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The Online Sort Of Love by FxckR3ality
The Online Sort Of Loveby Social-Reject
What happens when you fall in love with someone through the internet?
The Truth || SasuNaru by infolol
The Truth || SasuNaruby Lindsey
Boruto...He awakes his sharingan....but how? He's Naruto and Hinatas son...isn't he? SasuNaru || Infolol
Sasuke The Yandere 🀄️ by MaskxSakusa
Sasuke The Yandere 🀄️by ▪️Drag._.King▫️
This is a story of a person named Sasuke, who is a Yandere for one person, named Naruto Uzumaki. Whoever Naruto hanged out with, or whoever bullied him, Sasuke would of...
What happens after band practice? by Kyo_j_readz
What happens after band practice?by Kyo_j_readz
Naruto surprises sakura and ino with passes for a concert. not just any concert SASUKE'S CONCERT. naruto doesn't really no of sasuke or the band but sakura and ino were...
naruto the fairy prince by gayer_then_you
naruto the fairy princeby gay all the way
narutos dad was a namikaze, a legendary clan that beholds the blue fairy bloodline. narutos mother was an uzumaki. the half fairy clan. this couses naruti ti be 75 perc...
Possessive at yung.  by yungbum
Possessive at yung. by :)
I guess everyone was correct. When far from something you love, you change dramatically. Just a long story? Not nec...
Energetic ninja with blue eyes (Sasunaru fanfiction) by da_foxy
Energetic ninja with blue eyes ( da_foxy
Sasuke Uchiha is a trouble maker(not like Naruto though), he never really cares about anyone except his family. Naruto is pretty much the opposite of Sasuke, he has real...
It's Not Me by Alacorn_66
It's Not Meby Alacorn_66
Naruto is not all he seems He's just hiding from the world behind a mask Only one person knows, but what will happen when more and more people find out? *•*•*•*•* Btw se...
The Wind To His Fire by harshita128
The Wind To His Fireby Harshita Das
'Did the teme just send him a smile? Was that a compliment? Why is he being so nice?' Naruto just can't figure out what is wrong with Sasuke. Time Travel.
sasunaru, love our child (Editing Big Time)  by sasunarulover50
sasunaru, love our child ( yaoi lover
Sasuke leaves naruto for a women because he needs the uchia company, but who new that naruto was pregnant with a child, then naruto left for 7 years but comes back, so h...
When life is Shitty  by yaoi_4_life2003
When life is Shitty by yaoi_4_life2003
"Life is shitty...but now, it got even more shittier when you caught your boyfriend of four years sleeping with your best friend since elementary. - Life is even mo...
my rich kidnapper ( Sasuke x Naruto ) by Ashleighdoki
my rich kidnapper ( Sasuke x Ashleigh doki
Naruto is a normal high school boy, with no parents, and few friends, with a gorgeous looks, and a job at a coffee shop. Naruto had just recently broken up with his girl...
Broken and Forgotten by weebysloth
Broken and Forgottenby weeby
He wanted to break those bonds. He needed to break those bonds. So why, when they're forgotten, does it hurt? On a journey with Team Taka, Sasuke comes across Konoha nin...
Naruto Texting - Friends FOREV by ambitionforlife
Naruto Texting - Friends FOREVby Ichi
The Konoha 11 have made a chatroom together, titled "Friends FOREV". With Naruto's secrets, Sasuke's question, Sakura's crush, and all of their stupidity, they...
[Book 1] Somebody To Call Family (A Naruto Fanfiction) by That_One_Anime_Lvr
[Book 1] Somebody To Call Family ( That_One_Anime_Lvr
At the age of three, naruto was so happy to be adopted by the uchiha's. He had a family and wasn't alone anymore. But how long would it last? At age fifthteen itachi kil...
Uchiha by vonlane
Uchihaby von
"Sasuke..." "Hm?" "...Are you sure you're not gay?" Nov 20, 2015 - ???
♡Daddys Princess Boyxboy♡ by August8998
♡Daddys Princess Boyxboy♡by MissWitch123🌙
Sasunaru BOYXBOY mature I don't own any pics I used in this story all credit go's to the photographers If you do not like the relationship of two fiction characters da...
Together by XxLuciloveslokixX
Togetherby Angel
Naruto and Sasuke sacrifice their lives using a forbidden jutsu to kill Kaguya once and for all. But what happens when instead of waking up in the pure world they wake u...
not so good || sasunaru and kakaIru fanfic  by cummingfordemkneez
not so good || sasunaru and mydicslong
Naruto and iruka go missing anbu find a letter for kakashi in naruto's house another letter is sent from iruka to sasuke the letter says something that kakashi and sasuk...