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Pretty Little Thing | ✓ by sanasays
Pretty Little Thing | ✓by 𝒔 𝒂 𝒏 𝒂 | 𝒉 𝒊 𝒂 𝒕 𝒖...
[Highest ranking: #1 in Spiritual on 15/8/18] ••• • In which a girl saved a boy's life in the most unexpected of circumstances • She drank water. He drank alcohol. She...
  • university
  • projectbeyondtheveil
  • doctor
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Married To My Best Friend by love_is_vanilla
Married To My Best Friendby Bitsy
Highest ranking : #1 in spiritual on 24.2.2018, 24.4.2018 & 4. 5.2018 #2 in spiritual on 14.10.2017 & 11.11.2017 #3 in spiritual on 11.10.2017 , 15.10.2017 & 7.11.2017 ...
  • family
  • hate
  • obsession
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The CEO's unexpected love ✔ by TheSecretWriterr94
The CEO's unexpected love ✔by TheSecretWriter
"You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected times." ▪▪ He stroke my arm with his hand and carefully followed his own action with h...
  • wattys2017
  • love
  • muslim
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His Revenge by WiseLemon
His Revengeby WiseLemon
HIGHEST RANKING: #3 IN SPIRITUAL ➺ When Zaeem was a small child of seven years, his father remarried a leech of a woman and kicked him and his mother on the streets to...
  • anger
  • spiritual
  • abuse
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The Nanny by naia22
The Nannyby N A I L A 🌙
"You are fired," he said, as my heart broke into tiny pieces. "No please sir, don't separate me from Imad. I beg of you," I pleaded in agony. What s...
  • drama
  • deathandlife
  • selfdiscovery
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From hate, to Lust to Love by FathimaShif
From hate, to Lust to Loveby LiveLove
I drink hard, I play hard, I f*ck hard and I thrive hard in everything I do. I am care free. I use women like toilet papers. I don't care who gets hurt and why they get...
  • islam
  • badboy
  • romance
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Someone Like Fatima {Editing} by that1muslimgirl
Someone Like Fatima {Editing}by Sumayo 🌻
⭐️ Featured By Wattpad ⭐️ Fatima Nour is a timid, introverted practicing Muslimah who's one day blindsided by the fact that she has to marry the CEO of a Multimillion do...
  • someonelikefatima
  • muslimromance
  • fatimandsaleem
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Meant To Be?   by zainahyousef
Meant To Be? by Zainah Yousef
Aisha Al Qamar Twenty two years old, rich, medical student, smart, beautiful, famous, Saudi. All her life she's known money and wealth. Her father is a prominent and ric...
  • muslim
  • nikkah
  • saudi
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Truly Yours by SnortleChortle
Truly Yoursby Sarah
Growing up wasn't easy for 22 year old Farrah Ahmed. Being a victim of cruel and relentless bullying in school had left her confidence in tatters and crippled with self...
  • angst
  • muslim
  • love
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A Muslim Tale by Royal7
A Muslim Taleby Royal7
[reached #1 in Spiritual] 11/17/15- 8/18/16 Amira Abdul is a bright,well educated girl filled with joy and much potential. Is a practicing Muslim and teaches. Her pare...
  • arranged
  • spiritual
  • muslima
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Dawud. by yourmuslimah
Dawud.by yourmuslimah
My stomach dropped the second we made eye contact. He had long and dark brown hair, which curled under the baseball cap he wore backward. The subtle curve of his nose wa...
  • humor
  • marriage
  • family
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The Billoniare's Model  by vieledprincess
The Billoniare's Model by F A T I M A
"You.Belong.To.Me"he said as he pressed me against the wall. My petite frame against his big ones, he pushed back a strand of my hair so that my eyes could be...
  • spritual
  • life
  • aabdar
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Glory of the Midnight Sun √ by rameesharants
Glory of the Midnight Sun √by Ree
• Twice Wattpad Featured • #10 in Spiritual • The moon hid behind the clouds, the wind refused to blow and the mountains trembled at the sight in front of them. Fates we...
  • pain
  • love
  • business
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The Hijabi's Best Mistake  by Razia101
The Hijabi's Best Mistake by 👑R A Z👑
Copyright© "Leave me alone!" I said pushing at his chest so he would let me go. Every step I took back he took another closer towards me. "I knew I could...
  • teen
  • highschool
  • athiest
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Forbidden  by Your_amazyn
Forbidden by Ru
He wasn't supposed to see her. She wasn't supposed to be there that day, yet she was. As if an unnatural force was pulling him towards her. She became his obsession. His...
  • forbiddenlove
  • moustafa
  • spiritual
The Entangled Tales by thequeenkikii
The Entangled Talesby Ki Ki
"Books don't just go with you, they take you where you've never been." So here's a ride for you which will take you to the places you'd only dreamt about! A co...
  • spiritual
  • dominating
  • passion
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Finding Adam (A Modern Muslim Love Story) ✔ by prettysmiles1999
Finding Adam (A Modern Muslim Love...by M o n a
TEXT COPYRIGHT © M. A. ™ 2016 ~~~~~ "We can never be together," Adam suddenly says. His voice is small, but it sounds like soft velvet to my ears. "We're...
  • hijab
  • love
  • awkward
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You Feel Like Home [Jacob Black] by Secret-writer91
You Feel Like Home [Jacob Black]by Secret-Writer91
Gabriela Wilson was all set to get married to her boyfriend of five years. Jacob/OC.
  • nessiecullen
  • fanfiction
  • wolves
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My Spiritual Journal by GvJevitha
My Spiritual Journalby GvJevitha
This book is the outcome of conversation between me and my mind. Simple influence of spirit and flesh over my mind made it to think in a way which favours any of them. H...
  • god
  • church
  • lord
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The Billionaire's Final Victim by NamjoonBieber
The Billionaire's Final Victimby wanderlust.
"I hope you realize you made the worst f**king decision of your life." She could feel his cold icy blue eyes piercing through her soul. "I didn't ask for...
  • toxicrelationship
  • spiritual
  • love
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