Bellona- The Blaze...
By Sweet_8_Psycho
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The underworld knows her as Bellona, name taken after the Roman goddess of war. And the goddess of war she is. An assassin. A ruthless, cold hearted one actually. But throw in a family she did not know even know existed, a new found crush on her best friend, a new city, five dorky, overprotective brothers trying to break her walls, a childish, protective father, feelings she doesn't seem to understand, and what do you get? Proper chaos. And gazillions of fight. But heaps of fun as well. Join her roller coaster journey of pain, love, hope, perhaps a little happiness too. And hunger, loads of it in fact. After all, a girl needs her food. (Many chapters that are a bit short) #1 In big brothers as of 17/7/2021 #2 In siblings as of 2/7/2021 #3 In protective as of 3/7/2021 #10 in sister as of 22/7/2021 #14 In highschool as of 17/7/2021 #2 In fight as of 20/8/2021 Damn, anyone has some pizza? Started: 14 May 2021 Completed: 13 January 2022 Sequal: Ongoing

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