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Kim Mayu by Me_likey
Kim Mayuby Off Kilter
Sasuke Uchiha X Male!Oc, meaning bxb. Kim Mayu. When people think of this name, what comes to mind is maybe some random girl they once knew. But no one really thin...
Uzumaki Clan: Scarlet Savior by vote4kiba
Uzumaki Clan: Scarlet Saviorby Olivia
NARUTO WATTYS FIRST PLACE WINNER 2015 Highest Rank #1 Kakashi Hatake Before Naruto...before the Nine-Tails attack...there was Minato, Kushina, and her little sister Mina...
Rehabilitation  by zaraaa578
Rehabilitation by Kakashi’s Wife
"Thank you for coming y/n," Kakashi said breaking the silence. "What's wrong, why are you guys looking at me like that?" You asked, worry stirred in...
𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐒𝐄𝐈!   「Hatake Kakashi x Reader」 by bbyshownu
𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐒𝐄𝐈! 「Hatake Kakashi x...by mina♡
A world in which you are the Sensei of Team 7! You are are from the infamous Yamazaki clan, also the fellow student of the Fourth Hokage, in fact his favorite student. S...
Minato's Daughter by ForeverDreamer37
Minato's Daughterby ForeverDreamer37
Minato and Kushina had another child before they had Naruto, a daughter they named Miyuki. She was put in her father's own team with Rin Nohara, Obito Uchiha, and Kakash...
Shattered [Kakashi x OC] by TinyTot09
Shattered [Kakashi x OC]by TinyTot09
Ahsoka Aoyama, the last member of the legendary Aoyama clan, was deemed a prodigy in every regard since she was young. After the obscure death of her parents, the once j...
Love Like A Medicine(Kakashi X Reader) by XxqueenceiraxX
Love Like A Medicine(Kakashi X Rea...by LBwritesfanfics
"Your love is like a medicine. I'm addicted to it, it makes me feel good, and most of all, it cures my pain." (Y/N) (L/N) was living a perfectly good life unti...
baby kakashi (kakanaru) by birb_boi
baby kakashi (kakanaru)by birb_boi
kakashi turns into a baby and naruto has to take care of him Season 1- COMPLETED! Season 2 - incomplete AU! #1💎 kakanaru 9.1.21 #1💎 kakashihatake 6.1.21!! #1💎 hatak...
Kakashi's Wife by VazEnid
Kakashi's Wifeby VazEnid
It isn't easy being the copy ninja's wife when the world knows that he is single. Do not own the Characters from the anime Naruto or Boruto
Always And Forever (Kakashi Hatake Love Story) by Alwaysthinking00
Always And Forever (Kakashi Hatake...by Alwaysthinking00
After years of being an undercover spy, Asami finally started life as a jōnin. Reuniting with the only person alive she cherished the most, a certain jōnin who used to b...
Daybreak | Kakashi Hatake by urahahara
Daybreak | Kakashi Hatakeby wren ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡~)
Kakashi Hatake is known throughout the shinobi world for his visual prowess and devastating past. He's a loner, figuring it's easier to exist in solitude rather than for...
Lady Hatake's Snack & Drinks Bar by Chocochibi
Lady Hatake's Snack & Drinks Barby choco_late~
She wasn't used to be called Lady Hatake. Until she became my wife. She was a normal lady like everyone else. Except she worked in a bar and used to be a ninja for a whi...
The Path of an Uchiha - A Naruto Fanfiction by CapricornSiren
The Path of an Uchiha - A Naruto F...by Duchess Fraldarius
Kotomi Uchiha witnesses her brothers go down a completely different path from hers, changing her life forever at a tender young age. Many people in the village expect he...
Senju Girl (Naruto Fanfic) by PrettyLilyAnime
Senju Girl (Naruto Fanfic)by PrettyLilyAnime
Haru Senju is the only person alive in the ninja world who has a natural wood release. She is the great grandniece of Hashirama and direct great granddaughter to Tobiram...
Fear and Love (Kakashi X oc Story) by AnotherKakashiSimp
Fear and Love (Kakashi X oc Story)by MJ
Here's my take on Naruto Shippuden if there's was a female character in the mix that Kakashi fell in love with. I plan to make this a story that mostly matches up with S...
Your Kid~ Itachi x Uzumaki!Reader by KillerSnipe15
Your Kid~ Itachi x Uzumaki!Readerby Kira
"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked. "I didn't want you to be ashamed..." I trailed off, "Your father was very proud of you, and you were in the...
Impossible to Forgive by HopelessHatake
Impossible to Forgiveby Anna Blue
Impossible Trilogy, Book One. Sakumo Hatake was like a father to Kaiyo, but when he takes his life after being shamed for breaking village code, Kaiyo is left without fr...
Kakashi back in time by YoruSho
Kakashi back in timeby Yoru Sho
Kakashi goes back in time before Obito's death. Naruto has sealed Kurama inside Kakashi.
No Longer Weak by SilviaStoll
No Longer Weakby The Forgotten Girl
I am Sakura Haruno. I was left by my team mates Naruto and Kakashi and my former best friend Ino, they left me because they didn't think I was strong enough to bring Sas...