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Anxious [H.S] by onlyangelrep
Anxious [H.S]by lexi
"Why are you asking me these questions?" I say, I can feel a panic attack coming on. I close my eyes taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out. I don't car...
Harry Potter and the Bucket List by Darkpetal16
Harry Potter and the Bucket Listby Leah
Being reincarnated as Harry Potter's fraternal twin sister really puts a new meaning behind "death is but the next great adventure." Grey!OC. -COMPLETED- #1 in...
The Silver Tongue  by NataliaAlianovna_
The Silver Tongue by NataliaAlianovna_
What if harry potter grew up differently with his aunt by his side and knowing about the magical world. In this story he learned things not many would. So find out in Th...
Snapped by kurama_63
Snappedby kyūbi no kitsune
Author TheFeistyRogue Status 13 Chapters - Completed "Scared Potter?" Malfoy sneered, and Harry snapped. He was done, finished, fed up with playing the innoce...
Harry Potter And The Spread Of Darkness by Trashypotato57
Harry Potter And The Spread Of Dar...by Readingismylife12
What if the Dursley's treated Harry worse than what we read and saw? What if when Harry went to with draw money found out he was lied to? What if Lily and James were not...
Mother Magic and the Philosopher's stone by Pivinne
Mother Magic and the Philosopher's...by Ren
Harry James Potter, The boy under the stairs, had always been good at listening to voices in his head. So when a soft, gentle voice told him to walk and keep walking out...
Slytherin Adoption by DeniseLanglie
Slytherin Adoptionby Denise Langlie
When Draco and Lucius Malfoy meet Harry Potter at the train station, they definitely aren't expecting a shy, abused little boy who has a stuttering problem. Will Harry f...
Through the Dark by AshesandAvery
Through the Darkby AshesandAvery
Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. How Severus Snape hated him. Always showing off, too much like Potter. Why can't Severus find an inkling of Lily in him? Pompous, a brat...
How You Get the Girl |Harry Potter| by themaraudeers
How You Get the Girl |Harry Potter|by emily
❝I want you for worse or for better. I would wait forever and ever...❞ Elizabeth Reething is a Ravenclaw: polite, intelligent, curious, and best friends with Draco Malfo...
The Golden Boy by lethalPopcorn
The Golden Boyby LethalPopcorn
"Blairry. Blaise Zabini and Harry Potter." I looked up at the front. Professor Sprout gave me a kind smile. I took a deep breath and shyly made my way forward...
Raising Snakes by Sebastain500
Raising Snakesby 🌸Sumire and Otiz🦊
Harry is given the opportunity to go back in time after he does during the war by Death himself! Harry has always been Master of Death more so now that he has already co...
unconstrained by RoyalKirin
unconstrainedby Kirin
harrys older twin is the boy who lived...and attention seeking twat if you asked harry. harry just wants to get by with an education and enough money to not be a homeles...
Cliché || H.S. by cherryxxo
Cliché || H.S.by linds
Lilian O'Brien has learned three things since becoming one of Hollywood's hottest actresses: 1. Don't give people the satisfaction of knowing their words got to you 2. T...
Harry Potter's Coolest Aunt by fantasydreamreader
Harry Potter's Coolest Auntby ASH@DISNEY/HP/DC/MLB
When Lily has a favourite cousin who she considers to be the best sister she has who accepts her for being a witch more than Petunia and also be her maid of honour at he...
The Return by TheMarauders05
The Returnby Sirius Black
"OBLIVIATE!" Lockheart bellowed, pointing the taped up wand at the one Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. A flash of memories sped through Harry's eye's. His memori...
Butterfly Effect ; H. Potter by teenageffools
Butterfly Effect ; H. Potterby em
antheia lupin couldn't believe the burden she had on her shoulders simply because of an event years ago. she hated even more that dumbledore had come up with a clever na...
The Lost Potter-Draco Malfoy by mmarab25
The Lost Potter-Draco Malfoyby MA
Charlotte Potter was sent from foster home to foster home her whole life, not really loving anything other then her Harry Potter books. When she stumbles into King Cross...
Harry Potter  Master Of Death by nightshade-88
Harry Potter Master Of Deathby nightshade-88
Albus Percival Wulfric Brain Dumbledore the true villain of the story thought the successfully eliminated all hindrance in the way for him to achieve what he wants. He f...
Infinity || Harry Potter  by kinsweasley
Infinity || Harry Potter by kinsweasley
I hope she is alright, wherever she is. I can't lose anyone else I love, specially not her. She is my 'first' everything. If I lose her then I could never forget my self...
The locket, Lily and me by thisisatucker
The locket, Lily and meby thisisatucker
Lily is in her 7th year at Hogwarts, all is normal (james being cocky, homework, Quidditch) until she discovers a locket. Meanwhile James Potter seems to be taking a par...