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Letting go of pain by Gracejenniferanne
Letting go of painby Gracejenniferanne
Being thrown away in the garbage in a dark alleyway in London when she was only a baby, she should have died that day... But she didn't.. instead, a man saved her. He br...
Nightshade Twins  by miah43
Nightshade Twins by miah43
After their mother passes, they were sent to an orphanage. They weren't there for long when there was a call saying their father was taking them into his custody. Follow...
The Mafia Princess In High School by razmataz15
The Mafia Princess In High Schoolby razmataz15
Emma Blackston has always been home schooled. That is until this year when she finally convinced her family to let her go to public school. She is 15 and going to be a f...
Hidden Wishes by nhv_56
Hidden Wishesby nhv_56
"Why does it hurt this much, merde! This is not supposed to hurt this much!" "Piccola, love is never going to be easy. You have to fall to learn and grow...
Vengeance by nineringsofhell
Vengeanceby RK
#1 Mafiaprincess (8/9/2020) 4 Mafia Families. 5 Overprotective Brothers. 1 Little Princess. A Tale of Revenge. Ava DeLuca, only daughter of the Capo of the Italian Mafia...
The Lost Princess by Lami274
The Lost Princessby Lami274
Out of 9 foster family, it is the 4th one that turns out to be an abusive family. So, she is going to do what she is best at doing. "Run, run away from problem"...
Guns & Roses  by whitewolfalpha1223
Guns & Roses by Samiyah W.
~Jaylen Snow| Or Jay for short There's 3 words to describe Jaylen: Crazy Smart Wild Jaylen is a free sprit doesn't listen to anyone but herself. She knows exactly w...
The Don's Secret Child by JoAmez_
The Don's Secret Childby Jo
Katherine never new her father in her 18 years of life, Katherine lived in new York in a forest her whole life, everything takes a wrong turn once her mother is murdered...
Ravens rules  by seekjesusyall
Ravens rules by seekjesusyall
Raven is a carefree, troublesome, picky, funny and missing person?? Yeah, she was taken from her family and thrown into the foster system when her abductor realised, tha...
Alexandria Ferrari  by miah43
Alexandria Ferrari by miah43
Alexandria has a troubled past. She was in foster care for 10 years before she ran away. She doesn't know who her real parents are only that she was dropped on the steps...
Mafia royal by ACoastline
Mafia royalby ACoastline
Sofia is a thirteen year old girl who had a normal life. She had 5 older brothers and lived with her parents...the king and queen of the American mafia. At the young ag...
A new start by HACKER717
A new startby Potato nugget
It all started when her mom died leaving her with her stepfather. After that there was never a day she went by without a beating. Suffering from depression, anxiety and...
Not the Same by EmeraldSapphire_02
Not the Sameby EmeraldSapphire_02
❝Who we are and who we are to survive are two very different things.❞ Adeline Esmeralda Hale-Kingston is a 16-year-old girl with a rough past. Overcoming the things that...
The Mafia's Secret Daughter • Original Story  by darlingrosexo
The Mafia's Secret Daughter • darlingrosexo
Tori Miller has lived in New York for as long as she can remember and she's loved it but things get complicated and take a turn when her mother passes away from cancer...
Adopted by a Gangleader by itsjoanna_na
Adopted by a Gangleaderby
Olivia witness her family being murdered, she's been adopted five times. When she turns 13 she is specifically requested to be adopted by a man who goes by Alex Black. ...
My New Life as a Little Sister by DaniMarie1998
My New Life as a Little Sisterby Dani Marie
Cameron Ricci, better known as Cami, has always had a hard life. She lived with mother, Karen, and abusive step-father, Ryan. She didn't even know who her real father...
My Princessa by Cresetar
My Princessaby Cresetar
Two girls are exchanged at birth and are given to the wrong mothers and after 13 years the truth comes out Rosabella Rossi is different from her sisters and because of t...
The Mafia's Lost Angel by bawan12
The Mafia's Lost Angelby bawan12
"'re truly my biological father?" "Yes, I am, la mia principessa." "Please don't leave me again." What happens when the worlds most...
Letting Them In | On Hold  by xxaarieexx
Letting Them In | On Hold by ✨
"Everyone has a fudged up chapter in their lives, I also have one named brothers!" The maze of life brings the 13 years old package of beauty, brains and brave...
Their Little Principessa by _giashi_
Their Little Principessaby _giashi_
When Ella was 4, she was kidnapped by her mother, Katherine. Ella was abused by her Mother and step-dad. They travelled across countries to hide their identity as Kathe...