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Holy Crap I'm Sasuke! by DrakeMercer
Holy Crap I'm Sasuke!by Styyx Uchiha
What would you do if you woke up to find yourself in the body of Sasuke Uchiha from the anime Naruto? Join me on my adventure as I completely screw with the time line, a...
Son Of Madara Uchiha by LordPein23
Son Of Madara Uchihaby Marik Uchiha
My name is Marik Uchiha Raised and trained by Orochimaru and awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan at age eight i started my life into the world of Naruto. Joining the Akat...
Black clover: UNYILDING EYES (Black Clover X Reader) by animepander
Black clover: UNYILDING EYES ( animepander
The y/n joins the magic knight's to become the wizard king but there are a lot of people that seem to have a screw lose but with his all seeing SHAINGAN EYES and with h...
Reincarnated into the world of Naruto by onetim3 by johanalpas
Reincarnated into the world of johan alpas
Reincarnated into the world of Naruto by onetim3 »Izaya. Karasuma Izaya. I was a spy working for the UN on a top secret mission when someone sold me out. Seriously? I ha...
"To Fix Many Mistakes" by sociopath68
"To Fix Many Mistakes"by sociopath68
Naruto Travels back in time when Hiruzen is Hokage to fix stuff that don't lead up to the Eye of the Moon Plan The events take place after Second Shinobi War and 2 Yea...
Look into my eyes  by Thedankcowboy
Look into my eyes by Thedankcowboy
What happens when Izuku Yagi finds out about his true heritage and that he comes from a long line of shinobi and that his father was one of the greatest shinobi to have...
Grace: A Naruto Fanfiction by Qwakexo
Grace: A Naruto Fanfictionby Cakexo
"I'm just the Son of a Hero and Grandson of a God." Just after he was born, he was taken, kidnapped from the village named Konoha. And since then, he was raise...
Starting From Naruto To Explode Weapons by Abyssal_Monarch
Starting From Naruto To Explode Rogue_Adz
T/N: Reincarnating into the World of Naruto, and waking up finding yourself participating in the Battle of Kikyo Pass isn't exactly a good experience. Naturally, our MC...
The Next Madara by DaPotatoWriterHere
The Next Madaraby DaPotatoWriterHere
Naruto learns of his heritage when he steals the Forbidden scroll and meets someone special someone who once tamed the All might Kyubi
The Uchiha (Itachi Twin Sister// Naruto Fan-fiction) by p3nguin___
The Uchiha (Itachi Twin Sister// p3nguin___
[ Highest Ranking: #1 in Naruto ] [ Highest Ranking: #1 in Uchiha ] A will. A faculty leading to an action. A resolution. Everyone has a will, a reason. But should a we...
The Tragedy of Naruto Uzumaki: A Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
The Tragedy of Naruto Uzumaki: A Spawn of Satan
As a child, Naruto was the scapegoat of everyone's problems, the Kyuubi attack, the Uchiha Clan Massacre, and many other things. Not anymore. After they take it too far...
Naruto the demon of the hidden leaf- Naruto Fanfic by Gabriel940309
Naruto the demon of the hidden Kitsune_Menma
What if Shisui gave naruto his sharingan instead of Itachi? Watch Naruto face challenges as he devotes himself to finding and killing all evil in this world Eventual ri...
The True Uchiha Heiress by Lowlyariana6
The True Uchiha Heiressby 🎗️Lama Uzumaki^﹏^🎗️
I do not own Naruto or the plot. Only Keiko and her plot. All rights go to Masashi Kishimoto The true heir to the Uchiha throne returns to the hidden leaf village after...
Supposedly Evil (BNHA X NARUTO)by Yusuf Ayaz
Tobi, an enemy to the hero society, A person who can expose even All Might's secret, is just a 16-year-old boy? Nobody would think that Tobi was Izuku Midoriya, a person...
Eyes of Despair by SupremeUchiha
Eyes of Despairby Supreme Uchiha
This story will be more darker. And yes another Uchiha in remnant.
Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fiction) by YoshiXx03
Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Cain
Aki wants a do over of her life. After her 'supposed' brother went nuts and deserted the village, Aki was left with nothing but a broken life. Unbeknownst to her, she ge...
Madara X Date A Live by RyconAX
Madara X Date A Liveby King Rycon
MADARA UCHIHA OF ALL PEOPLE?!?!TRANSPORTED INTO THE DATE A LIVE WORLD NO LESS??? After his death during the fourth great ninja war he was mysteriously sucked to a st...
The Exiled Uzumaki by isvvcc
The Exiled Uzumakiby isvvcc
Boruto get exhild by the Kage's after they label him as a threat. The village people shun boruto after it is revealed that he is a threat to the village. Boruto out of...
Uchiha's || Boruto Uzumaki by IAmAJinchuuriki
Uchiha's || Boruto Uzumakiby Bianca
What if there were Twin Uchihas? What if Sasuke took one, and Sakura took the other? What if Sasuke came back with the Twin, to Konoha? What if Sasuke trained that twin...
It's My Life! (A Naruto Fanfiction) by Sergeant_Yuu
It's My Life! (A Naruto Fanfiction)by Yuuchiro Zander
Naruto. The Demon child. The mistake. The weakling. The dead last. These were sentences that Naruto would hear every day. He was weak. He was a mistake. But. What if he...