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The Senju (Naruto Fan-Fic) by LightWolf46
The Senju (Naruto Fan-Fic)by LightWolf46
I don't own Naruto, just Tatsuyu
Lost (A Naruto Story) by am27ber
Lost (A Naruto Story)by am27ber
Kagome has been living for a long time, but still have a body of someone in her early twenties. From being friends with Madara and Harshirama to having to watch them dis...
Naruto: On The Way by otakuanime111
Naruto: On The Wayby otakuanime111
Naruto was a genius since he was born. But he hid it and acted like a fool to get attention from his classmates. It wasn't much of help and all Naruto got was to be call...
Rogue.  by Sonja-Leigh
Rogue. by Daddy Issues//
Kairi is living a difficult life, as is everyone in this Shinobi world. The hate in her heart is growing, and her light is fading. A girl who has lost everything finds h...
Naruto The Silent Genius  by angrmz
Naruto The Silent Genius by Madam Potato
Uchiha's New Heir by TepesMinaSama
Uchiha's New Heirby TepesMinaSama
Itachi Uchiha, genius of his clan became clan leader at the age of 20, but not only that he became father too. Follow his life as father, husbandand and leader. What wil...
Reader X Tsunade by ColtinSpaulding8
Reader X Tsunadeby Coltin Spaulding
A shy reader falls in love with Tsunade
Naruto ~ Rewind by Black4raven15
Naruto ~ Rewindby Black4raven15
The three musketeers survived the war-Wait. Wrong story. Ahem. The three compadres-Wait. Still the wrong story. AHEM! The golden trio-FUCK!!! Ok. Ahem. Naruto, Sasuke...
The Story of Naruto Senju by 516sasunaru
The Story of Naruto Senjuby The_Yaoi_Fangirl
A naruto story with a twist. Nawaki Senju and Dan Kato are alive. Tsunade and Dan are married and has a son named Naruto Senju. This is the story of Naruto Senju. {This...
Don't wake me up..[Naruto Shippuden fanfic] by OfficiallyBC
Don't wake me up..[Naruto Shippude...by Christine.
Sasuke has returned to Konoha of his own free will. Naruto thinks that they will be like the old days. Team 7 reunited. But Sasuke has not returned alone and Sakura has...
Dark •Sequel to Bright!• by jtisme12
Dark •Sequel to Bright!•by Jay
Three years. Three years had passed since Akari was last in the village, but she found her way home. She found her way back to her friends. The last year of her life ha...
Akatsuki + Konoha Founders Imagines [Reader Insert]  by bbyshownu
Akatsuki + Konoha Founders Imagine...by mina♡
Just a book full of scenarios with Akatsuki members and Konoha Founders :) [Reader Insert] Izuna and Sasuke are included! Kakuzu and Kisame sadly aren't :(
Your Mine! by SasuNaru555
Your Mine!by Connected Sounds
10 years ago Sasuke unofficially made Naruko HIS. But she doesn't know. Many obstacles stand in his way. Gaara Neji Sai. Oh, and did he mention Naruko has been hunted by...
just a fan with some opinions and rants because no one asked. ah yeah, it's time to fuck it up again. if you get triggered easily, then don't read. i really don't wa...
Book 2: Belonging in the Naruto World by s_girl123
Book 2: Belonging in the Naruto Wo...by s_girl123
The Sequel to "Book 1: Where I Belong" . Serena had fallen into her favorite show Naruto, but before the plot even started! She went from being 14 in the real...
Adventurous Reunion (Naruto Fanfiction) by NightOfHappyLight
Adventurous Reunion (Naruto Fanfic...by SN
A second before they died, the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Hokage were being brought to another dimension with time-and-space jutsu. As well as The Fifth until Seve...
Dimension Between Us {Anime Boys X Reader} by RoboticAppleCoolCat
Dimension Between Us {Anime Boys X...by RoboticApple CoolCat
(y/n) wasn't that popular in her school. shes just that one intelligent fun ambivert that loves memes. her crush confessed to her but a sudden earthquake brings the girl...
Book 1: Where I Belong (Naruto) by s_girl123
Book 1: Where I Belong (Naruto)by s_girl123
Serena Johnson is a 14 year old girl living in Los Angeles California with her evil step mother and sister. Her life can be described just like the movie Cinderella, exc...
A Ninja Heart (Naruto Fanfic,Completed) by SecretAngelgirl
A Ninja Heart (Naruto Fanfic,Compl...by SecretAngelgirl
The greatest beauty of the village was also the monster of the village,with the Nine tails powers inside of her. With a twin brother of the same curse Narumi Uzumaki tri...
Book 2: The Crimson Eyes (Naruto- Sasuke Series Complete) by s_girl123
Book 2: The Crimson Eyes (Naruto...by s_girl123
*Sequel to Book 1: The Scarlet Eyes* Naomi Suzuki was thought to be an average ninja. But no one knew that she actually came from the famous Uchiha Clan. Being the grand...