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Descendants: Seawitch & Pirate  by ppg-artist13
Descendants: Seawitch & Pirate by May
This my 1st book, I hope u all like it. Summary: This is how the son of Captain Hook met the daughter of Ursula until he had a crush on her after that he felt drawn to h...
Truly Wicked by tmariesanti
Truly Wickedby Taylor Marie
He's always cared for her, as much as a villain's kid living on the Isle could care for anyone else. He'd do anything to protect her, anything to please her. she's his c...
Whats my name? by SomerElJishi5
Whats my name?by Somer El Jishi
Villains are not allowed love. Love is a weakness. So why does Uma feel like that message drilled into her from infancy is wrong? She is not sure what Love is but she...
Huma Oneshots by tookurvirjinity
Huma Oneshotsby tookurvirjinity
Just a collection of Huma ideas that were supposed to series but didn't make the cut. :) enjoy
Descendants Quarantine by CaptainVal27
Descendants Quarantineby Valerie Portillo
After the virus spreads off the coast of Auradon, all the students of Auradon Prep need to stay quarantined in their dorms. However, when the dorms are put on a lockdown...
Ask or Dare by ppg-artist13
Ask or Dareby May
The vk & aks girls + boys are bored. So they decided to play an few games. All of the others are excited to play it. But, Harry & Uma are worried to pick either ask or e...
His Second Wife (A Descendants 2 Story) by ComentBlaster06
His Second Wife (A Descendants 2 DeliciousDonut18
On the Night of Cotillion, Uma, unknowingly, accepts Ben's proposal to become his second wife (His second Lady of the Court) . When two years past, it's official that th...
Descendants Incorrect Quote by fachigo
Descendants Incorrect Quoteby Favour❤
Just funny interactions between the descendants characters. Pairings are bal, devie, Jonnie, jarlos, huma, gaudrey, Chad and Freddie. Warning: contains mild cursing
Descendants 4: The rise of evil by Aurorax_x
Descendants 4: The rise of evilby Aurorax_x
After Descendants 3, everything seemed like it was going to end happily ever after, but when Mal starts acting strange, Carlos, Jane, Evie, Doug, Jay, Gil, Harry, Uma, L...
Descendants Fanfiction Collection by SimWoman2002
Descendants Fanfiction Collectionby Rosie2009
This is a collection of all of the Descendants fanfiction- chapter stories and oneshots- I have posted so far, and it will be where I continue to post my Descendants fan...
Descendants Humor Book 1 by SimWoman2002
Descendants Humor Book 1by Rosie2009
Just some funny interactions between various Descendants characters. Includes Huma (Harry Hook x Uma), Bal (Ben x Mal), Jarlos (Jane x Carlos), Jaudrey (Jay x Audrey), B...
Descendants Headcanons by SimWoman2002
Descendants Headcanonsby Rosie2009
Just a book full of my Descendants headcanons.
Blue, That's You And Me! | Evie X Ben | BOOK 1 ✔️ by casei_lxea
Blue, That's You And Me! | Evie 🤎𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐢𝐞🤎
(Completed) (Set After Descendants 2) (Has Ranked Bevie #1) ( BOOK 1 of BLUE DESCENDANTS series) Mal and Ben start to drift away from each other, arguments and more...
Ask the Descendants Girls by SimWoman2002
Ask the Descendants Girlsby Rosie2009
Ask Mal, Evie, Uma, Audrey, and Jane anything about their wonderful friendship together. 🐉💋🐙👑🥿
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Descendants One Shots & Short Stories by Malvieshipper101
Descendants One Shots & Short Malvieshipper101
These are one shots of Descendants. They have all ships like Jaudrey, Marlos, Henrevie, Huma. It's also full of familial feels, friendship feels like Uma and Mal, Evie a...
Hooked For Good by jojo_sain
Hooked For Goodby Josain Chennuth
Sequel to After Ever After: After choosing stay in Auradon and give goodness a shot, Uma's got more adventures in store. And let's not forget she has a newly reformed Ha...
Descendants Incorrect Quotes by Ade292
Descendants Incorrect Quotesby Adelina Mihalcea
Descendants incorrect quotes
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I'm your girl by fachigo
I'm your girlby Favour❤
***COMPLETED*** The VKs are going to Auradon. Lonnie smart, cute, athletic and a bit of a trouble maker meets Jay handsome, athletic, cocky, flirtatious and a huge troub...
♡Devie♡ -After The Movies- by DescendantsDeviefan
♡Devie♡ -After The Movies-by DescendantsDeviefan
Basically, this is what happened with Doug and Evie after the movies. it includes other ships in it such as Bal Huma Jonnie and Jarlos♡
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