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Choices : A Start. by bratatibanerjee
Choices : A Start.by Mythis.
" There are two primary choices in life :- To accept conditions as they exist, Or accept Responsibility for changing them." ...
Aadya- The Devil's Dharmaa by Krishnasakhi4392
Aadya- The Devil's Dharmaaby Blue princess
Duryodhan The first thing that comes into our minds Is that he is cruel, arrogant and egoistic But he isn't like that at all It was all Shakuni's influence He just neede...
Draupadi - A Fire Born Princess From Kaliyug🔥🔥 by aanchal108
Draupadi - A Fire Born Princess Fr...by Anchal
A 20 year old from kaliyug suffered a lot of issues since her childhood . A fan of Shri Krishna's mischievous behaviour and heavenly smile suddenly landed on the land of...
Dhi by SohiniModak8
Dhiby Sohini Modak
Thoughts are quite dangerous things; fleeting one moment and drowning us the other. A tangle of fine web that slowly entraps us; influencing our speech and actions. And...
Mahabharata - I Wish This Lasts Forever.... by PrettyyAmazingg
Mahabharata - I Wish This Lasts Fo...by Prettyamazingg
Her love and devotion towards the epic history of Mahabharata made her travel to past,era of Mahabharata Dwapara Yug. Being sister of our krishn Our Dhaksha is here to f...
THE DOOR TO THE PAST  by krishna_Inkelstain
THE DOOR TO THE PAST by _Inkelstain_
This is a story of A cruse which made them part their ways. A promise which made her to change the destiny ----------------------------- Sri and rekha are best...
Panchaali - The Blessing In Disguise by RadheyPanchaali
Panchaali - The Blessing In Disgui...by Nick
The beautiful princess of Panchaal, is the most sorted out for. She's believed to have the perfect life, but that's all what it was, mere believes. Reality for Panchaali...
Changing Destiny by Abrillastar
Changing Destinyby abrilla star
It is said that when one right person speaks up destiny can be changed. But is it true? this is a mahabharatham fanfic where The One Person Karna speaks up and tries to...
THE TIME TRAVEL  by MiracleTohappen
THE TIME TRAVEL by Miracle To happen
Two teen girls of kali Yug reach the Dwapura Yug.They had always dreamt of going to the Dwapura Yug but never took it serious IRL.Did God listened to their staid convers...
A Life I Could Never Dreamed Of by himani1411
A Life I Could Never Dreamed Ofby himani1411
Mahabharata. A tale of victory of Justice over injustice. A tale of sacrifices. A tale of diplomacy. The tale of the greatest war of India. The greatest epic. from my po...
Draupadi's Mahabharat by arna8661
Draupadi's Mahabharatby Arna
Daughter of the Earth, Out of Yagna, Princess of Panchla, Queen of Indraprasth, Wife of five, Staked by her own husband, Dragged into Assembly, Shamefully Dishonored, Sa...
My Soul Mate💞💞💕 by jovan2033
My Soul Mate💞💞💕by Jovan Mary
It is a story of arjun and subhadra
Subhadra ~ The Altruistic One by Mani4444
Subhadra ~ The Altruistic Oneby Mani
Follow the exciting story of subhadra with me . Subhadra the princess of Dwarka get married to Arjun the third pandava. The marriage happened without their consent. The...
Agami by Mysteriouswriter2006
Agamiby Sara
||Āgāmi|| "being made or currently getting accumulated" _______________________________________ Living an ordinary life, Juhi had all which she had ever desir...
Their Bond : A fan fic by Aah123Aastha
Their Bond : A fan ficby Aastha S Tiwari
I don't like descriptions as I like to kill people with suspense so sorry but no sorry *gives a mischievous smile* . . . . Disclaimer: It's a fanfiction and isn't for hu...
The Fateful Evening Part l by Ltelidevara
The Fateful Evening Part lby Ltelidevara
Disclaimer. This story is based on Vyasa Bharat. Yes the scenes and lines spoken were created by me and I did it with conviction . I took care not to overdo the creativi...
Elements of Fire by Nimarna
Elements of Fireby Nimarna
Would the story of the Mahabharat have taken a different course if Karna had stood up for Draupadi in the dice hall? Will two of the characters of the epic both having e...
Eternally Yours(On Hold Till Exams) by fragrance-aryan123
Eternally Yours(On Hold Till Exams)by Fragrance Aryan
Cover credits- @AuraInfinix •||UNEDITED||• 🥇 Mahabharat. 09/02/2021 🥇 Mythological 02/02/2021 About the book- Dr. Urvi Suryavanshi is a scient...
Tampered [SLOW UPDATES] by InLoveWithNature25
Tampered [SLOW UPDATES]by InLoveWithNature25
This is the story of two assassins, who travel back in time to the era of the Mahabharata..... ----------- Dishita and Aditya, two master assassins, while retrieving a d...
Rashmi Rathi by Darth1221
Rashmi Rathiby Darth1221
Story of a warrior to find the purpose of his life. Will he be able to go against relations to uphold dharm. Or will relations have a greater value. Will justice prevail...