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Broken Bonds by floppyyyduck
Broken Bondsby RandomWriter
Avery Elizabeth Romano had a twin, whom she loved dearly. Yes, you heard it right, had. Her twin was taken away by her mother at the age of 5. Her father was killed on t...
Billionaire's ex-wife #Wattys2015. #newadult by satirelover
Billionaire's ex-wife satirelover
Jack Ryder was one of the youngest billionaires in the US. He had everything guys his age dream on; models in each arm,money & fast cars. When he got married at 23 to a...
You're Still The One *slowly editing* (Completed) by LaraRuze
You're Still The One *slowly Lara Ruze
'You didn't answer my question,' he asked, holding her gaze in his hypnotic ones. 'Wh... what question?' She was surprised at her own voice, it sounded like of someone e...
Omegas' Revenge || ✔ by A_Grace050
Omegas' Revenge || ✔by Ashanti_Grace
Breyanna is a normal werewolf, had a loving father who was the beta of The Heart Moon Pack, her mom the beta female who was always supportive of her family. But when it...
I reincarnated as the Villainess of a romance novel, Again by Novelgeek101
I reincarnated as the Villainess Tiggy
In my first life, I Josephine de Franzaie, fell in love with the Crown Prince Edgar who was also My fiancé, but the feeling wasn't mutual. He loved some one else. I went...
Before Us ✔ by dyingmelodyyy
Before Us ✔by Maggie Park
"Let's break up" That phrase changed my life.
The Acrimony Anomaly [Naruto Fanfic] by AnimeKittyKat
The Acrimony Anomaly [Naruto AnimeKittyKat
Madara was dead, deader than dead. Probably the most deadest person ever to make as many mistakes and regrets as he had. And how fate liked to play him. The most powerfu...
Save Me (Urban Thug Love ) by JamiyaaaBx
Save Me (Urban Thug Love )by BadGalTori
Dalannie Wilson is a 17 yr old who lives in Atlanta Georgia with her abbusive Father Jason . Jason started abbusin Dalannie when her mother died 2years ago . Dalannie is...
Defying Fate by VioletYbrehl
Defying Fateby VioletYbrehl
After Sealing the Rabbit Goddess Kaguya Otsutsuki, A 29 year old Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke was left with none. Not even their wives, unborn child or even their Se...
- COMPLETED - Beam is Forth personal secretary and they have been in each others bed minus a relationship. When Beam learned that Forth has a fiancé, he ran away. *The...
The Longest Five Years (Completed) by Owls1983
The Longest Five Years (Completed)by KC Colson
{Highest Rank: #13 Romance} Formerly "Litost" Five years ago, I left everything behind. My family. My hometown. Him. I stayed away and vowed to start over, but...
Mao Mao's Sisters by LunarWolf0
Mao Mao's Sistersby LunarWolf0
The residents of Pure Heart Valley live their daily lives, even if it includes the occasional monster. Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat have even started to get used t...
Ameliorate (lucathy Fanfiction )  by agirlindreamworld
Ameliorate (lucathy Fanfiction ) by pavi
"I hate you and never want to see you again..." Bang bang "I am sorry about everything.. From now on you can be happy again.." "No...!! No...
Me and my dreamons by MangoFlamango921
Me and my dreamonsby Mango
Everyone wants to stop dream so they come up with a plan to stop him. LOL IT FUCKING FAILED
No More Secrets by Dweller_4
No More Secretsby Dweller
This story takes place after the episode Love Eater. ꧁♔꧂ After Marinette confesses everything about herself to Luka, she finds herself falling in love with him all over...
SATISFY by yungboss85
SATISFYby Yungboss35
Her love can only Satisfy me
Dear Dream by ShipperInThePast
Dear Dreamby Broken Shipper
Once upon a time, there were nine of them in that platform: five boys and four girls. But only the boys made it to the spotlight, and the girls left one by one. The memo...
𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐖𝐢𝐬𝐡. by Z4IBAE
𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐖𝐢𝐬𝐡.by ZAI
A person who's made a wish has decided they want to become something powerful, beautiful, unique, and to be adored by everyone. But, alas, the wish backfired and they ha...
Unexpectedly Visible by JINPSYRHIENA
Unexpectedly Visibleby Jin Psyrhiena❣️
A World that everything seems wrong. A Situation that seems not right. And A Life that seems worthless and insignificant. The definition of my existence is a total mis...
Wandering Soul | ONC '23 by DianaTheThird
Wandering Soul | ONC '23by Diana
Elina Tsuha is an aspiring stage actress. Since she was fourteen, she has been part of numerous stage plays. Despite her resumé, she still doesn't like to be the center...