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A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various) by dovepal21
A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various)by leviisbae
(Y/N) Hanninzowa is the daughter of nobility, her father and mother are nobles of Konoha. But when (Y/N) was six years old, her parents are murdered in front her own eye...
¦shinobi and wizards¦  Naruto & Harry Potter Crossover by kookoonuthead
¦shinobi and wizards¦ Naruto & Aex
After the events of the last school year, Dumbledore asks the Hokage for help to protect Hogwarts and Harry Potter. ! your stereotype Naruto and HP Crossover ! ! yaoi (...
Another Take (A Naruto Fanfiction) (Complete) by Spirit_of_the_Wolf6
Another Take (A Naruto Fanfiction) Spirit
Kiyomi Himura has a rather large problem. A chakra beast with an earth nature, the wolf named Fenrir, sealed himself inside her at a young age. Originally from Yamagakur...
Hinata:ANBU Naruto:ANBU (OFF HIATUS) by BTS_Anime_Kate
Hinata:ANBU Naruto:ANBU (OFF Mynameismoni
Hinata and Naruto are known as the Killing Couple of the Hidden Leaf. Even though they aren't even a couple. "What do we do Hinata? We have to take care of two snot...
Chasing Vermilion by TsukuyomiTensei
Chasing Vermilionby Usagi
When Itachi joins the Akatsuki, he receives the shock of his life, a precocious pupil named Kana. Soon an unbreakable bond is forged between them and not even Itachi's d...
Pokemon Master In ninja World by ninja_Riya
Pokemon Master In ninja Worldby ninja_Riya
story of a girl who going to Change the cruel world of Ninjas with Kind heart and with he help of her Pokemons there going to many love Interest *wink* if I have gramma...
The Second's Second Chance  by harshita128
The Second's Second Chance by Harshita Das
People often forget that Hiraishin is a space time technique. It can affect time alongside space. What awaits Tobirama Senju as he is sent fifty years into the future by...
Cold Eyes || Gaara x Reader by 101_classified
Cold Eyes || Gaara x Readerby 101
Y/n is a simple girl, intelligent, good at martial arts, loves the Naruto series. Her life is changed when the unexpected happens and by sleeping with a charm on she's s...
Reincarnated Sociopath || Naruto by DanielaLestrange02
Reincarnated Sociopath || Narutoby Daniela Lestrange
"Now, It's one thing to die. But to be reincarnated? Never-mind, in the Naruto Universe? A world where children are tought to kill the moment they are capable to wa...
Catch a Falling Star {BOOK 1} by LivyLovesStories
Catch a Falling Star {BOOK 1}by VenomLily
Under edits During the war against Alveraz, Lucy sacrificed her life for her guild. They all thought she died, but what if she didn't? Instead, she ended up in a differe...
The Fallen Ayumu (naruto) by Emi_ii
The Fallen Ayumu (naruto)by Emi
Akari Ayumu is the daughter of an emperor and the last heir of the influential Ayumu clan known for having a prowess of seeing into the future and a way of manipulating...
The Gaming Shinobi, 𝘯𝘢𝘳𝘶𝘵𝘰. by HaiToSenpai
The Gaming Shinobi, 𝘯𝘢𝘳𝘶𝘵𝘰.by — 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘢𝘤𝘦
━ HAVE YOU EVER FALLEN into the deep depths of amnesia? Have you ever been both physically and mentally stuck in a game? Unfortunately, Yomei seemed to have gotten the s...
Rise of the Senju by PrettyLilyAnime
Rise of the Senjuby PrettyLilyAnime
With the fourth Shinobi world war looming over all of the nations, Haru Senju finds herself stuck in between the Will of fire her ancestors created and the goals of her...
I AM HERE WITH YOU! BNHA x Female!NinjaReader Naruto Shippuden! by could_careless
I AM HERE WITH YOU! BNHA x could_careless
A gifted kunoichi from a far away land in a village hidden in the leaves embarks on a journey with her teammates to a land far beyond what she sees back home. Quirks, ad...
Chained bloodlines by _Zanjero_
Chained bloodlinesby Zan :)
It was hopeless in Tamika's eyes. Her past practically said it all. At least she thought it was hopeless. But then, they came. Then, then the sun came and showed her...
Defying lightning  by sikenike
Defying lightning by FAILED-SYSTEM
Kakashi wanted to die. He was tired, 𝑒𝑥ℎ𝑎𝑢𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑑 after he lost everything. Why was he still alive? Why him- out of everyone?! Why did that damn blonde save him?! A...
Kakanaru: The pain behind Naruto's mask by NarutoLover579
Kakanaru: The pain behind Naruto' NarutoLover579
Naruto is a boy who has been abused by his village. To reduce the number of beatings he is forced to endure, he pretends to be a happy go lucky dead last idiot. Secretly...
Untrust and Unrest by WriterAnimated
Untrust and Unrestby ѕιєяяα
Namaiki Mamoru had been alone for years, getting shunned from her home for something that she couldn't control on the day she was born. Each day she had to face the hate...
The Story of Hagami [Naruto Fanfic | Uchiha] [Completed] by silentnature
The Story of Hagami [Naruto Shima
"Bear the shield of the guardian, Possess the heart of the truth." --- Sequel: "The Story of Hagami II [Naruto Fanfic | Uchiha]" --- Plot line, pictu...
7 Years When I Was Alive (Neji x Reader) Naruto Fan fic by smile4naruto
7 Years When I Was Alive (Neji x Madara's wifey
"The person you love. Is it Neji?" "Why do you say that?" --- The day you met Neji Hyuga, you knew you wanted to be his friend. The day Neji Hyuga m...