel and after that here I am going to add some imaginary character Namit Kulkarni Amit Kulkarni. namit and Amit a...
let's destiny decide : Sairat  by chanchal2035
let's destiny decide : Sairat by chanchal2035
this story are dependent on the episode which are being continuously shown .... all the characters in the house are the same it contains short stories which will depe...
My Love for you ❤️ by Shriyu30
My Love for you ❤️by shriya
Hii GHKKPM lovers ❤️ This is the story of our beloved sai , Virat and pakhi ..The beautiful bond between this trio will surely grasp your attention 😉❤️If you like to re...
Naruto Yaoi Pics And Memes😘 by Yaoixanimexlover
Naruto Yaoi Pics And Memes😘by @Yaoixlover
So basically it has a bunch of SasuNaru pics and other gay naruto ships Warning ⚠️ this may include some smutty and mpreg pics you have been warned 😘😏😁😄✌️ ⚠️By the...
Naruto: The mask I've chosen by Kuramastan
Naruto: The mask I've chosenby Kuramastan
If you're staying in Konoha, you can spot a young shinobi... His hairs reflect the light of the sun in them and his eyes can make you drown in the biggest of oceans. But...
Gaara's Wolf - Thrust into the Naruto World by Fangirl1584
Gaara's Wolf - Thrust into the Fangirl1584
Because this story has over 1,000 hearts on Quotev, I decided to try my luck here. Hope you enjoy!! I was just a normal girl, watching anime in my breaks from school. Th...
Love is just a game (SasuNaru) by RoseriaValeria
Love is just a game (SasuNaru)by Valeria Roseria
In Konoha High, there were two infamous heartbreakers - Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. They would have new lovers every week. Despite such a reputation, girls can't h...
GHKKPM: Waareya by Ahadiuru468
GHKKPM: Waareyaby Kirpa Kaur
"Oh No... Virat whisper. "What happened Virat?" Sai asked. He pointed towards his aunt and her boyfriend staring at them. ----------------------------- V...
My Miss Bardbard by MirAisha4
My Miss Bardbardby Mir Aisha
I don't own any of these characters, and this is my first story! I don't want any of the people to copy this work, as this is my first work, so is pretty special to me...
🌸Pretty Boy//Naruto various x male reader(discontinued)🌸 by hes_gonna_kill_me
🌸Pretty Boy//Naruto various x ⊗😭⊗
🌸What happens when the brother of Sakura Haruno gets caught up with a bunch of boys falling for him left and right?🌸 🌸Warning! Gay stuff ahead, don't like don't read!