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TBD - Naruto Fanfiction by LegendDragoness
TBD - Naruto Fanfictionby LegendDragoness
I fell asleep, and woke up in my favorite universe. As a cat. In the middle of Konoha. Whatever could go wrong, right? Other than the fact that I can barely pick up a...
The work of fate by Scarlet_wind_2101
The work of fateby Scarlet_Wind
When Obito is killed by Kuguya's attack he though he would wake up in heaven or hell..not his old bedroom from when he was 13 years old, in his 13 year old body (Eventua...
𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 | u. obito ✓ by icametolaughatyou
𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 | u. obito ✓by ᄊᄊᄊ
Yandere!Obito x Reader Y/n is a girl who knew the hospital all too well, and Obito was a ninja who wanted to be Hokage. Ever since Obito met her when they were little he...
Obito's son (Book 1) by depressed_01
Obito's son (Book 1)by depressed_01
Book 1 Uta is Obito's son. (Everyone is already in Akatsuki beside Itachi.)
N A N I ? I'm In Naruto? [Discontinued] by Alistartdraws
N A N I ? I'm In Naruto? [ Al is trying his hardest he s...
(Naruto Various x Reader) With one night, (admittedly fraught with bad decisions) you find yourself in a place unlike what you had ever seen before. Wait, no, that's a l...
Obito's Redemption Story (CURRENTLY EDITING FIRST 15 CHAPTERS OR SO.) by yaboyassassin
Obito's Redemption Story ( Obito Uchiha
The Akatsuki  by Sasunarulover51
The Akatsuki by Sasunarulover51
After branding Naruto as the villages demonic weapon. Naruto is abused and runs away from Konana only to be found by the Akatsuki. A group of SS-ranked ninjas out to cap...
The Hero I Love (Naruto) by Animated_Writer
The Hero I Love (Naruto)by Animated_Writer
What if Minato and Kushina weren't killed on the night of the Kyubi's attack? How would Naruto's life (and the rest of the villagers' lives) differ? And what if Obito wa...
Boruto and Naruto oneshots by hdfbfb
Boruto and Naruto oneshotsby K1ttyr1ot
Welcome welcome! This is a oneshot book about sasunaru, mitsuboru, and obikaka! Of course the bottoms are Naruto, Boruto, and Kakashi🤧 You may request but it has to be...
Lost Love {Obito x reader} by EnderLynx
Lost Love {Obito x reader}by EnderLynx
(y/n)'s life hasn't really been good, nor has it been that bad either. She's the last of her clan and hopes to find out who killed them, only problem is...she can't reme...
Adventures of Nanny Madara Uchiha & Baby Akatsuki  by MysteriousDoctor1
Adventures of Nanny Madara MysteriousDoctor1
Madara wakes up finding that all Akatsuki members have been turned into babies. Find out what havoc the baby Akatsuki cause and how Madara is forced into his new role of...
akatsuki father son scenarios  by insomniac_weeb_simp
akatsuki father son scenarios by insomniac_weeb_simp
⚠️not my art⚠️ this is father son hope you enjoy im not doing kisame or zetsu at first I might add them but I don't know sorry guys
Naruto Father- Daughter  Scenarios by sleepyminnie
Naruto Father- Daughter Scenariosby sleepyminnie
*I don't own characters* Father scenarios of... >Naruto >Sasuke >Kakashi >Gaara >Obito/Tobi >Iruka
Obito DxD by yaboyassassin
Obito DxDby Obito Uchiha
Obito crashlands in the DxD world after sacrificing his life to save Naruto and Sasuke. He's given a task to save the world before him just as he tried to save his own...
Destined  (Obito x Reader)  by poltergayyst
Destined (Obito x Reader) by poltergayyst
You're a jinchuriki, never staying in one place in all aspects Till the orange masked guy finally chains you down👀
Akatsuki Timetravel by narutolover505
Akatsuki Timetravelby narutolover505
It was a nice peaceful day... well as peaceful as a day can get when you are an S-ranked criminal, everything was running smoothly when suddenly a scroll appeared out of...
The child of 2 Sannin IN THE WORKS READ DESC! by missweebobachan
The child of 2 Sannin IN THE シ
FEM! OP! READER A story about Y/n Senju being Tsunade and Jiraiya's child - will she make all the boys at the academy swoon over her? There might be some mature parts ¬...
Stuck in Naruto : Male Reader  by s-h-o-t-o
Stuck in Naruto : Male Reader by BNHA fanfics
Strangely enough, after your death-to which you have forgotten-you were transported spiritually to the world of Naruto. You are given options, and with your memory of t...
For the Love of a Sister (Naruto Fanfiction) by silver_fox579
For the Love of a Sister (Naruto silver_fox579
Miyu Uchiha never wanted to be anything special. She was dedicated, loyal, and all too loving. When she learns what her beloved little brother plans to do, she knocks hi...
The Acrimony Anomaly [Naruto Fanfic] by AnimeKittyKat
The Acrimony Anomaly [Naruto AnimeKittyKat
Madara was dead, deader than dead. Probably the most deadest person ever to make as many mistakes and regrets as he had. And how fate liked to play him. The most powerfu...