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Love and Sad Quotes/Poems by NiiiNeyyy
Love and Sad Quotes/Poemsby NiiiNeyyy
Just things ive written. Some are quotes.some are poems. Some are sad. Some are about love. Writing is not a hobby it's my life
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Depression, self harm quotes by depressionismylyfe
Depression, self harm quotesby depressionismylyfe
Says it in the title
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My Favorite Disney Quotes by JoseD4721
My Favorite Disney Quotesby JoseD4721
These are all the quotes that I think are great, and they all belong to Disney.
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Fandom Quotes by ThisFandomTho
Fandom Quotesby vivian :-)
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It's Not the First Time I was Wrong by 1000SplendidArchs
It's Not the First Time I was Wrongby Archi Jain
"They say friends come and go. But true friends last forever. When you have been through difficult times and you come out the other side The people who are still...
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Guide For Girls by Music_freak7
Guide For Girlsby Sierra white
I will be writing quotes, and I will be writing and tips for girls!
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Random Quotes by atrealartist
Random Quotesby atrealartist
These quotes just popup on my mind and the last thing i do is to write on my notepad app. so now i am sharing all these quotes with all u. hope u guys love it
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Dan and Phil Quotes by 3CheersForPhan
Dan and Phil Quotesby Sara
Things that Dan and Phil have said. The amazing cover was made by DimonoDancer
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Harry Potter Quotes. by SlytheringirlEvi
Harry Potter Quotes.by meme
These are 100% real I promise.
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Quotes for y'all❤️ by fontasy
Quotes for y'all❤️by м
Just read the quotes {I honestly have NO CLUE why everyone likes this collection of quotes but I will continue to update every now and then with quotes. It will be a wid...
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Quotes by jillian_d
Quotesby jillian_d
This is a collection of Quotes I've heard and I think are interesting
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Life School by iammokang
Life Schoolby Misstee Pee
{ english } The easiest part in life is thinking that you are living.
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Only Gymnasts Would Understand by TheTallGymnast
Only Gymnasts Would Understandby {deanna}
This story will include the things that most likely every single gymnast in the world hates to hear from gym-nots. I will, of course be updating this while I edit it and...
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Quotes, Poetry And Others. by ParanormalChaos
Quotes, Poetry And Others.by Jay
This is a mixture of poetry, quotes and other things from known and unknown poets, etc. The poetry, quotes and etc are in the pictures so there will rarely be any writin...
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Heavy Is Her Mind by BTBJones
Heavy Is Her Mindby BT Jones
A collection of poems, short stories, and memoirs based on a wide range of subjects and topics. Some real, some fiction. Warning some of them may be triggering especial...
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No Second Chances by angeliq_vargas
No Second Chancesby angeliq_vargas
I'm not an author. My grammar sucks and I spend 99.9% of my day living in another world that I created in my mind. This story will be a luck of the draw in a way. Whatev...
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Story Ideas by oOBelieveOo
Story Ideasby Makayla T.
❝The magic of an idea.❞ {x} all ideas open to everyone
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~Life Quotes~ by cheyennguzman
~Life Quotes~by Cheyenne Nicoel Guzman
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My Favourite Inspirational Quotes by ReadingAngel7
My Favourite Inspirational Quotesby Lolz
Here are a few quotes by me and some others.
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TRUTH MASKED by lazymedico
TRUTH MASKEDby chaitra
These are set of mY poems which i write when i feel :) ha ha ha .... I know most are dark or negative what I write...but I do things for fun...some get meaningful as yo...
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