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A Trip To The Past by black_wing_angel
A Trip To The Pastby Genesis Pérez
The fourth shinobi world war is over, but at what cause? everyone is dead except me and nii-san, we can't bring our friends back. Red is the only color we can see and I...
The Jinchuuriki Alliance (Naruto Fanfic) by DarkWolf991
The Jinchuuriki Alliance (Naruto Lily
Naruto Uzumaki found out about everything. But what if once he talked to the Kyuubi, he decided to seek out the only other people who were like him, the other Jinchuurik...
mine ( Kakashi x femalenaruto ) by AthanasiaCelestine
mine ( Kakashi x femalenaruto )by Athanasia Celestine
in this Naruto is tsubaki ... what if tsubaki jinchuriki of nine tails had enough of everything and wanted to put an end to evrything ? what if kakashi found ? is he l...
The Blossoming love {m.reader x sakura} Discontinued by Boringkate
The Blossoming love {m.reader x Boringkate
Namikaze (Y/N) known as the silent flash.He is the older brother to naruto by 2 years. What would've happen if a certain cherry blossom falls for the silent flash himse...
Changes: Naruto by DrakeMercer
Changes: Narutoby Styyx Uchiha
What if Naruto were a year older? What if he'd had a twin sister and a younger sister? What if the nine tails hadn't been sealed into Naruto but into his younger sister...
Naruto neglected by Jammie00004444
Naruto neglectedby Jammie00004444
Naruto has a twin brother Menma and on the night of the kyubi attack Minato sealed the fox into menma not knowing the soul went to his other son. The next night Naruto...
Namikaze legend by SKS_Official
Namikaze legendby SKS_Official
what if Naruto was born earlier? what if it was just after the ending of third great ninja war? what if Naruto had a different mother? what if she was a uchiha? what if...
Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze: the clan Genius by miriotamakinejire
Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze: the BrainCellDying
Facades are an ordinary part of the Ninja world and Naruto has his own too. What if Naruto was very intelligent and hid it? What if he knew about his heritage? Let's joi...
To Be Told | Naruto's Twin Sister by AngeryCloud
To Be Told | Naruto's Twin Sisterby 𝕊𝔼𝕍𝔼ℝ𝔼𝕃𝕐 𝔹𝕌ℝℕ𝕋 𝕆𝕌...
On October 10th, Namikaze Minato and Kushina were blessed with beautiful twins, Uzumaki Naruto and Katsumi, but this ephemeral warmth that filled the family didn't last...
Return Of The Flash by KingZalama
Return Of The Flashby Raven
What if Naruto was more intelligent than he was in the canon. What if he was more like his father than his mother, both in looks and personality? Smart and powerful Naru...
Tales of a Gutsy Kunoichi by notEreinex
Tales of a Gutsy Kunoichiby 07734
Mitsu Namikaze was born as the daughter of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. She grew up as a normal, happy child with her parents until the Nine tails attacked and t...
The Untold by SimplyAMonster
The Untoldby mønstęr
It is always said that the victors of the war write the history books that would be told. Their vast accomplishments and their sorrows to paint them well deserving of su...
𝐈 𝐋𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮, (𝐍𝐚𝐦𝐞)! by Wer1dP3rson
𝐈 𝐋𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮, (𝐍𝐚𝐦𝐞)!by Wer1dP3rson
In this story I made Rin like Obito instead so that it will fit the fanfic better. Your features are optional, but you can base it off your parents in the fanfic (you'll...
Naruto.... ||NejiNaru Neji x Naruto by kxnna31
Naruto.... ||NejiNaru Neji x Narutoby Li Qingqi
After Naruto broke up with Neji,he found out he was pregnant with his child and made him more guilty....After 5 years he meets his Ex-Lover Neji and intend to ignore and...
Naruto: Prodigy and Neglect by Potetosss
Naruto: Prodigy and Neglectby Bananaes
This is a story about a young boy left and neglected by his parents. The young boy is Naruto. He will soon be powerful to surpass his father, the 4th Hokage and able to...
Naruto the Flying Thunder God by DrakeMercer
Naruto the Flying Thunder Godby Styyx Uchiha
What if Naruto were smarter? What if his father's jutsu, the Hiraishin, we're a bloodline limit passed through the Namikaze clan but no one knew because of the trip tri...
Starting over by Gleam-eyes
Starting overby Gleam Eyes
Accompany Naruto as he travels back in time. Watch him as he finds new friends and enemies, discovers love and hatred, gets betrayed and saved. See his life turn in way...
ReLIFE: Team Minato - Daybreak by copyeyenin
ReLIFE: Team Minato - Daybreakby alix remn
{ first place in Naruto Wattys 2019} The prestigious team during the Third Great Ninja War led by the Fourth Hokage died at their respective times. Now, the Fourth Grea...
Dangerous Bond by CailinAnneBritz
Dangerous Bondby LazyNinja
Team 7 work together as priority one instead of seeing the others as a burden. Kakashi Hatake keeps on training after the deaths of his teammates instead of feeling gui...
Naruto Uzumaki-Shoto by pROTOKILL
Naruto Uzumaki-Shotoby death is certain
okay Naruto has a kekkei genkai that is basically Half hot half cold from MHA or Shoto Toderoki. So he was trained by the the best anbu and is still the 9 tails jinchuri...