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DOOMED BY HIS LOVE .                      {NAMJIN} by Mr_Venom_
"I got a trash despite my dream was him" "But what did I do?" "Taking his place." Warning ⚠️: Contains bad words Abuse Boy×Boy ...
Uncle Namjoon by Webbybebb
Uncle Namjoonby Webbybebb
"Jungkook needs a guardian." "Sorry, but I'm not interested." Jungkook loves his uncle more than anything. Namjoon is a selfish, careless and greed...
Mind Reader (!!!Namjin!!!) (!Completed!) by TaestheticGucci
Mind Reader (!!!Namjin!!!) (! Tannie
"I thought you were just thinking about it..." ~~~~~~~~ Namjin is the main dish but obviously you guys are getting Taekook as dessert 🙃🙃🙃 I j-hope you like...
✓Psycho Mafias obsession [ot7]  by x_BlackSwan_x
✓Psycho Mafias obsession [ot7] by •۝ NightFall ۝•
What will happen when a innocent angle y/n will bumb into a mafia leader and later other mafia's get obsessed with her and want to maker her there's and will kill everyo...
I Want To Talk [YoonMin]  by AkioMoon
I Want To Talk [YoonMin] by Kimchi
It all started with a single text - 'Who dis?' 'No one important really, just wanted to talk.' Highest Ranking 👑 - #14 stars - #30 saveme - #332 j-hope - #288 text - #...
our little Angel 😇 by AnushaNayak086
our little Angel 😇by Taekook universe
where six friends are going to their home they were about to get into an accident but an little Angel saved them. so the six friends are our joon Jin Suga hobi Jimin and...
My New Neighbor | namjin  by Kiyoyachi
My New Neighbor | namjin by I love you
"I'm Kim Seokjin, what's your name?" "I'm Kim Namjoon." "Nice to meet you Namjoon! I'm your new neighbor." ≫ In which a man is heart broke...
The Wrong person  by snowman0708
The Wrong person by snowman0708
This story starts when the mafia king kidnapped a wrong person lee yn. After that incident , they encountered eachother again and again. Will they fall in love between...
Redamancy | BTS by strawberheecake
Redamancy | BTSby Strawberheecake 🍓
Redamancy (n.) - a love returned in full. A hybrid BTS x reader AU. Started: April 19, 2021 Completed: January 17, 2022 Also published on AO3.
Namjin Oneshots by KIMSEOKJINLIFES
There aren't enough Namjin oneshots, so I decided to make some myself. I will take requests, but I refuse to write smut.
Love From Far Away (NamJin) by PurpleJinLifeu
Love From Far Away (NamJin)by Jin's Purple Heart
Namjoon was living his life normally as a research student with his two friends. But his path crossed with someone unexpectedly and that someone changed his life. Let's...
Innocent by ipurplejinnie
Innocentby EtherealJinnie🖤
They love him. He love them. Nothing can separate them from their baby. Maknae!jin au Top! Namjoon Top! Hoseok Top! Taehyung Top! Jungkook Top! Yoongi Top! Jimin My fi...
BLOOD KNIGHT (BOOK 1)  by ShreyaSaha003
BLOOD KNIGHT (BOOK 1) by On Hiatus
All Kim Seokjin wanted to be an Executive Assistant of Kim Namjoon, the hot, sexy and charming CEO of Kim Corp. He soon learns that there is much more to his new boss th...
roommates | namjin by nxyeonie
roommates | namjinby aspen 🌱
jin: do you guys mind if i add someone to the group jin: he's the new roommate i got for this year yoongi: yeah that's fine seokjin added namjoon to the chat '✨crackhead...
Here we have 6 whipped guys for an oblivious broad shouldered guy
BTS SMUT by yviencosmic
BTS SMUTby yve
"Good girl. Touch me. Find what you want." Bts smuts from tumblr CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS If you feel uncomfortable with your work being uploaded on Watt...
Omega? What? by N_art_studio
Omega? What?by N_art_studio
Why don't you read it to find out ????
| Arranged Love | KTH ✔️ by SilverFictions
| Arranged Love | KTH ✔️by Silver
❝I ain't scared of heartbreaks anymore... for I know my heart is in the right hands.❞ [in which you're married to a 'cold' billionaire] ►CEO AU ►Arrange Marriage ►New Ad...
Take My Heart (Namjin AU) by xNyxxxxxxxxx
Take My Heart (Namjin AU)by •◇ onyx ◇•
He finally found someone to take care of his son. Things escalated from then on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Namjin (I can't bel...
Distinct love   by bachhi7
Distinct love by bhabha
Everyone's journey of love is different from other's. so let's have a look on life of these werewolves. (( the chapter's are mixed and i tried to rearrange them in an...