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I'm a Gay Wizard (Wattpad Books Edition) by VSSantoni
I'm a Gay Wizard (Wattpad Books V.S. Santoni
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION You do magic once, and it sticks to you like glitter glue... When Johnny and his best friend, Alison, pass their summer holidays dabbling in magi...
MOONSEA,   peter pan by johnsboyega
MOONSEA, peter panby dk
Mara Turner is adventurous, all she wanted was go on an adventure but was cut short when she came across Neverland with Captain Hook. Mara chooses to be left behind so C...
Hope • Peter Pan {OUAT} by captain_ouat_swan_
Hope • Peter Pan {OUAT}by 🌼doing my best fam
He chuckles "And what makes you so special, Hope? Is it because you're the saviours daughter? The product of true love? Please, do enlighten me." Taking a step...
True Love~ Pan OUAT by Gingerninjar98
True Love~ Pan OUATby S.A.Charlton
Charlotte is Pan's true love. Both smitten but deadly, the couple live peacefully in Neverland. That is until a certain pirate with a particular queen steal his love aw...
gladers in neverland by gladersinneverland
gladers in neverlandby dylan nap
"the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies. it comes from your friends and loved ones" ----------------------------- Rose had b...
THE TRICKSTER ━ PETER PAN by forbelicious
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑. | ❝Everyone will end up leaving you at one point or another. But it's the ones that come back that are the most important.❞ - Naomi Jones has...
Lost Girl by TooManyFandoms85
Lost Girlby TooManyFandoms85
First story written on Wattpad. Hope you like this Peter Pan love story. In this story there is no heart of the truest believer. Pan is still selfish, but not a monster...
Coming Home {Peter Pan/Once Upon A Time} by mikaylamtorrence
Coming Home {Peter Pan/Once Upon mikayla
I need her back. She showed me a life that was better than my last one. She made me fall in love. Then she was taken away. Some people wonder why I, Peter Pan, am the wo...
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The King & His Queen✔ by -periwinkles-
The King & His Queen✔by Perri
He ruled Oz. He ruled MistHaven. He ruled Corona. He ruled Wonderland. He ruled Camelot. He ruled Dunbroch. He ruled the Caribbean. He ruled Arendelle. He ruled Never...
You're mine (a Peter Pan fanfic. Ouat) by itzpineapple
You're mine (a Peter Pan fanfic. Ms. Pierce
Ashlynn is the daughter of Cinderella She is nice, kind, sweet and loyal Just like her mother always tough her. Until one night she proves how far she would go for som...
Peter Pan's Twin - COMPLETED by lost_girl_forever_12
Peter Pan's Twin - COMPLETEDby lost_girl_forever_12
What would happen if Robbie Kay one day woke up on Neverland and met the one and only Peter Pan? Will they get along? Are they the same person? How will Pan react to a b...
Hooked by Thatbooklover16
Hookedby Thatbooklover16
This is NOT underaged. Peter is aged between eighteen and nineteen and Hook is early to mid twenties. - 3rd place winner of Tetralogy awards 2019 and 2nd place winner of...
Inferno ➵ OUAT by orionauriga
Inferno ➵ OUATby stella ✧
❝Never fight fire with fire. Everything you love will burn.❞ ➳ Adi Morris has fire. Peter Pan likes fire. But she's prepared to use that fire against him if it means kee...
From Your Tower ➛ OUAT by neverlandic
From Your Tower ➛ OUATby n
{ Once Upon A Time Fanfiction } ❧ Peter Pan + Rapunzel ❧ There are things about Neverland that no one would have ever guessed. The story begins in 1678 with a girl who w...
Caged • Robbie Kay/Peter Pan • by CluelessLover
Caged • Robbie Kay/Peter Pan •by Ronni
"Because you've forgotten what it's like to actually feel something." I whispered. Peter's expression softened and the only sounds between us were the steady...
Let Me Help You | Drarry AU | by JeaIsMe
Let Me Help You | Drarry AU |by JeaIsMe
An AU in which Draco attempts to help his peer, his "enemy," and his crush. ⚠️Trigger Warning ⚠️
Lockwood Academy Rivals by LadySarahWrites
Lockwood Academy Rivalsby sarah
[BoyxBoy Romance] Freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Those are the years that Evan and Christ...
ေလျပည္မရွိေသာအရပ္(ZG+Uni) (Completed) by LavenderPan-7
ေလျပည္မရွိေသာအရပ္(ZG+Uni) ( LavenderPan
တကယ္ဆို မင္းကိုကိုယ္ ​ေလျပည္မ႐ွိေသာအရပ္မွာ ထာဝရ ထားခ်င္ခဲ့တာမ်ိဳး 🍀 (Own Creation)
Falling Under Your Spell-Dragon Ball GT X Male Saiyan Reader  by Memey45
Falling Under Your Spell-Dragon Memey45
I actually enjoy GT a little bit. So I was bit surprised-Well not surprised but more taken aback by how there was little to no GT fanfics. So I want to fill that void a...
Stolen By Pan by Jessi_Mck
Stolen By Panby Jessi
"Where am I?" I ask. The boy's smirk only grows as he begins to take slow steps towards me. As much as I want to back away when he comes close, I stand my grou...