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Naruto : Neglected by tanjirop
Naruto : Neglectedby Dark Traid Asta
On 10th October Minato and Kushina were blessed with three children. Narumi and Mito and Naruto. Mito and Narumi were blessed with Chakra whereas Naruto was cursed with...
Grace: A Naruto Fanfiction by Shaxoss
Grace: A Naruto Fanfictionby Cakexo
"I'm just the Son of a Hero and Grandson of a God." Just after he was born, he was taken, kidnapped from the village named Konoha. And since then, he was raise...
Konohas Second Body Flicker by NaiUchiha1
Konohas Second Body Flickerby Nai Uchiha
This is a story about shisui the body flickers younger brother. Kaito uchiha. Just like shisui, kaito is a prodigy. Making him the 5th prodigy amongst the uchiha clan. F...
MHA: Madara Uchiha Entry by thorinprime
MHA: Madara Uchiha Entryby thorinprime
On the Blink of Death, His Last Moments with Hashirama despite being an Edo Tensei, Having fix their friendship with few words . . . Madara accepted to go to the Pure La...
Survivors | Mikasa x M! Reader | by Saito_Uchiha
Survivors | Mikasa x M! Reader |by Saito_Uchiha
Y/N Uchiha had a normal childhood, a loving mother and a loving father. Almost everyone consider Y/N to be a normal child but that's not the case. A prodigy in many area...
miracle hero by zaku29
miracle heroby zaku29
The path of Izuku who grew up in the orphanage to the best hero in history
Naruto Hatake by xezrin
Naruto Hatakeby mia 🍜
What if Naruto had been raised by Kakashi his entire life and how would raising Naruto change Kakashi's life as well?
Distant |Sakura Fanfiction| by alexsaki
Distant |Sakura Fanfiction|by A ʟ e x
Description __________________ Sakura: Just wanted to be a normal girl. Wanted to have a normal...
Uchiha male reader x demon slayer by IWorldline
Uchiha male reader x demon slayerby Ada
This take place in demon slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba). The Uchiha are one of the most elite families within the demon slayer universe. Their "god like" power and...
Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha 7 Year Revamp Volume 1 by Aldogg9951
Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha T.K.月狐
With the death of his clan, Yuki Uchiha must now find a way to avenge them. Sasuke Uchiha, a close friend of his, also experienced the same tragedy, and where his path l...
Akio Uchiha: Son of Madara  by UchihaSwordman_16
Akio Uchiha: Son of Madara by Akio Uchiha
Akio Uchiha, a soon to be Leaf Village Shinobi, he is a powerful individual. An 40% Uchiha, 40% Senju, and 20% Uzumaki. He is far stronger than a generational prodigy of...
⌁ New York's Lightning ⌁ | Crossover | Avengers x Naruto | ENG by Feethecracker
⌁ New York's Lightning ⌁ | ~Lische Nara~
When Uchiha Sasuke died by Kaguya's hand, he didn't care. It was selfish - there was so much left to do... Rebuild his clan and restore Itachi's honour. Apologize to his...
Never Trust Your Rinnegan (Tales of Sasuke's Travels) by MTDSOW
Never Trust Your Rinnegan (Tales Freddie
Sasuke's Rinnegan takes him to the world of BNHA, shenanigans and Sasuke being thoroughly unimpressed with the hero world ensue. Yeah. That's it. I do not own Naruto or...
The Mistake (Boruto Anime x Uchiha Uzumaki Male Reader) - [IN HIATUS] by byakoneko
The Mistake (Boruto Anime x 𝓣𝓸𝓻𝓪𝓚𝓲𝓽𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓮
This story is about a kid who was born with the blood of two renowned clans, The Uzumaki and Uchiha. A kid who was the result of a supposedly mistake Uchiha Sasuke made...
What Makes A Hero(Naruto/Injustice) by Akatsuki_Kage
What Makes A Hero(Naruto/Injustice)by Akatsuki-Kage
After the Reanimation Jutsu is undone, Itachi dies again and is ready to move on to the next life, but he is instead sent to the DC Injustice universe prior to a conflic...
[BOOK 2] That Time I Traveled as a Demon Lord by BlameMyGamingChair
[BOOK 2] That Time I Traveled as CHAIR-KUN
Sequel to "A demon in a Ninja world" Things to do: 1. Got reincarnated. ☑ 2. Got nerf'd. ☑ 3. Died. ☑ 4. Revive yer self on the other "other" World...
Redemption ( Akame ga Kill x Male Uchiha reader ) by Alexis_B_34
Redemption ( Akame ga Kill x Alexis
After Y/n admits defeat to Naruto and then naruto finally getting through Y/n that his way wasn't it. Y/n decided that he will travel the world to atone for his sins, un...
Madara X Date A Live by RyconAX
Madara X Date A Liveby King Rycon
MADARA UCHIHA OF ALL PEOPLE?!?!TRANSPORTED INTO THE DATE A LIVE WORLD NO LESS??? After his death during the fourth great ninja war he was mysteriously sucked to a st...
Sasuke's brother by xXMadaraXFuXx
Sasuke's brotherby xXMadaraXFuXx
He's known by many names, including The Ghost of The Uchiha, The Second Madara. But not a lot of people know the real story behind Sasuke's adopted brother, Madara Uchih...
God's Blessing On This Wonderful Weeb! (Megumin x reader) by That1DustParticle
God's Blessing On This Wonderful Indefinite Hiatus
"I'm not a chuunibyou. I'm just a weeaboo who has fantasies of getting isekai'd. Like, if you got isekai'd with amazing powers, wouldn't you try to act cool?" ...