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Started At The BBMAS |RM by AnaValdez5
Started At The BBMAS |RMby Ana
Nova, a 19 year old, uprising singer goes to the Billboard Music Awards for the first time to perform. She meets BTS, and they are huge fans of hers. What happens when t...
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I Need U by foreverinfinite96
I Need Uby Izzy_96
|| C O M P L E T E D || Being the only child in his family doesn't mean he's a brat. He could have anything he wanted. New phone, new shoes, new clothes. He can buys it...
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HIS OBSESSION [ PJM ] by BangtansJikook
HIS OBSESSION [ PJM ]by BangtansJikook
-and just when you thought of leaving him for were pregnant. ‼️SMUT‼️ Just a small inappropriate story that popped into my mind. 🥺
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STONE COLD [ MYG ] by BangtansJikook
STONE COLD [ MYG ]by BangtansJikook
VERY MATURE .. Please do not read if you are childish. I'm sorry to say it but do not read. I recommend that you only read if you're 17+ Decided Yoongi needed a fan fict...
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Force Marriage || K.NJ ✓ by joonlovecrab
Force Marriage || K.NJ ✓by 𝑵
❝ Loving you is the last thing I would do in my life ❞- Y/N ❝ Hating you is my priority ❞- Namjoon
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BOSS// Kim Namjoon  by jxxniepeach
BOSS// Kim Namjoon by jxxniepeach
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Thirsty (Vampire BTS x Reader) by hblaithinm
Thirsty (Vampire BTS x Reader)by Just A Piece Of Trash
He placed torturously slow, sweet kisses all over her neck before biting into her skin. We all watched in complete silence, one you could hear a pin drop in, but not bec...
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MINE [ JJK ] by chimsuniverse
MINE [ JJK ]by Lana 🌻
What happens when you wake up, naked, laying next to a sexy billionaire?
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Be Mine || Jungkook ff by kimseokjoonie
Be Mine || Jungkook ffby kimseokjoonie
You and Jungkook were childhood best friends. Theres just one thing...You hadn't realized he was in love with you.
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Erotica- Yoongi [18+] by zaddyjin
Erotica- Yoongi [18+]by (>人<;)
she was art the type of art that makes you feel a thousand things my own personal gallery
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Prey •BTS Hybrid• by MAOWKII
Prey •BTS Hybrid•by 🤍Colette🤍
Nahee was rather rare for a breed of prey. With her lightened natural fur and big doe eyes and ears, her exotic looks made people take interest. Bad people. Every hybri...
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Wolf Allergic ✔ | Kim Namjoon x Reader by mociminji
Wolf Allergic ✔ | Kim Namjoon x mociminji
Completed ✔ I- *sneeze* Fckin- *sneeze* Allergic- *sneeze* To Dogs- *scratch* - In which, Kim Namjoon, an alpha who finally found his mate, a human, you. But the bad new...
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Mr.Kim       Namjoon ff. ||completed|| by danielanoona2003
Mr.Kim Namjoon ff. || danielanoona2003
Y/n. Single Mother of a 4 year old, older sister, and a secretary/assistant. As you work for, it's like and every day routine. Until one day, he has to have a fak...
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VRene Book 1[CLOSED] by LilyWhalien
VRene Book 1[CLOSED]by LilyWhalien
Kim Taehyung x Bae Joohyun one shots Started: 01/08/18 Ended: 07/07/19 03|06|18 : #392 in Fanfiction :) 03|09|18 : #340 03|10|18: #312 03|15|18: #218
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You've Got the Wrong Girl [BTS FF]  by bellaetriz
You've Got the Wrong Girl [BTS FF] by bellaetriz
COMPLETED✔️ What happens when a powerful gang kidnaps the wrong person? Park Nara lived a normal life as a young and upgoing bartender but everything changes when seven...
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Closer by foreverinfinite96
Closerby Izzy_96
|| C O M P L E T E D || In a town where human and werewolves coexist peacefully and even carry out the life routine together, lives two young alphas with their packs, lo...
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Say Hello ~ Incompleted  by FirstLoveStigma
Say Hello ~ Incompleted by Stigma오명
In which Taehyung is an idol who tweets out a picture of him and a dog captioned ~ "Say hello to my little friend! " and Jungkook being the fan he is replies...
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I Ain't Your Mama [[PJM]]  ✔️ by IMSugaWonho
I Ain't Your Mama [[PJM]] ✔️by ♡Mama Hoe♡
Kim Hana replaces her sister as Park Jimin's bride when she runs off with another man cover by: chimchimicorn HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 fanfiction #1 btsjimin #1 parkjimin #1...
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𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 by seokified
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄by seokified
just a weird ass werewolf couple who fell in love.
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Boy In Luv by foreverinfinite96
Boy In Luvby Izzy_96
|| C O M P L E T E D || Having a guy constantly confess to you everyday can be tiring especially when you don't like him at all. That's what Soobin has to face every mor...
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